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Brackenhide Hollow Dungeon Strategy Guide – WoW Dragonflight

Gnolls... why did it have to be Gnolls?

After reaching max level in World of Warcraft Dragonflight, you may find yourself wondering what to do next. For many players, this next step takes the form of dungeons so they can get better gear and start getting ready for Mythic Keystones. However, this is sometimes more easily said than done, as Dragonflight's dungeons can be a challenge for players. Brackenhide Hollow is certainly no exception to this rule, so below you can find a comprehensive guide on this dungeon.

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World of Warcraft Dragonflight Brackenhide Hollow dungeon, explained

Brackenhide Hollow location

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On the very Western edge of Dragonflight's Azure Span zone lies the entrance to Brackenhide Hollow. In any other expansion, reaching this location could be a chore, but Dragonflying definitely makes travel a breeze, so make your way over when your group is ready. Also, a very short distance to the East is a flight path, so be sure to pick that up before entering.

Hackclaw's War Band, important enemies, and Tuskarr Prison Break

Dragonflight's dungeons typically don't follow a linear path when it comes to clearing out enemies and bosses, and Brackenhide Hollow may be the most unique among them due to how it begins. At the start of the dungeon, you have to free five Tuskarr from cages to summon the first boss. However, these cages will be surrounded by enemies, some of which have very dangerous abilities:

  • Decay Speakers are the most important targets in any group of enemies. They will cast Withering Burst to deal big damage and apply stacking Withering DoTs on anyone hit. Also, Decay Surge will also hit for big damage on a single target. Lastly, they will summon Rotchanting Totems that buff nearby casters.
  • Trickclaw Mystics aren't tough on their own, but are a huge problem with any Rotchanting Totems around. Normally, only Earth Bolt is a problem with its single target damage, but this spell transforms into Witherbolt with a totem. This spell deals much more damage and also applies the Withering effect.
  • Bracken Warscourges will cast Ragestorm, which is pretty much Warrior's Bladestorm ability and deals massive damage to anyone within five yards of it. Also, Hideous Cackle will fear the entire group, so it must be interrupted to avoid a wipe. Lastly, Pack Tactics is an aura that gives allies 15% more damage and 25% reduced cooldowns, so try to fight Bracken Warscourge alone or with a small group around it.
  • Banebolt Hunters will constantly damage a random party member with Shoot, will fire off Bone Bolts for big damage and a large bleed DoT, and will cast Toxic Trap for massive damage and a pool of poison.
  • Vicious Hyenas will cast Infected Bite on the tank, dealing big damage and reducing all healing they receive by 15%.
  • Claw Fighters will cast Vicious Clawmangle on random targets, locking onto them and following them while dealing huge damage over three seconds. Furthermore, they will also cast Bloody Bite, dealing huge damage to the tank and apply a bleed DoT as well.
  • Cruel Bonecrushers will also cast Bloody Bite, and it will have the same effects as with the Claw Fighters. They will also cast Crushing Smash, dealing big damage and reducing movement speed by 30%.

After clearing out these tough mobs and freeing the Tuskarr, it is time to face off with Hackclaw's War Band. This group fight consists of Rira Hackclaw, Gashtooth, and Tricktotem, so be ready for the wide range of abilities they will throw at the group:

