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Mutants, Robots, and Yordles oh my!

Set 6 is upon us! And with it, a whole new batch of synergies to take in. We're here to lay out how each synergy will function in TFT Gizmos & Gadgets.

Academy (2/4/6/8)

Academics have bonus Attack Damage and Ability Power and can learn from their allies, increasing this bonus whenever an ally casts an ability.

215 Attack Damage and Ability Power, 3 from allies' casts
430 Attack damage and Ability power, 5 from allies' casts
645 Attack damage and Ability power, 7 from allies' casts
860 Attack damage and Ability power, 10 from allies' casts

Arcanist (2/4/6/8)

Arcanists increase the Ability Power of your team.

2Your team gains 20% Ability Power
4Arcanists gain an additional 40%
6Your team gains 40% Ability Power and Arcanists gain an additional 50%
8Your team gains 120% Ability Power

Assassin (2/4/6)

Innate: When combat starts, Assassins leap to the enemy backline.

Assassin's abilities can critically strike, and they gain bonus Critical Strike Chance and bonus Critical Strike Damage.

2+10% Crit. Chance and +20% Crit. Damage
4+30% Crit. Chance and +40% Crit. Damage
6+50% Crit. Chance and +60% Crit. Damage

Bodyguard (2/4/6/8)

Bodyguards have increased armor. Shortly after combat begins, Bodyguards taunt adjacent enemies, forcing them to attack the Bodyguard.

275 Armor
4150 Armor
6225 Armor
8350 Armor

Bruiser (2/4/6/8)

Your team gains bonus maximum Health. Bruisers gain double the bonus.

2150 Health
4300 Health
6500 Health
8900 Health

Challenger (2/4/6/8)

Challengers get bonus Attack Speed. Upon scoring a takedown, Challengers dash to a new target and double this bonus for 2.5 seconds.

230% Attack Speed
450% Attack Speed
675% Attack Speed
8125% Attack Speed

Chemtech (3/5/7/9)

Image via Riot Games

After dropping below 60% Health, Chemtech champions gain 25% Damage Reduction, 50% Attack Speed, and regenerate 4% of their Maximum Health each second.

3Lasts 4 seconds
5Lasts 8 seconds
7Lasts 15 seconds
9Lasts until the end of combat, 8% regeneration

Colossus (2)

Innate: Colossi are bigger, more powerful, and immune to crowd control effects. However, each Colossus requires two team slots.

2Colossus champions take 25% less damage

Clockwork (2/4/6)

Your team has increased Attack Speed, with an additional increase per Augment in the Hexcore.

220% Attack Speed, +5 per augment
440% Attack Speed + 10 per augment
6Massive Attack Speed boost that the devs are still adjusting

Cuddly (1)

This trait is unique to Yuumi.

1At the start of combat, Yuumi attaches herself to the nearest ally or the lowest Health ally after being unattached for two seconds. Attaching to an ally grants them a shield equal to 75% of Yuumi's Maximum Health. Yuumi detaches if the shield breaks.
While Attached, Yuumi is untargetable and cannot attack, but gains 5 Mana per second and 10 Mana whenever the ally she is attached to attacks.

Enchanter (2/3/4/5)

Your team has a bonus Magic Resist. Enchanters gain bonus healing and shielding.

2+20% Magic Resist. 20% healing and shielding
3+35% Magic Resist. 25% healing and shielding
4+50% Magic Resist. 30% healing and shielding
5+75% Magic Resist. 40% healing and shielding

Enforcer (2/4)

Enforcers stun enemies at the start of combat. They break free after 4 seconds, or after losing 30% of their Maximum Health.

2The enemy who has the most Health
4And the enemy who dealt the most damage last combat

Glutton (1)

This trait is unique to Tahm Kench.

1An Ally can be fed to Tahm Kench once per planning phase, permanently granting him either Attack Damage, Ability Power, Health, Armor, or Magic Resist.

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Imperial (3/5)

At the start of combat, the Imperial who dealt the most damage last combat becomes the Tyrant. The Tyrant deals bonus damage. When the Tyrant dies, the Imperial who has dealt the most damage in this combat becomes the new Tyrant.

