All Answers to Sophronia Franklin’s Quiz in Hogwarts Legacy

There's nothing like a pop quiz from a student two years younger than you.

For Professor Weasley's transformation class in Hogwarts Legacy, you'll need to collect the Field Guide Page on Intermediate Transfiguration in the library. Unfortunately, Sophronia Franklin has the book you need and will only return it if you answer her quizzes. You'll only need to pass the first quiz for her to return the book, but she has two more quizzes that offer small rewards and the satisfaction of beating someone in a competition. Here are all of the answers that you'll need.

Answers to Sophronia's first quiz in Hogwarts Legacy

Question One: Before the invention of the Golden Snitch, which magical creature was used in a game of Quidditch?

  • Answer: The Golden Snidget

Question Two: Which potion is commonly referred to as Liquid Luck?

  • Answer: Felix Felicis

Question Three: The Tale of the Three Brothers involves which magical artifacts?

  • Answer: The Deathly Hallows

Question Four: Which ball in Quidditch is the largest?

  • Answer: The Quaffle

Question Five: True or false: Polyjuice Potion allows the drinker to change species.

  • Answer: False

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Answers to Sophronia's second quiz in Hogwarts Legacy

Question One: What governmental body directly preceded the Ministry of Magic?

  • Answer: The Wizards' Council

Question Two: Which dragon breed is the smallest?

  • Answer: The Peruvian Vipertooth

Question Three: Who founded the village of Hogsmeade?

  • Answer: Hengist of Woodcroft

Question Four: The Hidebehind was accidentally created by cross-breeding a ghoul with what magical creature?

  • Answer: A Demiguise

Question Five: What is the only spell known to repel a Lethifold?

  • Answer: The Patronus Charm

Question Six: Who published the law of Elemental Transfiguration?

  • Answer: Gamp

Question Seven: What does the Hogwarts motto translate to?

  • Answer: Never tickle a sleeping dragon

Question Eight: Which magical creature is the only one known to produce eggs through its mouth?

  • Answer: Roonespoor

Question Nine: Where is Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry located?

  • Answer: Mount Greylock

Question Ten: What is the most powerful love potion known to wizardkind?

  • Answer: Amortentia

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Answers to Sophronia's third quiz in Hogwarts Legacy

Question One: Emeric the Evil was killed in a duel against whom?

  • Answer: Egbert the Egregious

Question Two: If a Chaser keeps their hand on the Quaffle as it goes through the goal, what foul are they committing?

  • Answer: Haversacking

Question Three: A bite from a Mackler Malaclaw has the unusual side effect of causing what?

  • Answer: Bad luck

Question Four: What plant excretes Stinksap?

  • Answer: Mimbulus mibletonia

Question Five: The Pepperup Potion evolved from a remedy crested by which 12th century wizard?

  • Answer: Linfred of Stinchcome

Question Six: In The Wizard and the Hopping Pot, what does the elder wizard leave for his son in the Hopping Pot?

  • Answer: A single slipper

Question Seven: The Snallygaster is native to which region of the world?

  • Answer: North America

Question Eight: Who is the muggle knight featured in The Fountain of Fair Fortune?

  • Answer: Sir Luckless

Question Nine: The world's largest Kelpie is also known by what other name?

  • Answer: The Loch Ness Monster

Question Ten: Who was the first Minister for Magic?

  • Answer: Ulick Gamp

What do you get for passing Sophronia's quizzes?

There is no reward for completing the first round of the quiz, aside from Sophronia returning the book to its rightful place. After completing the second round you still won't receive a reward, but Sophronia will compliment you on your big brain of wizard facts. Finally, after the third round of trivia, Sophronia will give you vials of the Maxima and Edurus potions.

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All Answers to Sophronia Franklin’s Quiz in Hogwarts Legacy

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