Best Alchemist Build in Steelrising

The Alchemist class in Steelrising is the easiest to make into a hybrid build, as there are very few weapons that can work well by just leveling Alchemy. Power and Agility will be secondary until players feel their damage lacking. There are many tools to make Alchemy very powerful, as long as players are willing […]

Best Soldier Build in Steelrising

The Soldier class in Steelrising relies on the Power stat, focusing on weapons that deal high amounts of Impact damage. Similar to the Bodyguard class, the majority of weapons that the Soldier class can take advantage of have a high Affinity with Power and are relatively slow. There are weapons that are faster than others, […]

Best Bodyguard Build in Steelrising

The Bodyguard class in Steelrising relies on heavy weapons that deal devastating, strong attacks. There are five different weapon types that players can use, each dealing high Impact damage. Players may have difficulty getting used to a slower playstyle, but much of the Bodyguard’s strengths rely on its ability to tank hits. These are the […]

Best Dancer Build in Steelrising

The Dancer is one of four starting classes in Steelrising and focuses on Agility and Immobilization. Increasing vigor to attack and dodge more often pairs well with every class, but it really shines with the Dancer. There are many weapons that scale with Agility, but the best options are those that can Immobilize enemies quickly. […]