  • The group needs to cleave down all three bosses equally due to Tricktotem's Bloodfrenzy. This ability causes the other two bosses to gain 30% extra Haste and Damage for the rest of the fight after any of them fall below 15% health.
  • Tricktotem will cast Greater Healing Rapids and Earth Bolt. Greater Healing Rapids is a massive heal with a heal-over-time effect that is a must interrupt ability, while Earth Bolt is less dangerous but should be interrupted when possible to reduce overall damage.
  • Tricktotem's Hextrick Totem will Hextrick players. This channels a spell that pretty much polymorphs a player for up to 15 seconds if the totem is not destroyed.
  • Rira Hackclaw will cast Bladestorm, dealing massive damage to anyone nearby but also dropping his movement speed to 30%, so be sure to run away.
  • Rira Hackclaw will be a menace for the tank specifically due to her Cleave and Savage Charge. Cleave is a passive that causes her attacks to hit anyone in front of her within eight yards, so be sure to keep her facing away from the group. Furthermore, Savage Charge targets a player and after a long delay Rira will charge at them for what will most likely be lethal damage. You need to position yourself to take the charge and pop defensives.
  • For the healer, on Mythic, you need to keep everyone healed above 90% health due to Prey on the Weak. This passive gives each boss one stack of Predatory Instincts for each 10% health any player is missing. These stacks grant 10% Haste each, so you have to keep everyone healthy.
  • Much like how Rira was the tank's bane, Gashtooth is going to be the healer's responsibility. His Decayed Senses hits a target for big damage, blinds them, and puts a debuff on that causes them to take 150% increased physical damage. Next, his Gash Frenzy will teleport him behind a random party member, hit for big damage, and leaving behind a devastating DoT that will disappear if the player gets back above 90% health. Lastly, Marked for Butchery will target a random player and hit them for massive damage over four seconds, so be ready to heal through it.

Hackclaw's War Band loot table

  • Ravenous Pursuer's Footwraps - A pair of Intellect cloth shoes with Haste and Versatility.
  • Bloodied Wedding Ring - A Stamina ring with Versatility and Mastery.
  • Ancestral Stoneshaper - An Intellect two-handed mace with Haste and Mastery.
  • Poached Kalu'ak Spear - An Agility polearm with Critical Strike and Haste.
  • Frenzying Signoll Flare - An Agility or Strength trinket that give a chance to summon a Gnoll during combat that will deal big damage and stun or snare a target, poison a target with a DoT, or increase your highest secondary stat for 20 seconds.

Gutshot and important enemies

After defeating Hackclaw's War Band, the next boss on the chopping block is Gutshot. However, on the way to Gutshot there are a few powerful enemies your group needs to be ready for:

  • Be careful around the area with the Bracken Warscourge, as it is a trap. Lying in wait in front of the enemy, there will be stealthed Gutstabbers waiting to hit the group with Bloody Bites and Withering Poisons. This group can potentially cause a wipe by itself, so be ready.
  • Rotbow Stalkers are the primary target simply due to how much pressure they put on with their abilities. Pack Tactics buffs every nearby enemy, Shoot is continuous random damage, Bone Bolt deals big damage and applies a DoT that makes consecutive casts deal even more, and Scented Meat will hit a player for big damage and cause all nearby beast enemies to turn and attack them over all other targets.
  • Fleshripper Vultures are simple but annoying due to their Screech ability. This cast will hit all targets within 40 yards for big damage, so be sure to interrupt it and also kill them quickly.
  • Gutchewer Bears can bring down the tank quickly if Maul is not interrupted, as it deals huge single target damage.

After making your way through this beast hunt and surviving the trap set for you, it is time to face off with Gutshot and her Rotfang Hyenas. Here is everything notable for the entire group to know:

  • Gutshot starts with two Rotfang Hyenas, but she will periodically summon two more with Call Hyenas, so cleave down hyenas at all times.
  • Meat Toss will cause a random player to become the Rotfang Hyenas' new target. On Mythic, any target created by Meat Toss will Smell Like Meat, causing all hyenas to gain 100% increased damage due to the Feeding Frenzy buff.
  • Rotfang Hyenas' Crippling Bite deals big damage to a single target. On Mythic during Feeding Frenzy Crippling Bite will apply a nasty DoT as well.
  • Bounding Leap will cause hyenas to leap to a random target, dealing huge AoE damage within three yards and stunning everyone hit. Be sure to run out of this immediately.
  • Ensnaring Traps will hit anyone within five yards when triggered, dealing big damage over three seconds and rooting them. However, note that hyenas can and should be kited into the traps. On Mythic, traps will become set again after five seconds.
  • Master's Call frees hyenas from traps, makes them unaffected by crowd control, and gives them 15% extra movement speed for five seconds.

