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Tactics Ogre Reborn Recruitment Guide

The good, the bad, and the neutral.

Tactics Ogre: Reborn is a faithful name for a game that has pulled a decades-old series back into the modern gaming sphere. Faith is also required to play the game, for without faith in one's characters, they are sure to lose them to Tactics Ogre: Reborn's permadeath system. Conversely, it is easier to have faith in your characters if you have plenty of them and to get characters, you need to know where to find them and how to acquire them.

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Tactics Ogre Reborn recruitable characters

Tactics Ogre Reborn characters you can get in any run

Characters who are recruitable in any game's runs (chaotic, lawful, or neutral) are extremely helpful because of their flexible recruitability. The characters found below can be recruited no matter what run you choose to take:

  • Canopus: Canopus will be recruitable at the end of the tutorial regardless of what happens. Note that if you reject him, he will not appear in the story going forward.
  • Sara, Donalto, and Voltare: These three can be recruited after you've saved the town of Krysaro from the undead in Chapter 1.
  • Felicia: A bit of a darker side of recruiting is Felicia, as she can only be recruited if Donalto dies during the undead invasion of Krysaro.
  • Mirdyn: Mirdyn will always join your group once you reach Almorica Castle. This recruitment occurs later in the Lawful and Chaotic runs than in Neutral runs.
  • Olivya: Tread carefully with Olivya's recruitment, as Denam's actions will determine her disposition towards the group. She always joins at the beginning of Chapter 4, but if you commence a siege of Brigantys Castle, she will join the group unhappily. Sending Denam to the castle unarmed will end the encounter in peace and make Olivya happy.
  • Sherri: First appearing as a boss in Hagia Banhamuba, you can recruit Sherri if you're willing to put some effort into her and only if Olivya is still alive. First, you have to intentionally leave Sherri at a critical health level. She will then teleport out of the boss fight. From here, head to Xeod Moors and enter a random battle. Then, use the Horn of the Savage item until heavy rain appears on the battlefield. Get out of the battle and head to Balmamusa. Once there, a cutscene will play, and Sherri will join your group.
  • Catiua: Once you've saved Mreuva he will ask Denam if he would dare to kill Catiua. Answering in the affirmative will cause Catiua to reappear in the battle of Barnicia Grand Staircase. Denying the statement will cause Catiua to run away. Once you reach Catiua again, picking the correct dialogue for the situation will make her join your group. Pick the You are my sister, and I love you option if you said you would kill her, or I took no joy in our parting option if you denied it.
  • Deneb: Deneb will join your group if you meet certain requirements based on trading with her shop. First, you need to have read Deneb's Emporium Warren Report in Chapter 4. If you have done this, head to Deneb's store and auction five dragons of each elemental type. After this, buy elemental orbs as well. After this, she will join the group, but you can also sell her 30 Glass Pumpkins from the Palace of the Dead to upgrade her from a Witch to a Wicce and recruit her.
  • Rudlum: To recruit Rudlum, you need to ready the Mysterious Blast on Exter Warren Report. Head to the Palace of the Dead and reach the second floor. Rudlum will appear here but surrounded by enemies that need to be quickly dealt with, lest they kill him before you save his life.
  • Lindl: Lindl will first be spotted in the Battle of Barnicia attempting to use a gun. Finding it too powerful for him, he will hand it off to a Templar that you must then kill and take the gun from. Read the Wramsen Wreck Raided Warren Report, then head to the Grimsby battlefield. Lindl will appear here and as long as he survives the battle he will join your group.
  • Ganpp: To recruit Ganpp, you need to engage in a battle with him. Head to Neimrahava Woods, and Ganpp will start a fight with you. Make sure not to kill any of Ganpp's uniquely named pets and drop him to critical health without killing him. Once in this state, Ganpp will surrender and you can recruit him.
  • Azelstan: Much like Sherri, Azelstan is recruitable if you're willing to put in a fair bit of effort to get him. First, read the Port Omish, Den of Thieves Warren Report. Then, head to Omish to find Azelstan in a predicament. Protect him until he flees from this fight. After this, read The Pirate's Graveyard and head to the corresponding dungeon. You can either complete the dungeon or flee from it to get to the next step. Next, read The Dread Pirate, then head back to Omish for an encounter. From here, head to Fort Qadriga for a second encounter, then back to Omish for a third and final encounter. Lastly, head back to The Pirate's Graveyard dungeon and fully clear it to recruit Azelstan.

