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Star Ocean The Divine Force Trophy Guide

RPG + Completionist = Lots of Hours

Star Ocean franchise is famous for its vast content, making grinding for trophies more difficult and time-consuming for completionists like myself. But you can collect them quickly with this Star Ocean: The Divine Force trophy guide.

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Star Ocean The Divine Force Trophy Walkthrough

This guide aims to provide the information necessary to get all 54 trophies for the coveted Platinum Trophy in Star Ocean: The Divine Force. We'll also separate the trophies, depending on how you can acquire them.

All story-based trophies in Star Ocean The Divine Force

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For story-based trophies in Star Ocean: The Divine Force, we'll cover everything you'll achieve by progressing through the story naturally. There are 18 story-based trophies, about 33% of the total trophy count. Don't worry, all of them are non-missable trophies.

  • Encounter with the Unknown: Defeat the Colossus in the Mhedume Ruins
  • The Latrimancer: Recruit Nina to your party
  • Some Kind of Welcome: Enter the Village of Eda after a rough welcome
  • Great Sage Midas: Recruit Midas to your party
  • Helgar's Disease Revisited: Meet Theo at Cotto
  • Onward to the Royal City: Found Dillwhip
  • What a Rout: Endure a crushing defeat in Baldaar
  • The Immutable Past: Reac the Ancient Coil
  • Disaster Blaster: Reunited with friends
  • A Rather Personal Battle: Laeticia said "Yes"
  • On the Eve of Action: Launch a major operation on the following day
  • Married to the Fight: Burst into the wedding and carry out the rescue
  • The Story Goes On: Let Emperor Bohld'or to escape
  • Traverse the Stars: Depart from Aster at last
  • Hello and Goodbye: Arrive in Parrapoeiam
  • Pangalactic Rot: Peer into the darkness of the Pangalactic Federation
  • Where the Curtain Rises and Falls: Bask in the Light of Hope
  • The Last Landing Spot: Saved the cosmos from peril

All character-specific trophies in Star Ocean Divine Force

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Star Ocean: The Divine Force has multiple endings, making some awards harder to claim. For character-specific trophies in Star Ocean Divine Force, you must choose Raymond as your main protagonist, have the highest affinity with these characters, and defeat the final boss.

Raymond trophies in Star Ocean Divine Force

  • Character Ending 01: Raymond and Albaird
  • Character Ending 02: Raymond and Nina
  • Character Ending 03: Raymond and Midas
  • Character Ending 04: Raymond and Elena
  • Character Ending 05: Raymond and Marielle
  • Character Ending 06: Raymond and Malkya
  • Character Ending 07: Raymond and J.J.
  • Character Ending 15: Raymond and Laeticia

Laeticia trophies in Star Ocean Divine Force

The next set of trophies revolves around the second protagonist of the game, Laeticia. Like Raymond, you need Laeticia to have the highest affinity with these characters and beat the game.

  • Character Ending 08: Laeticia and Albaird
  • Character Ending 09: Laeticia and Nina
  • Character Ending 10: Laeticia and Midas
  • Character Ending 11: Laeticia and Elena
  • Character Ending 12: Laeticia and Marielle
  • Character Ending 13: Laeticia and Malkya
  • Character Ending 14: Laeticia and Theo
  • Character Ending 16: Laeticia and Raymond

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How to earn character-specific trophies quickly in Star Ocean Divine Force

Follow these instructions to collect all the character-ending trophies with only two playthroughs, one from each protagonist.

  1. Go through the game on normal difficulty with either protagonist.
  2. Watch every P.A.(Private Action) you encounter.
  3. Once you reach the Scorpium Network, save before the final boss fight.
  4. Finish the game and see what character ending you get.
  5. Load the save file again before the final boss fight, and use the Phermone Enhancer potion on the character for whom you already have an ending.
  6. Simultaneously, use Tears of Aphrodite on the character you want to have the highest affinity with before engaging in the final boss fight.

Other trophies in Star Ocean The Divine Force

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You can acquire most Star Ocean trophies by battling enemies, crafting, and exploring the world. While none of these are missable, almost all are tedious to obtain.

  • Newly Unemployed: Complete 55 quests or more
  • Battle-Worn Warrior: Complete at least 90% of the Bestiary
  • Full of Surprises: Launch 100 surprise attacks
  • Pile Up Those Bones: Defeat over 3,000 foes
  • Quicker than the Eye: Perform at least 200 blindsided
  • Stepping Forward: Walk at least 100 km
  • The Magic of Flight: Fly for at least 100 km
  • Mighty Arsenal: Obtain at least 90% of all weapons
  • Treasure Detector: Open all treasure chests in the universe
  • Bounty Bunnies: Find every mini-bunny
  • My First Masterpiece: Use Item Creation for the first time
  • The Start of Something Big: Win your first game of Es'owa
  • Battle God at the Table: Acquire the rank of Battle God
  • A True Finale: Watch every character's ending
  • Queen of the Depths: Defeat the mighty Ethereal Queen
  • The Lone Angel: Defeat Gabriel Celeste
  • Universal Master: Beat the game on Universe Difficulty
  • Master of Chaos: Beat the game on Chaos Difficulty
  • The Spirit of All Creation: Craft at least 90% of all items in Item Creation
  • Divine Force (Platinum Trophy): Collect and acquire all trophies

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Star Ocean The Divine Force Trophy Guide

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