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Cafe Bacon Escape Room Walkthrough

Grab a pen and paper, you're gonna need it.

Puzzle games are a ton of fun but can be pretty frustrating if you get stuck. Cafe Bacon is a gorgeous virtual escape room where you must satisfy all three orders before leaving the cafe. Below we've written out all of the solutions to the puzzles and where you need to search to find all of the ingredients.

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Cafe Bacon walkthrough

Caprese Salad

Look at the table to the left of the front door. Eat the pink cupcake, and you'll notice a diagonal arrow pointing toward the rose. Go to the gift shop and select the green and pink striped box with four circles in the corner. To unlock the box, rotate the dials until they match the shapes of the pastries on the table in correlation to the rose's position. Or, input the following:

  • Top left dial: one notch clockwise
  • Top right dial: two notches clockwise
  • Bottom left dial: five notches clockwise
  • Bottom right dial: six notches clockwise

This should unlock the box and give you a knife. A loose sheet of paper hiding behind the boxes near the striped container tells you how to make caprese salad.

Go to the room with a bar. On the center table is some punch and a green book. Take the ladle from the punch and tab through the book. You'll notice specific flowers at the bottom of each page, which relate to the flowers drying on top of the bar. Pull the flowers in the book's order to lift up the cake. The flower order is as follows:

  1. Three red flowers
  2. Yellow fruit
  3. Grapes
  4. Three red flowers
  5. Three purple flowers
  6. Grapes
  7. Three red flowers
  8. Three purple flowers

Cut into the cake with the knife to reveal a nighttime scene. Grab the basil hiding behind the white flowers and tap on it again to separate it from the napkin it's wrapped in. Then, use the ladle to scoop the mozzarella ball out of the water and chop that up.

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Head to the shop and click on the picture frame that reads FACE A FACE. You'll notice that the basil napkin also contains all of these letters on specific corners of the napkin. Rock the picture frame in the correct corners to spell out FACE A FACE, and two women with red cheeks will appear. Click on their cheeks to receive tomatoes, chop them with the knife.

Return to the three tables and arrange the mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil on the plate on the first table. This will prompt the window behind the table to lift. Go into that room and grab the box behind the pillow of the left chair and the power cord for the lamp.

Go to the front door and light up the neon sign with the power cord. It will spell H E R T G O F. Retrieve the power cord before entering this code on the green door to unlock it, and pick up the order slip on the floor while you're at it. This will tell you that the first table wants caprese, which you have fulfilled.

Alfredo Ravioli

Enter the kitchen, and you'll see some taps and drinks. The drinks, in order, are:

  • Peach tea
  • Matcha latte
  • Matcha latte
  • Blueberry tea
  • Passionfruit tea

Go back to the gift shop. These teas are available for purchase and feature a certain design to display the contents. Using the box, enter the symbols corresponding to the specific tea bag by using the above order. This will give you a ring that you can use to unscrew the screws in the kitchen ceiling. Doing so will cause a TV to drop down from the ceiling. Grab a dinner plate from the cabinet under the dessert tray in the kitchen. Tune the TV until you reach the weather channel. From Thursday onward, you'll notice that the weather is supposed to be:

  • Friday - rainy
  • Saturday - stormy
  • Sunday - snowy
  • Monday - rainy
  • Tuesday - windy
  • Wednesday - foggy

Go into the room behind the first table and open up the white doors between the two chairs. There should be two doors with four palm trees behind them. Open up the doors, but only click the ones that display the next weather forecast in the list. At the end of the list, you should open up the doors to see a pink sunset. Enter the pink sunset and click on the I above the Boutique sign to receive the alfredo tapper handle.

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Enter the boutique and take a look at the jewelry box, grabbing the piece of metal on the top right. You'll notice that the gemstone jewelry is in a specific pattern. Recreate that pattern on the lock for the handbag between the two shoes to receive a note that lists the beauty products on the other wall in a specific order. Each of the beauty products has a specifically shaped lid. Use those shapes to unlock the lockbox beneath the shelf. The correct order is:

  • Triangle
  • Trapezoid
  • Circle
  • Triangle
  • Square
  • Circle
  • Trapezoid

Anti-wrinkle eye masks can be found in the lockbox. Use them on the woman's t-shirt with the wrinkly eyes, and she will smile, revealing patterned teeth. Recreate this pattern on the center lock so that the top row is orange, white, white, green, white, white and the bottom row is white, green, orange, orange, white, white. Remove the lock and enter the room. Collect the handle from the throw blanket and attach it to the metal piece to make a pasta cutter.

Open up the windows and click on the moon. Then, use the pasta cutter to cut ravioli out of the grid section next to the flag. Return to the kitchen, replace the alfredo handle, and pour alfredo on your plate of ravioli. Pop the plate of alfredo ravioli on the second table, and the window behind that table will rise up.

The Sunset with You

Enter the room behind the second table, and you'll find a guest check asking for something called the sunset with you. Click on the phone to notice the pattern underneath the cloth, then use the power cord to plug in the green device. You want to light up the buttons to reflect the same order as the cloth pattern. That order is:

  • Green
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Blue

Doing this will cause a key to drop down. Use the key on the orange journal in the gift shop to find a note with hand directions and instructions for making a drink called the sunset with you. Go to the blue door next to the green door and use the hand directions on the note to adjust the dial. If you're getting stuck, you'll want to click:

  • Right three times
  • Left seven times
  • Right two times
  • Left four times

You've just unlocked the bathroom. Move the three rolls of toilet paper under the sink to get a cloth, and then pull the toilet paper on the roll to retrieve a series of hearts. From top down, these hearts represent which order you should use the three heart-shaped knockers in the room located behind the second table. Pull the rings in the right order, and you'll get a bottle of glass cleaner, which you can apply to the rag and use to clean the bathroom mirror.

Cleaning the bathroom mirror will open up a new room inside the mirror, which you can enter. Remove the lampshade to find an onion you can dice with your knife. If you scrolled through the tv channels, you might remember that there's a channel specifying that sunset is at 5:24pm. Change the clock to 17:24, and the night sky will change to sunset. The code for the wrapped box can be found by looking at the buttons on the sofa. Each one corresponds to which direction each dial should point. From top down and left to right, the order is:

  • Up
  • Down
  • Down
  • Down
  • Right
  • Left

There is a glass inside the gift box. Take the minced onions back to the room behind the second table and place them in the glass underneath the picture of the eye. This will cause the eye to weep. Gather the tears and move to the kitchen. Use the glass to first get liquid from Sunset and then Soda. Finally, add in the tears and place the glass on the third table.

The Epilogue

Technically, the game is now over. Should you wish, however, collect the note from the bird's mouth. There is a phone number inside of it. Dial the number on the phone located inside the room behind the second table, and a note will pop up that reads right right right left right. Return to the room behind the first table and enter the white double doors to find a series of steps to the left and right. Click on the stairs corresponding to the above pattern, and you will reach a rooftop patio with snacks, drinks, and a lovely note from the developers thanking you for playing the game.

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Cafe Bacon Escape Room Walkthrough

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