How to get black dye in Aragami 2

To find black dye in Aragami 2, players must first start by heading to the village square in the game. The village square is the spot where players can find the blacksmith and the NPC to change armor color later in the game. If you don’t know where the village square is, you can find […]

How to dye weapons and armor in Aragami 2

To dye weapons and armor in Aragami 2, you will first need to complete the mission, Mysterious Assignment. Once you complete this mission, you can dye your current armor set by speaking to Danjuro. Danjuro is an NPC you will get in an earlier mission called Sumire’s Old Master, but you’ll need to complete the […]

How to get S rank in Aragami 2

To get an S rank on a mission in Aragami 2, you will need to achieve high stats during missions and perform well. Completing missions in a short amount of time will also help towards getting an S rank. However, time is just one of the crucial things you need to keep an eye on […]

How to play coop with friends in Aragami 2

To play co-op with friends in Aragam 2, you will first need to load into a game. You can do this by pressing a button or clicking start when loading into the game. After you load into the game and are inside the village, open the menu and then find the online options section of […]

How to get more skill points in Aragami 2

To get more skill points in Aragami 2, you must complete and farm missions in the game. Players can start missions by heading to the quest board and accepting one. But simply doing missions will not be enough, and you will want to repeat ones that give at least 100 XP to 300 XP. Doing […]