Fortnite Best PC Keybinds (May 2022) – Controls, Key Bindings

We're taking a look at the Best Fortnite Keybinds for your keyboard and mouse!

Our Fortnite Best Keybinds Guide walks you through the most popular options for binding your keys on your PC Keyboard! Having the right keybindings is one of the more important aspects of playing the game at a high level. If you aren't comfortable with your keys, you won't have that muscle memory built up and you will make mechanical mistakes. Having the right controls from the start is a good way to set yourself up for getting better at Fortnite.

Once you have a good set of keybindings picked out, you will not want to change these! It should be understood that while having easy-to-access controls is an important starting point, changing them frequently is not going to increase your abilities in the game.

You'll want to play the same set over and over again for many hours to have them down to where you are never thinking about what key you need to press. Pro players have succeeded at the highest level with a variety of different keybindings. So, the specific set isn't the important part, it's knowing them by muscle memory!

Default Fortnite PC Keyboard Controls

Here's a look at the default keybindings for your PC in Fortnite's Battle Royale game mode.


Updated: April 14

Forward W
JumpSpace Bar
SprintLeft Shift
Auto RunEquals (=)
CrouchLeft Ctrl

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FireLeft Mouse Button
Target (Aim Down Sights, ADS)Right Mouse Button
Harvesting Tool1
Weapon Slot 12
Weapon Slot 23
Weapon Slot 34
Weapon Slot 45
Weapon Slot 56


Crouch While BuildingLeft Ctrl
Place BuildingLeft Mouse Button
Rotate BuildingR
Change Building MaterialRight Mouse Button
Building EditG
Crouch While EditingLeft Ctrl
Select Building EditLeft Mouse Button
Reset Building EditRight Mouse Button


Ping / Place MarkerMiddle Mouse Button
Place Enemy MarkerNot Bound
Push To TalkY
Squad CommsV


Locker Emote Slot 1Not Bound
Locker Emote Slot 2Not Bound
Locker Emote Slot 3Not Bound
Locker Emote Slot 4Not Bound
Locker Emote Slot 5Not Bound
Locker Emote Slot 6Not Bound
Repeat Last EmoteNot Bound

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Toggle Harvesting ToolL
Trap Equip/PickerT
Switch QuickbarQ
Slot UpMouse Wheel Down
Slot DownMouse Wheel Up
Previous Picker WheelMouse Wheel Down
Next Picker WheelMouse Wheel Up
Cursor ModeLeft Alt
Toggle MapM
Toggle InventoryI
Object Carry / SidegradeF
Object PlaceF


You can customize your keybindings for each vehicle type, but we're just displaying the general options.

Vehicle ExitE
Vehicle Use/ExitE
Vehicle Change SeatLeft Ctrl
Vehicle Honk HornRight Mouse Button
Vehicle Pitch ForwardS
Vehicle Pitch EditW
BoostSpace Bar

How-to Change Your Keys

Click the Three Lines on top of each other in the top right of the screen. Hit the Settings Options, and look for the Input section. The icon looks like the arrows keys:

From here, you can change any of your keys by clicking on them and then pressing the key you'd like to change it to!

Fortnite Keybind Tips

Here are some general tips about binding your keys! Remember that comfort is the most important aspect of setting up your binds.

  • Find the best keybinds that work for your hands!
    • Don't just use a set of keybinds because a particular pro uses them. They might work well for them because they have big hands or longer fingers. If you're particularly young, you might have shorter fingers and struggle to reach certain keys.
  • Your pickaxe doesn't need to be bound to a particularly important key. You do take it out quite often, but it's rarely a stressful situation when you do.
    • Some players swap it to a key like X which isn't a normally used bind. This allows you to move your weapon keys to 1 - 5 rather than 2 - 6.
  • If you are using Sprint By Default, you can use the Left Shift key for one of your binds. It's a conveniently placed key and is useful for a variety of different options.
  • Tab is another key that should be utilized, whether it's for your map or your inventory.
  • Consider using Caps Lock as an option, it's severely under utilized and is very reachable. You rarely see anyone using it, when it's one of the closest keys. It can be a good key for your map or inventory.

Fortnite Best Keybinds List

Here's a list of some of the best options for controls and some options that are used by the top players in the game!

Generally Good Keybinds

This is a set that's kind of a general average of a lot of player's keybinds.

WallMouse Button 5
StairsMouse Button 4
Building EditF
Harvesting ToolX
Weapon Slots1 through 5
CrouchLeft Ctrl / Left Shift
Sprint By DefaultOn
InventoryTab / I
MapM / Tab

Sen Bugha Keybinds

UseE / Mouse Wheel Up
JumpSpace Bar
Sprint By DefaultOn
CrouchLeft Ctrl
Repair/UpgradeMouse Button 4
Harvesting Tool1
Weapons Slots2 through 6
RoofLeft Shift
Edit on ReleaseOn
Building EditF / Mouse Wheel Down
Building ResetRight Click / Mouse Wheel Down
Emote KeyN

NRG BenjyFishy Keybinds

UseMouse Wheel Up
JumpSpace Bar
Sprint By DefaultOn
CrouchLeft Ctrl
Repair/UpgradeMouse Button 4
Harvesting Tool1
Weapons Slots2 through 5
Weapon Slot 5Z
FloorMouse Button 5
RoofLeft Shift
Edit on ReleaseOff
Building EditE
Building ResetRight Click
Emote KeyB

Aqua Keybinds

UseE / Mouse Wheel Up
JumpSpace Bar
Sprint By DefaultOn
CrouchLeft Shift
Harvesting Tool4
Weapons Slot 1Mouse Button 5
Weapon Slot 2Mouse Button 4
Weapon Slot 35
Weapon Slot 4X
Weapon Slot 5T
WallLeft Alt
Confirm Edit on ReleaseOff
Building EditG
Emote Key9

Clix Keybinds

These are pretty unique binds, I'd only use them if they feel particularly comfortable to you.

