Best DPS Characters in Genshin Impact

Which Genshin Impact characters pack the heaviest punch?

DPS, or damage per second, is a calculation that most Genshin Impact players prioritize when crafting the perfect team. Frequently, a team of four characters centers around supporting one character to do most of the damage, the DPS character. If you want to maximize your damage output, try building a team around some of the characters in this list and watch the numbers rise.

Who are the best DPS characters in Genshin Impact?

Since the game has been adding new characters almost every update, there are plenty of viable options to choose as a Main DPS character. While some new units may have slightly higher damage potential, even units introduced Day 1 of the game can still be used simply as fan favorites. Here's our picks for our favorite Main DPS Units.


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Weapon: Polearm

Vision: Anemo

Xiao isn't named "Demon" for nothing—he's a can be a deadly flurry on the battlefield with the right supports, and his Elemental Burst, "Bane of All Evil," only increases his damage output (even at the cost of his own health). While his damage numbers may be slightly outranked by other newer units, adding Faruzan to his team can help to close the gap and let you go wild with this aloof Adeptus.

Hu Tao

Image via HoYoverse

Weapon: Polearm

Vision: Pyro

Hu Tao has quite a few things in common with Xiao. They're both polearm users, both rock great character designs, and—oh, yeah! Like Xiao, Hu Tao is brutal when it comes to swiping through enemy mobs. This Funeral Parlor Director will sacrifice her own HP to boost her attacks, but luckily her Elemental Burst allows her to regenerate a percentage of max health while dealing Pyro damage. Her passive skill even increases the entire team's critical rate!

Raiden Shogun

Image via MiHoYo

Weapon: Polearm

Vision: Electro

Most Archons in Genshin Impact tend to be support characters, but the Raiden Shogun can still be used in plenty of hyper-carry teams that maximize her damage potential. The Energy Recharge bonuses she gives to her teams then become sweet glasses of Dango Milk. Her potential was boosted even further when the Quicken Elemental Reaction was introduced in Version 3.0, one of the most powerful reactions in the game.

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Image via HoYoverse

Weapon: Bow (primary)

Vision: Hydro

"Childe" Tartaglia may be the youngest member of the Fatui Harbingers, but he has more than proven his fighting capabilities. In fact, Tartaglia loves a good challenge so much that he chooses to fight with a bow, even though it's the weapon he's least skilled with! With the Elemental Skill "Foul Legacy: Raging Tide," this character is able to switch from ranged attacks to melee, both of which inflict Hydro damage to foes and chip away at them over time with the "Riptide" status.


Image via Genshin Impact YouTube

Weapon: Catalyst

Vision: Anemo

Just like his character, The Wanderer is a selfish DPS character who when supported by the right team will deal wild Anemo damage at anything that so much as looks at him. While being an Anemo character may make you think to build him based on the Swirl Elemental Reaction, he is generally built better as a traditional Critical focused DPS, rather than an EM based unit. As an added bonus, you'll have the option to name this character what you wish.

Arataki Itto

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Weapon: Claymore

Vision: Geo

For when you would rather not worry about Elemental Reactions, Arataki Itto is your "Numero Uno" man. He almost needs a full team of Geo characters to support him, with Zhongli, Albedo, and Guoro being the traditional team built around him. If elemental reactions are necessary, Fischl or Kuki Shinobu make good sub-ins. Letting Itto's blade fly during his Elemental Burst and slapping Geo damage onto mobs of characters sure is satisfying.


Image via HoYoverse

Weapon: Polearm

Vision: Pyro

Xiangling is one of the best 4-star DPS options for new players who haven't pulled many five-star units yet. You'll get her for free for completing a portion of the Spiral Abyss. As your account ages over time, she can be easily converted to a Sub-DPS unit, so you won't be wasting many resources either. Xiangling's Elemental Burst creates a Pyronado that whirls around her and burns enemies that get too close. Unlocking her first Constellation point enables her panda companion, Guoba, to lower enemy resistances to Pyro attacks, making Xiangling's battle skills even stronger.

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Image via Genshin Impact YouTube channel

Weapon: Bow

Vision: Cryo

Ganyu may seem sweet and endearing (and she is), but centuries of living have also fashioned her into an effective warrior. Both her Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst capture the field in deadly Cryo traps that deal tons of AoE damage while she picks off foes with her charged ice shots. Throw a little Hydro in the mix, and soon you'll have a field full of frozen enemies—all the better to shatter!


Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Weapon: Sword

Vision: Dendro

Out of the newly introduced Dendro units, Alhaitham takes the award for most selfish DPS. His damage relies on exploiting the Quicken Elemental Reation. Pairing him with other Dendro supports characters, like Nahida or Yao Yao, as well as Electro characters, like Fischl and Kuki Shinobu, is essential. His build is generally a mix of boosting Critical Stat and Elemental Mastery to make the most out of the many reactions he'll trigger when his weapon is infused with the Dendro Element.

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Best DPS Characters in Genshin Impact

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