Borderlands 3 Moze Builds – Infinite Ammo, Torgue & Double Salamander Builds!

We're taking a look at some awesome looking builds for Moze in Borderlands 3!

Our Borderlands 3 Moze Builds Guide features a look at some of the top options for the character and class. We've got different builds for each of the Bottomless Mags, Demolition Woman, and Shield of Retribution skill trees! Moze is a run and gun style of character, but utilizes a huge mech called the Iron Bear. If you're up against tough to kill enemies, you'll be utilizing this vehicle to deal huge amounts of damage to your foes with a variety of different weaponry!

Moze Builds

We're featuring multiple builds that you can choose from which take advantage of the different skill trees. It's very early in the game's lifespan, so we'll be rotating out builds here and there as more powerful options are discovered!

Shield of Retribution - Railgun/Grenade Launcher

This build takes skills from all three trees and combines them into one of the more powerful early builds for Moze. We'll be utilizing the Railgun and the V-35 Grenade Launcher as our weapons for the Iron Bear. The Railgun can provide heavy AOE for multiple enemy situations once you have the Capacity Armature augment. This'll make those times when you get overrun a lot more manageable. On the Grenade Launcher side, we're running the Shaped Charge augment which vastly increases the damage of it when we land a direct hit.

One of the keys to this build is the combination of Thin Red Line with Desperate Measures. Thin Red Line reduces our health but increases our shields, and Desperate Measures gives us a big increase in gun damage if we're low on health. This is a great synergy to have, as we will now always have that buff!

We go all the way down the tree to get Tenacious Defense. It allows us to restore a portion of our shield immediately once it is popped, plus it gives us a big gun damage buff. We combine this with Force Feedback that instantly begins charging our shield when we score a critical kill. There's no cooldown on Tenacious Defense, so we can keep having our shield pop and get the buff, then regain it quickly after a critical kill. That means we're stacking tons of gun damage if we can trigger this multiple times in a fight!

We've got a full leveling guide for this build which you can find right here!

Torgue Focused Demolition Woman Build

Build Credit to SpriteGuy_000

This build is focused on the Demolition Woman tree and dealing splash damage with Torgue weaponry. If you were unaware, Torgue is one of the weapon manufacturers in the game, and their weapons all work like this:

Switch between regular and sticky-projectile fire modes. Stickies do more damage if a bunch of them detonate on the same target.

The projectiles are explosive so they will be doing some splash damage, and the Demolition Woman tree is centered around taking advantage of that type of gun. We take this a step further by upgrading the Matched Set ability that gives us a buff to magazine size for using items from the same manufacturer (Torgue).

To further our ability to utilize the splash damage, we're running two weapons on our Iron Bear that will benefit from it: V-35 Grenade Launcher & Vanquisher Rocket Pods. We run the Lock and Speedload augment on our Grenade Launcher for a large burst fire and speedier reloading. The Rocket Pods are upgraded by the Active Tracking augment that makes it fire homing rockets! This will allow you to hold down the fire button and target multiple enemies, you can then release the button and it will launch a volley of them at those poor souls.

We cap off this skill tree with the Short Fuse passive ability. Anytime you deal gun damage, there will a chance for a secondary explosion. We're already exploding things all over the place, so adding even more to that is going to be quite insane!

Double Salamander Build

Build Credit to Phosphorus015

We're running double flamethrowers in this build that deal Incendiary Damage to when used. This build looks to increase our fuel capacity with these weapons so that we can get in close and douse our enemies with double-barrels of flames! The Fuel Economy action skill augment is what helps us keep pumping out the flames, and it also increases our movement speed which will allow us to catch any enemies that try to get away.

We're going all the way into the Bottomless Mags skill tree. It features a lot of skills that increase our ability to use the salamanders, but also increases our ability to keep pumping out gunfire with our regular weapons. Doubling up the salamanders means we can take advantage of a big damage increase from Specialist Bear which gives our Iron Bear +25% damage while equipping two of the same weapons.

When we reach the bottom of three, we'll be able to put a point into the Forge ability. This gives us Ammo Regeneration for our weapons which basically means we're never going to have to reload, but it also means we get unlimited ammo on our heavy weapons like rocket and grenade launchers! It's a pretty powerful ability, and will make for some fun gameplay.

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