How to get Goblin Punch in Crisis Core

Crisis Core allows players to use a ton of classic Final Fantasy abilities in a more fast-paced active-time battle system. Tons of spells and attacks from the old games can join Zack Fair’s arsenal and help him become a true hero. Goblin Punch was introduced in Final Fantasy IV, but it takes an interesting new […]

What does Lucky Stars do in Crisis Core?

Crisis Core adds a lot to the combat system of the Final Fantasy franchise. One of the most notable new developments is the Digital Mind Wave, a slot machine granting special buffs and new abilities at random times. As Zack meets powerful allies, he gains Limit Breaks, which can turn the tide of a fight. Cissnei’s […]

What does the Feather Cap do in Crisis Core?

Crisis Core is a remastered prequel to the beloved worldwide hit Final Fantasy VII. Like every other game in the franchise, it’s packed with familiar enemies, abilities, and items. Some items appear with new benefits to fit the massive changes to the combat system made in this game. The Feather Cap has been around since […]