How to do Every Task on Skeld in Among Us

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Among Us is a simple game that exploded in popularity over the past several months. Since then, they've added several maps, updates, and different tasks for players to complete. Each task is done differently, and each map has its own set of tasks to complete. In this guide, we're looking at all the tasks that are on Skeld.

How to do Every Task on Skeld in Among Us

For simplicity's sake, we've explained how to do each task in Among Us in text. To know which task you're trying to complete, simply look at the top left corner of your screen in-game. This is also a good way to determine where you need to go next to finish tasks with multiple parts.

Skeld has 17 possible tasks for you to complete, each of which fall into three different categories. Some of them are more difficult than others and some of them show up far more often than others. We've organized this guide to provide directions for the three categories listed below.

  • Long: Require the player to perform an action then wait a specific length of time to complete the rest of the task. They might also be classified as long because they have multiple stages.
  • Short: Tasks that are all completed in one sitting or can be done in a few seconds.
  • Common: Tasks that are shared by every player in the game. These tasks are called common because they're required to be completed by all players, not one player for the whole match. If one player has the task, all the players do. If one player does not have one of these, then none of the players do.

There is a fourth category, called Visual tasks, that allows all other players to see the actions of the user. However, since all visual tasks are also one of the three types listed above, they're not mentioned in the lists below.

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Long Tasks

  • Align Engine Output: There are two steps to this task. You will start off by going to either the Upper Engine or Lower Engine. When you start the task, you will see a red outline pointing away from the red dotted line in the center. Use the handle on the right to adjust the alignment until it's centered. Let go when it's green.
  • Clear Asteroids: To complete this task, you must shoot the asteroids. There are 20 asteroids to destroy. To destroy them, move the reticle to the asteroid and click to destroy it.
  • Empty Chute: Empty Chute can be completed the same way as Empty Garbage. It always begins in O2 and ends in Storage. When you start the task, pull the lever on the right and hold it down to clear the Chute. Repeat this process in Storage to finish the task.
  • Empty Garbage: Empty Garbage can be completed the same way as Empty Chute. It always begins in Cafeteria and ends in Storage. When you start the task, pull the lever on the right and hold it down to clear the Garbage. Repeat this process in Storage to finish the task..
  • Fuel Engines: This task has multiple parts. On the first part, you must hold down the silver button on the right to fill the gas canister. Next, go to the Upper Engine and start the task there. You must do the same thing — hold down the silver button on the right to empty the gas canister into the engine. Repeat this process to fill the Lower Engine room with fuel.
  • Inspect Sample: When you start the task, press the green button near the bottom. The machine dispenses liquid into the test tubes and you will be told to come back later. Wait for the amount of time instructed on the screen (you can also see it in your task list), then come back. Press the button underneath the only test tube colored red.
  • Start Reactor: This task is like Simon Says. On the left side of the screen, you will see a blue square light up. Press the square on the right side of the panel that correlates to the position of the blue square on the screen. It will then make a pattern of lights for you to follow, with a new light being added for each step. Press each square on the panel in the order in which they appear on the screen. Repeat this process five times.
  • Submit Scan: To complete this task, simply stand on top of the platform. It will take about 10 seconds to measure your weight and height. Once it's done, the task is complete.

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Short Tasks

  • Calibrate Distributor: On the left side of the screen the notches on each circle will rotate. Press the button that correlates with the circle you're on when the notch matches exactly with the circuit on the right side of the circle. Repeat this two more times to complete the task.
  • Chart Course: Click the ship on the screen and drag it to each point. This is different every time you do this task.
  • Clean O2 Filter: When you open the task screen, you'll see several leaves floating around the filter. Click a leaf and drag it to the slot on the left to clear it. You can also click the leaf and throw it toward the slot and it will maintain momentum. This is a faster way of completing the task. Repeat this for all the leaves.
  • Divert Power: Divert Power is a quick task, but it has multiple parts. When you start it, you will notice that one slider on the panel is lit up and the others are not. Click the slider that is brighter than the others and drag it up to the top. For the next part of the task, you will need to go to one of several panels on Skeld. There will be an arrow pointing to your next location. Go there and open the screen, then click the circuit in the middle of the panel to enable power and complete the task.
  • Prime Shields: On the Shield Panel, you will see that some hexagons are red and some of them are white. Click all the red panels to toggle them from red to white. Once all the hexagons are white, the task is complete.
  • Stabilize Steering: When you start this task, you'll notice there are crosshairs that don't like up with the center of the panel. Move the crosshairs so they match the center reticle.
  • Unlock Manifolds: To complete this task, click all the numbers in order from 1 to 10.
  • Upload Data: This task may begin in one of several rooms on Skeld, but it always ends in Admin. When you open the task, click Download to begin the process. It will take a little less than 10 seconds to complete. Then proceed to Admin and open the task. Click Upload. It will take a few seconds, then the task will be complete.

Common Tasks

  • Fix Wiring: To fix the wiring, you must match the colors. Click the end of one wire on the left, then drag the wire all the way to the matching color on the right. Do this for all four colors. Do the wiring in three different rooms to complete the task.
  • Swipe Card: When you start the task, you must click the card that is in the wallet to take it out. Drag it to the swipe reader and swipe it at a medium speed. If you swipe it too fast or too slow, it will fail and tell you whether it was too fast or too slow. Adjust your speed for the next swipe to complete the task.

Skeld was the first map available in Among Us and has all the classic tasks that everyone knows. However, there have been new maps and tasks added. Once you're ready, try some of the other maps!

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