Should I buy Thymesia? – Thymesia Review

Thymesia has clear inspirations from many other games but remains original throughout its gameplay. The Soulslike genre is very much alive, and while many games try to emulate the style with a mere reskin, Thymesia feels like its own game. Thymesia has themes of corruption, experimentation, and the Plague. Players take control of Corvus, the […]

How to get Alchemy Enhancers in Thymesia

To upgrade your potions to max level in Thymesia, you must gather Alchemy Enhancers. Alchemy Enhancers are a special resource required to upgrade all potions in the game, but getting them may seem tricky. Luckily it is not all confusing where you can find Alchemy Enhancers, as the answer is from mini-bosses. In short, there are mini-bosses in the game that […]

Best Plague Weapon in Thymesia – Weapon Tier List

Plague Weapons in Thymesia are used to deal a lot of damage by consuming Energy. Each one uses a different amount of Energy and can be upgraded several times. They have unique cooldowns and can even have additional effects depending on the player’s Attributes. Some weapons are obtained by defeating bosses, but not all of […]

Best Early Talents in Thymesia

Thymesia is a new action RPG from Overborder Studio. Players will level up in Thymesia, use plague weapons, and get access to talent points to spend on upgrades. Picking the best talents can be tricky; luckily, it’s free to reset your talents. Here is a list of the best talents to choose from in Thymesia. […]