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What to do with the boat and Tulin in Zelda TotK – Tears of the Kingdom

I hope link enjoys trampolines.

By doing the Rito section of the game in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, players will get a new mechanic introduced to them: boats. These are found in the air, but they won't transport Link and Tulin around anywhere. Instead, they have a different use that helps Link reach the skies above the Hebra Mountains.

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How to cross the boat above Hebra Mountains in TOTK (Zelda Tears of the Kingdom)

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The boats in Tears of the Kingdom actually operate like huge jumping pads. Every boat in the air has a horizontal sail that Link can jump on to propel himself upward to a great height. To get past the Rising Island Chain, Link needs to start by hopping onto the boat outside Mayaumekis Shrine.

How to get through the Rising Island Chain in TOTK (Zelda Tears of the Kingdom)

After jumping off of the first boat, Link and Tulin will come to a platform with a huge circle of ice in the middle. These mini-ice lakes can be broken with two arrows (or one fire arrow). This one hides a secret chest beneath.

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From there, Link has to cross a huge gap. This is easily done by using Tulin's gust to push Link ahead. When I was using Tulin, I found that he shoots his gust in the direction that Link is facing, so I had to readjust Link a couple of times before I could line up the gust.

After moving ahead and taking out a couple Zonai constructs, Link and Tulin will come to a huge platform. On the left will be a hanging column with icicles covering the bottom. The quickest way to get up there is to shoot down the icicles and use Ascend on the clear roof.

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At the top, there will be a central column rising high into the sky. On the side will be more icicles; shoot these down so that Link has room to Ascend to the top.

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After that, Link will come across another huge gap he needs Tulin's help to cross. Then, he will need to cross a couple platforms before meeting with a Flux Construct. This mini boss looks intimidating, but Link can deal with him in less than two minutes, easily.

The idea with Flux Construct is that one of the many blocks that makes up its body (the one glowing green) is the vulnerable one. If Link can hit it multiple times, the blocks will collapse, and Link will have a small time window to pummel the life out of the green block.

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After beating the Flux Construct, Link can climb to the top of that island. On his right will be a cave with icicles that he can shot down to grab a chest. Otherwise, there is a boat with a closed-in roof. The middle of this roof is actually rubble that Link can either break up with a hammer or blow up with a bomb arrow.

Once the roof is open, Link will have a series of boats that he needs to jump on to get to the next platform. The following series of platforms have a bunch of Constructs to fight. At the end of this stretchis a small area with materials Link can use to make an air balloon.

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Build the air balloon and then hop off to the next platform. There will be another hanging column here that Link can use Ascend on. This leads to a huge chasm with two circling boats that Link can use to hop on. Players definitely want to be careful here, as they need to account for the boats moving when they land.

Once they reach the end of this area, players can load up Kahatanaum Shrine. To the left of the shrine is the final part of the area: a bunch of boats circling the blizzard. Link will need to hop on the boats to get to the top of the blizzard and dive inside.

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I definitely had a couple of poorly timed jumps in this section. The winds kick up in speed here, so I found it better to hop onto boats as they come toward Link. If Link tries to catch up to a boat as it's flying past, the boat will always be faster. Once at the top, Link can dive inside the blizzard and begin the Wind Temple.

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What to do with the boat and Tulin in Zelda TotK – Tears of the Kingdom

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