Terra Nil Continental Region walkthrough

Terra Nil is a city-building game with a difference, thanks to its strong eco-sensibility. Yes, you’re placing buildings across a landscape. But your goal is to terraform a barren wasteland back to its fertile state before removing all your buildings to allow it to thrive. There are four regions to terraform, each with its unique […]

Terra Nil Polar Region walkthrough

Terra Nil is a terraforming sim-style world-building game in which you use machines to alter the landscape to bring life back to a barren landscape. Available for PC via Steam and mobile through the Netflix app, the game starts out relatively simply with quite a linear structure. But as you advance, the challenges become more […]

All animals in Terra Nil and how to attract them

Terra Nil is an eco-themed terraforming sim-style game for PC via the Netflix app. You’re tasked with turning a barren landscape back to its former glory, using terraforming equipment to cover it with greenery before restoring biomes, cleaning the water, and restoring animal life. But making habitats for the animals can be tricky, so below […]

Best Tips and Tricks for Beginners in Terra Nil

Terra Nil is a world creation sim with a strong environmental theme. Available for PC through Steam and also Android and iOS devices through the Netflix app, Terra Nil sees you placing terraforming buildings onto barren landscapes in an attempt to return nature to the lands. It can be quite daunting at first, so we’ve […]

Which Approach is best in Terra Nil?

Terra Nil is an ecology game on Netflix where you attempt to convert a barren landscape into a green and prosperous area of nature. After you load up the game and select a Profile (essentially a save game position, as the game will auto-save, but you can have several saved at once), you will need […]