Gutshot loot table

  • Tuskarr Bone Necklace - A Stamina necklace with Critical Strike and Versatility.
  • Gutshot's Trophy Hunter - An Agility crossbow with Haste and Mastery.
  • Boastful Stalker's Epaulets - A pair of Intellect cloth shoulderpads with Haste and Versatility.
  • Trapmaster's Utility Belt - A Strength or Intellect plate belt with Haste and Versatility.
  • Ferocious Hyena Hidebinders - A pair of Agility or Intellect leather wrist pieces with Critical Strike and Versatility.

Treemouth and important enemies

After bringing down Gutshot and her vicious hyenas, next you're headed towards Treemouth. However, note that there are two paths to get to Treemouth. One path is a straight shot over two bridges that head straight South of Gutshot's arena. However, after the first bridge there is a path off to the right that leads into a river. The straight shot South is a shorter and easier route that features enemies you have already faced, so it is highly recommended. However, below there will still be information on the river path if your group is a glutton for punishment.

The straight South path will only feature one new enemy, that being Stink Breath, a miniboss. He will cast two abilities that can be dangerous, those being Stink Breath and Violent Whirlwind. The Stink Breath spell hits in a frontal cone that disorients anyone hit, while Violent Whirlwind hits everyone within seven yards for massive damage and knocks them back.

The river path features five important enemies to watch out for:

  • Certain enemies here will spawn Infected Lashers that put a stacking DoT on anyone they hit, so cleave them down when they appear.
  • Brackenhide Shapers will cast Touch of Decay on targets, dealing big single target damage. They will also cast Summon Lashers, which spawns two Infected Lashers.
  • Wilted Oaks will cast Stomp, dealing AoE damage to anyone near it. It will also cast Summon Lashers. Lastly, they have the passive Essence of Decay, which summons an Infected Lasher every 12 seconds.
  • Decayed Elders are unimportant, but they do cast Summon Lashers.
  • Decaying Slimes are also unimportant, but watch out for their Burst ability when they die, as it leaves behind a damaging pool for 30 seconds.

Now that you have cleared your way through one of the paths, you get a chance to cut down Treemouth and its Decaying Slimes. Before pulling this menacing boss, be sure your group knows exactly what they need to do:

  • When Treemouth reaches 100 Energy, it will cast Grasping Vines, lashing out at players, grabbing them, and pulling them close to it before casting Consume. Consume will devour whichever player is closest at the end of Consume, dealing massive damage and absorbing the player. Treemouth will have a shield during this that needs to be broken to interrupt Consume. On Mythic, Consume will hit anyone within 10 yards of the boss, and if no one is Consumed it will gain the Starving Frenzy Enrage buff, increasing all damage by 150% and Haste by 20%. Furthermore, the same player cannot be Consumed twice in a row due to the Partially Digested debuff, as the 200% damage increase will certainly be fatal.
  • Decay Spray hits in a 40 yard frontal cone for huge damage and summons four Decaying Slimes.
  • These particular Decaying Slimes will cast Gushing Ooze, periodically hitting everyone within five yards for big damage.
  • Vine Whip will hit in a line wherever the tank is standing, so be sure to get out of the way to avoid massive damage.

Treemouth loot table

  • Bough of Deterioration - A Strength two-handed mace with Critical Strike and Mastery.
  • Mask of Imperishable Leaves - An Intellect cloth head piece with Versatility and Mastery.
  • Rooted Shoulders of Putrefaction - A pair of Agility or Intellect mail shoulders with Haste and Versatility.
  • Swollen Bark Clasp - An Agility or Intellect mail belt with Critical Strike and Haste.
  • Binders of the Moldering - A pair of Strength or Intellect plate wrists with Haste and Versatility.
  • Ancient Rotwalkers - A pair of Agility or Intellect leather boots with Critical Strike and Mastery.
  • Treemouth's Festering Splinter - An Agility or Strength trinket with an active ability that impales you for big damage but absorbs 50% of all damage taken for 15 seconds.