360% bonus damage
5100% bonus damage

Innovator (3/5/7)

Innovators build a mechanical companion to join the battle.

3Mechanical Scarab
5Mechanical Bear
7Mechanical Dragon

Mercenary (3/5/7)

Gain a treasure chest that opens when you win combat against a player. At the start of each planning phase vs. a player, dice rolls add loot to the chest. The longer you've gone without opening the chest, the luckier the dice.

Image via Riot Games
3Roll 2 dice
5The dice are even luckier!
7Upon winning roll a third die that grants bonus loot

Mutant (3/5)

Mutant is different in each game of TFT!

Hyper Adrenal Glands: Mutants' attacks have a chance to trigger 2 additional attacks against their target.

333% chance
566% chance

Bio-Leeching: Your team gains Omnivamp (healing for a percentage of all damage dealt).

335% Omnivamp
575% Omnivamp

Metamorphosis: Mutants grow every 2 seconds, gaining bonuses that stack up to 5 times.

3+20 Armor and Magic Resist. +10 Attack Damage and Ability Power
5+30 Armor and Magic Resist. +20 Attack Damage and Ability Power

Synaptic Web: The abilities of Mutants cost less to cast (minimum 10 mana).

320 Mana less
540 Mana less

Cybernetic Enhancement: Mutants with at least 1 item gain bonus stats.

3300 Health and 35 Attack Damage
5500 Health and 60 Attack Damage

Voracious Appetite: Mutants grow stronger each time an ally dies.

3+25 Attack Damage and Ability Power
5+45 Attack Damage and Ability Power

Voidborne: Mutants execute low-health enemies.

3Mutants execute targets they damage who are below 20% Health
5This bonus is obscured in the promo content but we are speculating it is the return of Void. Where Mutant champions deal additional true damage.

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Protector (2/3/4/5)

Protectors shield themselves for 4 seconds whenever they cast an ability. This shield doesn't stack.

220% Maximum Health shield
330% Maximum Health shield
445% Maximum Health shield
560% Maximum Health shield

Scholar (2/4/6)

Your team gains Mana every 2 seconds.

25 Mana
410 Mana
620 Mana

Scrap (2/4/6)

At the start of combat, components held by Scrap champions turn into full items for the rest of combat. Your team also gains a shield for each component equipped, including those that are part of a full item.

21 component, 20 shield
43 components, 30 shield
6All components, 50 shield

Sister (2)

This is a unique trait for Vi and Jinx

2Sisters gain empowered skills to compete with each other.
Vi's Ability range increases by 2 Hexes
Jinx gains 50% stacking Attack speed for 3 seconds after scoring a takedown

Sniper (2/4/6)

Snipers deal bonus damage for each hex between themselves and their target.

29% bonus damage
416% bonus damage
630% bonus damage

Socialite (1/2/3)

Socialites reveal a spotlight on the battlefield. The unit standing in the spotlight at the start of combat gains unique bonuses.

120% Bonus Damage
2And 5 Mana per second
3And heal for 20% of all damage they deal

Syndicate (3/5/7)

Certain allies are cloaked in shadows, gaining 40 Armor, 40 Magic Resist, and 25% Omnivamp (healing for a percentage of all damage dealt.

3The Syndicate champion with the lowest percent health
5All Syndicate champions
7Your whole team and the effects are increased by 50%

Transformer (1)

This trait is unique to Jayce

1Jayce adopts melee form when placed in the front 2 rows, and ranged form when placed in the back 2 rows.

Twinshot (2/4/6)

When a Twinshot attacks, they have a chance to attack twice instead

240% chance
470% chance
6100% chance

Yordle (3/6)

3After each player combat a random Yordle is added to your bench for free
6And Yordle's abilities cost 20% less to cast

There is a lot to take in as Gizmos & Gadgets approaches, and learning it all can feel overwhelming. So check out how to make a three star unit and how the TFT ranked system works on Pro Game Guides!

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