Genshin Impact: Battle Pass Weekly Missions Guide

A guide on how to complete the Weekly Missions in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact, the open-world action-RPG is a gacha game, where you'll get two different currencies that you can use to wish for additional characters and weapons. Each of the things you wish for as a rating out of 5 Stars, 1 Star being common, and 5 Star being the best of the best. Adventure Rank is integral to the game, as the more you rank up, the more mechanics and features that open up in the game, and it's fairly easy to level it up, as you acquire Adventure Rank EXP for 90% of the things you do in the game, opening chests, completing quests, and the like.

What makes things easier is unlocking the Battle Pass once you hit Adventure Rank 20; this unlocks more missions to partake in, for additional rewards and Battle Pass EXP. There is 30 Levels to unlock in the Battle Pass, and each level takes more EXP to unlock the next, but the rewards are also greater for each higher level. If you pay to access the premium tier versions of the Battle Pass, then more rewards are unlocked for you, making things slightly easier in the long run.

Battle Pass

The Battle Pass Missions are actually divided into three pages, Daily Missions, Weekly Missions, and This BP Period Missions (The Time remaining until this Battle Pass ends). The names imply what they are.

Daily Missions are missions you attempt to do every day, and every day these will reset for you to complete again; there are only 4 missions to complete. Weekly Missions are missions that you complete over the space of a week, and these are more difficult to complete than the Daily Missions. And lastly, there's the This BP Period Missions, these types of missions are to be done over the time of the entire Battle Pass Season; you can only really do these quickly if you spend real money and use the Microtransactions in the game, but there's only 3 to finish.

Weekly Missions

For this guide, we will be focusing on how to complete the Weekly Missions, as there are 10 missions to complete, and some missions award more Battle Pass EXP than others. The Missions are the following

  • Collect 100 Mondstadt Local Specialties -
    • There are 8 local specialties unique to the Mondstadt region, but we've got you covered on where to find these in our guides!
  • Collect 100 Liyue Local Specialties
    • Like Mondstadt, in the Liyue region, there are also 8 local specialties to find, and once again, we've got you covered!
  • Defeat 10 Elite Opponents
    • Elite opponents are the second hardest types of bosses to kill after World Bosses so take care!
  • Complete Wolf of the North Challenge 
  • Complete the Stormterror Domain Challenge
    • This mission is to take down Stormterror after you have defeated him in the story.
  • Use a total of 1600 Original Resin
    • This challenge is the hardest weekly challenge to accomplish by far as you only get 120 Original Resin per day. It does regenerate but not at a fast rate, so there are two options, use your limited items that top-up Original Resin or pay to top it up. Follow our Original Resin guide for more information.
  • Spend a total of 500,000 Mora
    • This might sound easy, but 500k Mora is quite a lot of money to be spending weekly. Especially since the Battle Pass isn't unlocked straight away, you've no doubt already spent that much Ascending characters and Enhancing Weapons. After the first Ascension, increasing your level further using blue Adventure Experience even once costs you 1000 Mora, and using the purple Hero's wit experience costs 4000 Mora. Everything adds up, but you'll have to play the game an awful lot to be able to spend 500k Mora the following week!
  • Complete 20 Ley Line Deposit Challenges
    • This one is quite easy to accomplish, as there are two Ley Lines, Blossom of Wealth, and Blossom of Revelation. What's amazing is that you don't have to spend any Original Resin to complete it; however, if you do not spend any Original Resin on the Blossom, then it'll stay there until you do.  This means you can only complete 4 a day to complete this challenge easily!
  • Cook 20 Dishes
    • The simplest of missions to complete, as this challenge can be done using ingredients' most common. Use Raw Meat and cook Steak, or even Bird Eggs, to make the Teyvat Fried Egg. You can cook better meals, which will help you in the game if your party gets injured and you need to heal, but some of the best dishes require you to process ingredients!
  • Forge 20 Items
    • Once again, this is incredibly easy to do. If you've been mining any ore deposits you find, you should have an abundance of Iron Chunk, but to find some just outside of Mondstadt, you can use our Weapon Enhancement guide! Go to the Wagner the Blacksmith in Mondstadt, and use those chunks to create Enhancement Ore. It takes 40 Iron Chunks to make 20 Enhancement Ore, but in doing so, this Weekly Mission is complete!
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