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Tactics Ogre Reborn characters only recruitable in Lawful runs

  • Xapan: At the Quadriga Fort battle, you can save Xapan from death, and afterward, he will offer to join your group. However, if you reject him here, you can later fight him at Golyat in Chapter 4. Putting him in critical health in this fight will cause him to be recruitable with very powerful gear.
  • Jeunan: Acquiring Jeunan may be the simplest recruitment in the game besides Canopus. After the battle at Brigantys you need to answer the prisoners' questions with the phrase How could they be? Once you've done this, Jeunan can join your group.
  • Ravness: Upon reaching the end of Chapter 1, Ravness will attack Denam, but refusing to retaliate will begin a chain of events that will allow you to recruit her. Later in Chapter 2, you need to read the Ravness Captured Warren Report and head to Reisan Way. Here, you can save Ravness, and she will repay you in kind by fleeing. After this, head to Bahanna to find Ravness, and she will offer to join the group.
  • Ocionne: First off, Ocionne is only recruitable if you recruited Jeunan earlier. If you did, head to the Palace of the Dead and chase Necromancer Reymos to Lhazan Fort. Here, you can save Ocionne, and he will offer to join your group. While you can encounter Ocionne in any run because Jeunan can only be recruited in a Lawful run, the same thus goes for Ocionne.
  • Vyce, Gildas, and Arycelle: Returning to Almorica Castle in Chapter 3 will cause all three of these characters to be recruitable but be sure to keep a sharp eye on Arcyelle's loyalty. She starts as temperate and if you make decisions she disagrees with, she will eventually leave your group.
  • Hobyrim and Ozma: Once you've reached Chapter 3, heading to Rhime City will cause you to run into these two characters fighting each other. Allowing the fight to continue eventually leads to Hobyrim telling Ozma who he is. This will cause the fight to end, and you can recruit Hobyrim. Then, in Chapter 4, read the A Rift in the Dark Knights Warren Report and head to Kysaro. From here, deploy Hobyrim to fight Ozma again. Put Ozma in a critical health state, and she will offer to join your group.

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Tactics Ogre Reborn characters only recruitable in Chaotic runs

  • Arycelle: Though you could recruit Arycelle in the Lawful run, the circumstances around recruiting her in a Chaotic run change greatly. Chapter 2 of the Chaos run will have Arycelle as the first boss of the chapter. Put her in a critical health state, and she will join as an NPC rather than a recruited character. You must protect her until the end of the encounter with Vyce at Tynemouth Hill and then she will become recruitable as a full character.
  • Folcurt, Bayin, and Cistina: Folcurt will automatically join your group regardless of your actions, but you can also recruit Byin and Cistina if you execute your decisions correctly. First, you need to save Cistina at the Battle of Rhime in Chapter 1. Then, when you recruit Folcurt, he will suggest saving Bayin, who will then suggest saving Cistina. Upon saving these characters, they will offer to join your group.
  • Gildas: Gildas is a bonus character that automatically joins your group with Mirdyn, but only in a Chaos run.
  • Cerya: Defeating Oz at Boed Fort in a Chaos run will trigger a cutscene. After this, Cerya will join your group.
  • Hobyrim: Though Hobyrim's recruitment changes from the Lawful run, it is still very easy, only requiring you to save him in Chapter 3's Bahanna battle.
  • Cressida: Recruiting Cressida is the most challenging recruitment that is Chaos-specific. You first need to read the Balmamusa Dead Warren Report in Chapter 4. Next, head to Balmamusa and save Oelias from death. From here, head to Qadriga and defeat Dievold. Once this is done, you need to reach the maximum reputation possible with Galgastani. Once you've reached this, head to Golyat to defeat Nybeth. Finally, Cressida will offer to join.

Tactics Ogre Reborn characters only recruitable in Neutral runs

  • Oelias and Dievold: In Chapter 3, at the battle of Asyton these two will appear. Saving both of them will cause them both to join your group. However, note that allowing Oelias to die will still result in Dievold joining but if Dievold dies Oelias will refuse to fight on or join your group.
  • Hobyrim, Chamos, Phaesta, and Tamuz: To be able to recruit these characters, you need to first find Leonar in Krysaro and then follow Phaesta to Qadriga. Phaesta, Charos, and Tamuz can be recruited if you save them. Regardless of which character lives or dies, Hobyrim will appear and offer to join your group.
  • Cerya and Ehlrig: If you save Cerya from the fight with Oz at the beginning of Chapter 3, she will flee afterward. However, if you read the Pirates at Qadriga Warren Report in Chapter 4 and head to Qadriga, you will find both Cerya and Ehlrig there, and they will both offer to join your group.

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Tactics Ogre Reborn Recruitment Guide

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