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How to unlock Great Fairies in TotK (Zelda Tears of the Kingdom)

Bring music to the corners of Hyrule!

If you thought it was annoying to give the Great Fairies Rupees in Breath of the Wild, it's much more difficult to unlock them in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. This time, the Great Fairies have relocated and locked themselves in their bulbs. They only promise to come out if they hear music, which means Link needs to do a little side quest to get them out of their shells. Here's what to do.

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How to get the Great Fairies out of their bulbs in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

In Tears of the Kingdom, the Great Fairies have all relocated close to stables—one by Woodland Stable, one by Dueling Peaks Stable, one by Snowhead Stable, and the final one by Outskirt Stable.

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They all collectively miss the music played by a traveling troupe of musicians from Woodland Stable called the Stable Trotters, but in order to help them out, Link first needs to get signed as a reporter for the Lucky Clover Gazette first.

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The headquarters for the Lucky Clover Gazette is in a cottage in front of Rito Village (where the old Stable used to be in Breath of the Wild). Talk to Traysi (the gossip from Breath of the Wild), and she will give Link a job as a reporter.

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After that, Link can travel to the Woodland Stable to start the Great Fairy quest proper. Penn will be outside Woodland Stable talking to two of the musicians; talk to him to start the Serenade to a Great Fairy quest.

How to unlock Great Fairy Tera in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

In this quest, one of the musicians will complain about Beezer, their broken wagon. Luckily, Link can use Ultrahand to quickly toss a couple of new wheels on there. Afterwards, Link needs to use a horse to bring the musicians to the nearby Great Fairy. This is done by using a towing harness, which Link gets for one Pony Point at any stable.

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Once the wagon is attached to Link's Horse, bring the musicians to the nearby Great Fairy, who's bulb can be found at the Military Training Camp. The cleverly named Violynne will play a melody to get that Great Fairy out of her bulb.

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How to unlock Great Fairy Cotera in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

Great Fairy Cotera is located by Dueling Peaks Stable, and fortunately, that's where the Stable Trotters have moved. They complain that they are missing their drummer, Beetz, and it so happens that Great Fairy Cortana wants to hear drumming.

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Beetz can be found on the trail in front of Kakariko Village, where it veers off to Bonooru's Stand (coordinates 2161, -1380, 0109). To get there, walk backward from Kakariko Village and look for the crevice in the boulders on the left.

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Beetz will be there playing his drum. He requests of Link that he bring three coarse honey combs. In order to find these, players need to travel back to Kakariko Village and climb upward to the woods overlooking the town (where the Great Fairy used to be). The coordinates for these woods are 1899, -0906, 0167.

There should be plenty of coarse honey combs to grab here. When I completed this part of the quest, I simply shot the combs down and ignored the bees that buzz by. They only do minimal damage to Link. Grab three coarse honey combs and return to Beetz so he can go back to the Stable Trotters.

Although Beetz comes back, the Stable Trotters still need to cross the river to play for Great Fairy Cotera. This part of the quest is a little tricky. Players can find parts to make a raft right along the bed of the river, but they need to proceed in a specific order:

  • Grab a long plank of wood for a raft
  • Attatch two fans, a battery, and a control stick
  • Speak with all of the Stable Trotters (otherwise Link can't move Beezer)
  • Place Beezer onto the raft and place it in front of the water
  • Talk to Beezer and tell him to hop in
  • Drive the raft with Beezer on it over to Great Fairy Cotera

If done correctly, Great Fairy Cotera will come out of her bulb and speak to Link and the other musicians.

How to unlock Great Fairy Kaysa in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

Although Great Fairy Kaysa is found by the Outskirt Stable, Link needs to visit Highland Stable. For efficiency's sake, grab at least 10 Sunset Fairies from Kakariko Village (Link will need them).

Upon going to Highland Stable, which is located south of Lake Hylia, Link can find Pyper (flute players for the Stable Trotters) playing his flute atop a tree in front of the stable (coordinates 0525, -3395, 0048). Pyper wants to impress his friend by playing his flute and illuminating the tree at the same time.

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This is why he asks for the Sunset Fairies. Once Link gives them to Pyper, Link will need to grab his friend from the Highland Stable at night. Pyper will play his tune as the tree lights up, and afterward, he will decide to rejoin the band.

Players will find Pyper back in the band when they go to the Outskirt Stable, where Great Fairy Kaysa is located. This time, though, they complain that they can't move Beezer up the rocky hill. Fortunately, there is a huge van almost completely built right by the stage. It just needs one more wheel.

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After attaching the wheel with Ultrahand, throw on a couple of fans to the back and a control stick. Then, place Beezer on top of the vehicle. Talk to Mastro (leader of the Stable Trotters) and tell him to hop in. Drive up the rocky road and the musicians will play for Great Fairy Kaysa, luring her out of her bulb.

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How to unlock Great Fairy Miju in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

The Stable Trotters will move to the Snowhead Stable, but they will need their final member: Eustis, the horn player. Mastro claims that he is by the Tabanthia Bridge area. He is actually in a hole on the western edge of Piper Ridge (coordinates -3658, 0760, 0118).

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When Link heads there, Eustis will despair over not being able to escape the hole and rejoin his fellow musicians. Luckily, there is a raft with two balloons that can lift the wagon out of the hole. Here is how players should build the raft:

  • Attatch two balloons at the front and back ends of the metal plate
  • Place two flame emmiters inside the balloons, facing upward
  • Take two fans and attatch one to each side
  • Make sure the fans are oriented at a 45 degree angle, so that they blow air diagonally down and behind the crate
  • Take the entire build and attatch it to the top of Eustis' wagon
  • Talk to Eustis and tell him to hop on
  • Get on top of the crate and activate the devices, pulling Eustis out of the hole
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When all of this is done, return to Snowhead Stable where Eustis will rejoin the Stable Trotters. Mastro will now complain about Beezer not having a roof. This is an easy fix, though; just take a wooden plank and place it evenly on top of the wagon.

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If the plank is placed well enough, Link can take a horse and pull the wagon with the towing harness. Drive to the left of Great Fairy Miju, and there should be a small path to drive upward. The musicians will then play their full tune, and Great Fairy Miju will emerge from her bulb.

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How to unlock Great Fairies in TotK (Zelda Tears of the Kingdom)

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