Decatriarch Wratheye and important enemies

After cutting down the terrifying Treemouth, it is finally time to face the final boss of the dungeon, that being Decatriarch Wratheye. The enemies leading up to this boss are all new, so be sure to read up on their abilities before proceeding:

  • Fetid Rotsingers will have the dreaded Pack Tactics passive, so try to keep the pull to a minimum. Summon Totem will give everyone in the group stacks of Withering, so killing it quickly is a must. Lastly, Burst of Decay hits everyone in a five-yard radius of the impact for huge damage, so be sure to avoid whoever is targeted or interrupt the ability.
  • Vile Rothexers will spread more Withering through Withering Contagion, so be sure everyone spaces out. Furthermore, Siphon Decay will power up the rothexers for each player hit who has Withering Contagion.
  • Filth Callers will coat the area with pools of corruption using Rotting Surge, so be sure to run out of them. Also, Decay Surge will hit a single target for big damage, so interrupt when possible.
  • Disease Slashers exist to pressure the tank with Bloody Bite and Decay Claws. Decay Claws hit for huge damage and also absorbs a chunk of healing.
  • Wither Biters will constantly cast Bloody Bite, so be sure to cleave them down to ensure the tank's survival.

It is time for the group's last test, as just past all these enemies is the final boss, Decatriarch Wratheye. This boss is all about debuffs and diseases, but with the right preparation the group will certainly come out on top. Here is everything the group needs to know:

  • Withering Rot is a DoT debuff applied by almost every ability Decatriarch Wratheye has. It deals big damage and each stack reduces all damage the player deals by 5%.
  • When she reaches 100 Energy, Wratheye will cast Decaying Strength, dealing big damage to the party and empowering herself based on how many Withering Rot stacks were on players. After this, Withered Eruption will trigger, changing in size and damage depending on how many Withering Rot stacks the player had.
  • Rotburst Totems are the number one threat in this fight, as they will constantly cast Rotting Burst, a partywide AoE that applies Withering Rot.
  • Choking Rotcloud will hit everyone in front of Wratheye, dealing massive damage and applying Withering Rot to anyone hit. This spell will then coalesce into a slow-moving cloud that continues damaging those caught within, silencing them, and applying more Withering Rot stacks.
  • Decaystrike will hit the tank for huge damage and put a healing absorption on them. The tank needs to pop defensives for this, while the healer needs to heal through the absorption.

Decatriarch Wratheye loot table

  • Tassets of Densified Ooze - A pair of Agility or Intellect mail pants with Mastery and Versatility.
  • Blightweaver's Clutches - A pair of Agility or Intellect leather gloves with Critical Strike and Haste.
  • Decatriarch's Bone Pestle - An Intellect one-handed mace with Critical Strike and Mastery.
  • Decay Mother's Wrathful Gaze - An Intellect or Strength plate head piece with Versatility and Haste.
  • Rot-Carved Totemic Shank - An Agility dagger with Critical Strike and Versatility.
  • Idol of Pure Decay - An Intellect or Agility trinket that gives your spells and abilities a chance to hit a target for big AoE damage that also decreases movement speed by 30%.

Brackenhide Hollow achievements

  • Brackenhide Hollow - Defeat Decatriarch Wratheye.
  • Heroic: Brackenhide Hollow - Defeat Decatriarch Wratheye on Heroic difficulty or higher.
  • Mythic: Brackenhide Hollow - Defeat Decatriarch Wratheye on Mythic difficulty.
  • Keystone Hero: Brackenhide Hollow - Clear Brackenhide Hollow at Keystone Level 20 or higher within the time limit.
  • All Bark, All Bite - Defeat Treemouth after every player has been Consumed at least once on Mythic.
  • The Vegetarian Diet - Free every Tuskarr in Brackenhide Hollow.
  • Growlbossify - Defeat Hackclaw's War-Band after freeing Chef Softpaw, giving her a shield and spear, and keeping her alive on Mythic.

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