JumpSpace Bar
Sprint By DefaultOn
Repair/UpgradeNot Bound
Harvesting Tool1
Weapons Slots2 through 5
Edit on ReleaseOff
Building EditG / Mouse Wheel Down
Building ResetRight Click / Mouse Wheel Down
Ping / Place MarkerU

Shroud Keybinds

JumpSpace Bar
Sprint By DefaultOn
CrouchLeft Ctrl
Repair/UpgradeMouse Button 4
Harvesting Toolz
Weapons Slots1 through 4
Weapon Slot 5H
RoofMouse Button 4
Confirm Edit on ReleaseOff
Building EditG
MapMouse Button 5

Ninja Keybindings

JumpSpace Bar
Sprint By DefaultOn
Harvesting Tool1
Weapons Slots 1-32 through 4
Weapon Slot 4Z
Weapon Slot 5X
WallMouse Button 4
StairsMouse Button 5
RoofLeft Shift
Building EditF
Building ResetRight Click
Emote KeyB

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Fortnite Best PC Keybinds (May 2022) – Controls, Key Bindings

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  1. ramp:f

  2. Wall: V
    Floor: G
    Roof: T
    Stairs: C
    Trap: middle mouse button
    Crouch: Q
    Use: E
    Edit: F
    Weapon slot 1: 1
    Weapon slot 2: 2
    Weapon slot 3: 3
    Weapon slot 4: 4
    Weapon slot 5: 5
    Ping marker: Left Alt
    Godly settings???

  3. ramp: mouse button 2
    floor: g
    roof: c
    wall: mouse button 1

  4. Wall-Mouse 5
    Ramp-Mouse 4
    Floor- F
    Roof-L Shift

  5. Hey can you do some settings that only include the numbers 5 and six and no any other numbers i kind of need them because those are the only two numbers that work on my computer I would be really happy if you made one. thank you for reading this

  6. Hi i just switched from controller to keyboard and mouse can you please tell me the best keybinds for casual play I’m 11

    1. Sure! I am also an 11-year-old gamer! My personal keybinds may not be your style, but here are some good keybinds.
      C: edit
      X: Harvesting tool
      1-5: Weapon select
      Q: Build mode
      R: Reload
      Interact: E, or scroll wheel up

      Here are my keybinds, I find them pretty good. My edit bind used to be F, But I found that too far and uncomfy to reach. It really all depends if you play WASD or ESDF. If you play WASD and use G as your edit button, its VERY uncomfy to reach. I hope these tips help you!

  7. my binds wall q ramp f floor v and z roof edit e should change tho

  8. Im 10 And super fast at editing.

    1. What is your key binds

  9. The best building keys are:
    Ramp: E
    Wall: Q
    Floor: C
    Roof: Mouse 4
    Works for me 🙂

    1. For me

      Ramp: Left shift
      Wall: Mouse 5
      Roof:Mouse 4

  10. Bugha changed his keybinds: Wall: Mouse 5, Stairs: Mouse 4

    1. Fixed, thanks.

  11. Hey Evident. Great job on the article! (specifically how you went into what keybinds the pros use – I think that adds a lot more value for readers and gives them inspiration for their own config).

    I also thought you might like this infographic I made from my study (which shows the most used keybinds by Fortnite pros):

    If you want to use the graphic to add more length to the post or something like that – then feel absolutely free to! Anyways, nice work Evident and best regards.

    1. Thanks, nice graphic!

  12. Tfue changed his bulding a bit wall is a stairs is c

    1. Still looks like R, E, Q from his recent stream.

  13. Do you have any suggestions for keybinds that do not require extra mouse buttons and are easy to build with?

    1. Ramp: E
      Wall: Q
      Floor: C
      Roof: V
      Hoe it works 😉

      1. Thankz dude this works
        Thank u

      2. Hope* it works

    2. Q for wall F for floor V for stairs left shift for cone/pyramid they are just mine but its all about personal preference play around in creative and find whats right for you!

    3. Some easy to use keyboard binds that I’d recommend would be Q, E, L-Shift, C, V, X, and R.

    4. I don’t, sorry. Maybe someone else who reads this will have some.

  14. Mr Savage changed his edit to R and reload/rotate to Y

    1. Fixed, thanks.

  15. Bugha change his keybinds:
    PYRAMID (ROOF) – Left Shift
    Edit – F

    1. Fixed, thanks!

  16. I dont have MOUSE BUTTON 5 also what is it

    1. You might not have it on your mouse, but there’s generally two side buttons on the left. The smaller of the two, the one used to go Forward when navigating websites is Mouse 5. Mouse 4 is usually the larger one and goes back when using a web browser.

  17. how is 2 R’s possible in mongraals setting

    1. Fixed, sorry about that.