How to beat Kung Fu Master and Yensen in Gungrave GORE

A boss fight, followed by a boss fight, culminating in a boss fight.

Gungrave GORE's boss fights vary equally in strategy as well as difficulty. Where one boss like Gungrave GORE's Brhatu will force you to keep your distance, other bosses are easier to handle up close or even at a middle range. Kung Fu Master and Yensen are great examples of bosses that force you into a certain range and keep you there as much as possible, and as such, require certain strategies to defeat. On top of that, you face these bosses back-to-back, so be ready for a long battle.

How to beat Kung Fu Master in Gungrave GORE

Kung Fu Master has plenty of tools to keep you close or punish your range. He will constantly dash to you to unleash a flurry of blows before charging up energy blasts. You need to be constantly dodging away from him to avoid damage.

Phase One

  • Energy Blast: Kung Fu Master will take a stance and hold both hands at his hip before unleashing a massive energy blast at you. It is very fast, so you'll need to dodge to avoid damage.
  • Punch, Punch, Shoulder: Kung Fu Master will unleash three consecutive attacks, the first two of which are punches and the last of which is a shoulder bash. These will stagger you, so you need to dodge away.
  • Dash Slam: Kung Fu Master will leap towards you and slam into your body, knocking you back. This attack is quite hard to avoid, so keep an eye out and dodge.

Phase Two

At about two-thirds of his health, Kung Fu Master will surround himself with energy and begin to teleport back and forth to avoid your gunfire. He also gets some new attacks in this phase.

  • Energy Dodge: Kung Fu Master will quickly teleport sideways to avoid your attacks. However, he will run directly at you once he is done, so be ready to start firing again.
  • Energy Slam: Kung Fu Master will bring both arms in before slamming the ground around himself, dealing damage in a marked area. This is a very quick attack, so be ready to dodge.
  • Energy Barrage: Kung Fu Master will charge an Energy Blast but will follow up the first blast with four more consecutive ones.
  • Energy Knockback: Kung Fu Master will make the same motion as Energy Slam but will hit a much larger area, knocking you back. However, this attack does no damage.

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The main thing to focus on in Kung Fu Master's fight is your distance. You should try to keep him out of your comfort zone, but when he eventually gets close, you need to dodge away. This should make the fight much easier.

How to beat Yensen in Gungrave GORE

After Kung Fu Master goes down, Yensen kills him before beginning the next two fights, which feature Yensen's two forms. The tactic against Yensen's first form will be quite similar to Kung Fu Master, with you staying away from his close-range attacks.

Yensen, the Boostmaster

Phase One

During this phase, Yensen will constantly summon clones and teleport around you, making it hard to predict his next attack. All of his attacks in Phase One can be executed out of a teleport and by his clones.

  • Shadow Clones: Yensen will create clones of himself that will either do nothing or execute attacks in his arsenal. Though they are fake, the clones' attacks will deal damage to you, so you need to dodge them.
  • Shuriken Throw: Yensen or clones will quickly throw a blue shuriken at you. This attack will stagger you, so dodging it is highly recommended.
  • Horizontal Dash Slash: Yensen or clones will quickly execute a spinning dash toward you, ending in a high-damage slash.
  • Vertical Dash Slash: Yensen or clones will quickly execute a spinning dash toward you, this time ending with an overhead high-damage slash.

Phase Two

The beginning of this phase will be marked with a new attack, and will feature new, stronger variations of previous attacks. The attack that begins the second phase is called Teleport Slash:

  • Teleport Slash: This attack features a specific pose before it occurs. Yensen will stop and clasp both hands in front of his face before quickly teleporting to you. He will then execute a horizontal, long-range slash for big damage.
  • Triple Slash: Yensen will teleport to you and execute three consecutive slash attacks. With each attack, Yensen will teleport to your current position, so well-timed dodging is imperative.
  • Shurken Barrage: Yensen will throw five shuriken in an outward arc. This is pretty much the same attack as the Shuriken Throw, but the other four projectiles make it harder to dodge.

Once you have defeated Yensen, the Boostmaster, he will monologue before injecting himself with a drug that turns him into an entirely new boss.

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Yensen Superior

In this form, Yensen will grow in size, change his outfit entirely, and grow two robotic arms. This is probably meant as a big warning, since Yensen Superior's attacks hit like a truck compared to the two bosses before him.

Phase One

  • Energy Blades: Yensen immediately starts the fight with a new attack that launches five blades of energy at you. These follow the same pattern as the Shuriken Barrage but hit much harder.
  • Teleporting Blades: Yensen will rapidly teleport two times, launching an Energy Blade with each teleport. He will tend to teleport behind you to confuse you, so make sure to keep your eyes on him.
  • Shadow Clone Dash: Yensen will create a Shadow Clone before performing a spinning dash attack for massive damage. The clone will perform the attack after him, so be ready to dodge twice. Yensen will then teleport behind you.

Phase Two

The beginning of Phase Two will be marked by Yensen stopping in place before teleporting away for a few seconds. After that, he will execute a new version of Teleporting Blades that ends with a downward slash.

  • Teleport Barrage: The attack mentioned above where Yensen will perform Teleporting Blades, ending with a downward slash. Sometimes, Yensen will perform two horizontal slashes that launch two huge Energy Blades at the end of this chain.
  • Shadow Clone Rain: Yensen will summon three Shadow Clones before all four enemies leap into the sky. They will then come crashing down from above you, dealing big damage in a small area around their landing point.
  • Energy Barrage: Yensen performs his Energy Blades attack five times in quick succession. You must dodge as many of these blades as possible to avoid taking massive damage.
  • Shadow Clone Ambush: Yensen performs his Shadow Clone Dash attack, but this time there will be three clones instead of one.
  • Thousand Cuts: Yensen will rapidly teleport forward, performing uncountable slashing attacks in an instant. Luckily, the tracking on this attack is pretty bad, but if Yensen catches you standing in place, you'll take massive damage.

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How to beat Kung Fu Master and Yensen in Gungrave GORE

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