Sailor’s Bounty Traps and Battle Guide in Sea of Thieves | Art of the Trickster Tall Tale

Those traps are tricky! But pale in comparison to the battle at the base of the cave. Use this guide for tips!

In the previous sections of this guide, we covered How to Find the Rum Bottle Spyglass and the Trapmaker's Gunpowder Key. This section of the guide will explain what to do with this Gunpowder Key on Sailor's Bounty. Since this is a very straightforward mission, this entire section of the guide will contain spoilers. If you want to solve the rest of the adventure yourself, do not continue reading.

Sea of Thieves | Art of the Trickster Tall Tale | Sailor's Bounty Traps and Battle Guide

Before we begin, you will need to obtain the Trapmaker's Gunpowder Key to complete this section of the guide. If you have not obtained that or the Rum Bottle Spyglass, you can follow the appropriate links below to that guide section. Alternatively, if you were looking for the Hidden Journals, you can also find the link to that section below.

If you are still reading, that means you have obtained the Gunpowder Key and are ready to move on to the next location. You will always go to the same island at this point in the adventure, Sailor's Bounty. Once you reach that location, you'll need to dodge traps, defeat hordes of skeletons, and then escape with the Totem to the next island!

The guide below will provide helpful tips to get you through the rest of this adventure. We strongly recommend quickly reading through it at least once, so you are prepared for what's ahead. Once you've done that, feel free to use it step-by-step.

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Step One: Sailor's Bounty

Sailor's Bounty is on the northwestern corner of the map, well out of your way. This is a rarely visited island, and for a good reason. Inside the massive central cave system are elaborate traps and plenty of undead minions waiting to attack. This part of the adventure is not a fun one, that's for sure. When you're ready, head to Sailor's Bounty.

Once you're there, grab the Trapmaker's Gunpowder Key and head to the center of the island, where you'll find a large hole in the ground. Jump into the hole, and you will see two different tunnels that lead to the cave system below. Do not rush into these tunnels. They are lined with deadly traps that will likely kill you if you get struck by one.

You will likely be on this island for a long time, so every second counts. Avoiding the traps is crucial to avoid giving other villainous players a chance to destroy your ship while you're inside the caves. The cave system is also somewhat of a confusing maze, so it's easy to lose the Gunpowder Key if you repeatedly die. Listed below are some suggestions to follow as you try to make your way to the end.

  • Take it slow! Every second counts, yes. Still, if you rush, you're sure to die at least once. Take each trap one at a time, and don't attempt to run through. Cross a trap, wait a couple of seconds. Cross a trap, wait a couple of seconds. Repeat as often as necessary.
  • Be ready to fight! Skeletons may pop out of the ground at any time, including the areas with the traps! Be ready to drop the Gunpowder Key and fend off some skeletons at a moment's notice.
  • There are more traps! There are three sections of traps, and you'll be going through at least two of them. When you initially enter the cave system, you have two choices: right or left. Both paths lead to the same areas below, and both are filled with traps. However, you can use this as an indicator if you're heading in the right direction. If you are headed in the right direction, then the second section of traps will be spikes jutting out of the walls.
  • Watch your feet! At the end of one of the tunnels are sawblade traps that spin out of the ground. These sawblade traps are around a corner, so right when you turn the corner at the end of the tunnel, you could run into them.
  • Follow the Trapmaker symbols! When you explore the cave system, the easiest way to find where to go is to follow the painted white Trapmaker symbols. They were placed as hints to help you get to the correct area.

Step Two: The First Horde Battle

Once you have made it past all the traps, you'll find the Trapmaker's room. There are plenty of barrels and supplies for the battle ahead, conveniently in the wide, open area at the base of the room. Stock up, keep track of where the food and ammo crates are, and be ready for a long, difficult battle.

Inside the wide, open room is a stand where you are meant to place the Gunpowder Key. Once you have done this, intense music will play, and a battle will begin. Hordes upon hordes upon hordes of skeletons will continue to dig their way up out of the ground. Once you finish a group, another  group will come. Use the tips below to get through this battle quickly.

  • Use the Traps! On the wide open room's walls are levels and upon pulling these levers, it engages a trap. These traps will be either spikes in the ground or spiked logs swinging overhead. These traps are vital to destroying several skeletons at once, as a single hit from them will destroy them.
  • Herd the Skeletons! Run around the room in a circle to herd the skeletons. It won't work well on the ones holding Blunderbusses, but the melee skeletons should follow you in line. After you make one ring around the room, most of them will be lined up perfectly to destroy them with the lever traps. Do this every time to trounce several of the skeletons at once.
  • Use Your Crew! It is best to have just one person in the open room, running around to herd the skeletons. Everyone else should stand off to the side in the Trapmaker's room, shooting at the stragglers. If you all are in the room, it makes using the traps difficult since you might end up hitting your crew. The lever traps can also damage players.

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The final wave will have a skeleton captain with a red name. Upon destroying all the skeletons in this horde, you will hear the victory music. The skeleton captain will drop a Totem and additional Trapmaker Notes.

What's Next

Now that you have the Totem, you're ready to move on to the final part of this adventure. The end follows a similar pattern to a couple of the other Tall Tales, in that you now have a Totem associated with a specific island. We will cover what to do with this Totem in the guide's next section: Vault Locations and Battle Guide.

Have you found all the Hidden Journals for the Stars of a Thief Tall Tale? Use our guide to find them!

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