All Hogwarts Valley Collection Chests in Hogwarts Legacy

Here's where to find all the Collection Chests in the Hogwarts Valley region of the World Map!

Collection Chests hold essential loot that you won't want to miss out on, such as wand handle appearances, gear traits, and decor for your Room of Requirement. These chests can be spread all around the map, so the best way to tackle all of them is to take it one region at a time. The Hogwarts Valley region has 15 total Collection Chests spread around, and here's where you can find them all.

All Hogwarts Valley Collection Chest Locations in Hogwarts Legacy

The Collection Chests in Hogwarts Valley region are spread among two hamlets, some dungeons, and bandit camps. As always, you'll want to make sure you first have Alohomora at the ready by starting the Man Behind the Moons quest. The dungeons are also part of some quests, so you may want to pick up the quests as you collect the chests.

All Brocburrow Collection Chests in Hogwarts Legacy

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The Brocburrow hamlet, just southeast of Hogwarts castle, has four of the Hogwarts Valley chests. These chests are spread around the hamlet in a few houses and landscapes. Here's where to find them:

Pots House Collection Chest

The first house is directly left of the Brocburrow Floo Flame and has pots hanging beside the door. Enter the house, and you'll find the chest behind the couch.

Outdoor Blacksmith Collection Chest

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This chest is outside on a raised platform at the top of some barrels, directly behind a blacksmith area of sorts. To reach it, locate the crate behind the houses with the shared garden and use Accio to drag it over. You can climb onto it and then pull yourself up to the chest.

Farm House Collection Chest

There is another chest located in the farmhouse. This house shares a garden with the house near the blacksmith's raised chest. It also has a fenced-in area with cows on its right side. The chest is inside, behind the divider near the bed.

Pond Collection Chest

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The last Brocburrow chest is also located outside, but it is farther away from the hamlet than the rest. You'll want to head north out of the hamlet a bit and spot the pond. On the far north side of the pond, the chest is tucked away beside a crate.

All Keensbridge Collection Chests in Hogwarts Legacy

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The second hamlet in Hogwarts Valley holds another four of the Collection Chestss. Keensbridge is south of Hogwarts castle and southwest of Brocburrow. Here's where to get the chests:

Garden/Beekeeper Shed Collection Chest

The first chest is located in a little garden/beekeeper shed just left of the Floo Flame. As soon as you enter it, you'll find the chest beside the creepy coffin statue.

Clothesline House Collection Chest

The second chest is located a bit further away in the house, directly behind the merchant stall, with the clothesline extending down from it. You'll need to use Alohomora level one to unlock it and head inside. Take a right, and you'll find the chest near the kitchen area with the cushioned chair.

Stone Chimney House Collection Chest

Take a right past the merchant stall, and you'll come to another house with a long stone chimney. This house holds another chest for you to collect. Once again, you'll need to use Alohomora to unlock the door and then ascend the staircase to the second floor to find the chest.

Hut Collection Chest

The last Keensbridge chest is on the outskirts of the hamlet. You'll want to head out in the southwest direction of the Floo Flame or merchant stall until you see a small wooden hut. You can quickly enter the hut and grab the last chest.

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All Mine's Eye Collection Chests in Hogwarts Legacy

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Mine's Eye is a dungeon you will venture to for the main quest, "It's All Gobbledegook," and is located just southeast of Keensbridge. There is also a Mine's Eye Floo Flame you can take to get there quicker if you have it already discovered. Here's where you can find the chests inside:

Mine's Eye Collection Chest #1

To find the first Mine's Eye chest, you'll need to follow the path through the entrance of the main until you come to your first eye door inside. This door works like the main door to get into the mine; use Disillusionment spell to sneak up on it and unlock it. This will allow you access a kitchen-like area of the mine and make your way to a large boiler room.

On your left side will be a staircase. Go up the stairs, and you should notice a grate beside a chained door. Use Accio or Depulso to move the grate, and then you can climb through all the way to a secret room. This secret room holds the first chest for you to loot.

Mine's Eye Collection Chest #2

To find the next chest, continue through the dungeon until you come to your second eye door. Once again, sneak over and unlock it and then light the boiler behind it. Now you can pull the chain on the right side of the eye door to power up the elevator.

Take the elevator to the next area of the mine, where you'll come to branching paths. Head to the left, the darker path, up the stone steps, and you'll find a locked door. You'll need to use Alohomora level two to open it. Inside you'll find the second chest.

All Gilded Perch Collection Chest in Hogwarts Legacy

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The Gilded Perch is another dungeon in the Hogwarts Valley region and holds one Collection Chest. This dungeon is just southeast of Brocburrow and is part of the Poppy side quest, "A Bird in the Hand." Here's how to get the chest:

Gilded Perch Collection Chest

The trickiest part of getting this chest is figuring out the puzzle at the entrance. Essentially, you're to light up the symbols on the ground that match the lit symbols on the door. You'll need to use Accio to pull the stones until the right symbols are lit. These will be in reverse, however, so you'll want to line the stone up with a symbol opposite the one you need to light it properly. (You can use the quest hyperlink above for more help with this.)

Once you get inside, take a left, and you'll spot a crate on the edge of a balcony area. Use Accio to pull it down. This will help you climb up to the balcony, but you'll need to cast a levitating spell, like Levioso, to get the crate to stay up and allow you to reach the edge. Once you're up, turn left and walk around the corner, and you'll spot the chest.

All Dale Family Tomb Collection Chests in Hogwarts Legacy

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The last dungeon of Hogwarts Valley is the Dale Family Tomb, which holds another Collection Chest of the region. This dungeon is part of the "'Beeting' a Curse" side quest and is located to the east of Brocburrow. Here's how to get the chest:

Dale Family Tomb Collection Chest

The chest is not far into the dungeon and fairly easy to get to. Once you enter the dungeon, follow the path until you get to branching paths. To your left is some Devil's Snare, which will lead you directly to the boss Troll you'll need to fight. Instead, head right by climbing over the fallen pillar. Follow this tunnel, and you'll come to a circular-shaped opening of the cavern. To your left will be the chest on a desk.

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All Hogwarts Valley Bandit Camp Collection Chests in Hogwarts Legacy

The last few Collection Chests in the region are located in Bandit Camps. These chests aren't too hard to find but do require you to fight off some poachers, goblins, and Ashwinders. Here's where they are:

Bandit Camp Castle Collection Chest

The biggest Bandit Camp in the region is located just east of Keensbridge in a literal castle. This camp contains a large group of enemies to fend off, and then you'll find the chest inside the castle ruins on the western side.

Hogwarts Valley Small Bandit Camp 1 Collection Chest

You can find another Collection Chest in a small bandit camp to the southwest of Keensbridge. There are only a few enemies here, and then you'll find the chest in a tent nearby; look for the chest icon on your map to help locate it.

Hogwarts Valley Small Bandit Camp 2 Collection Chest

Directly below the other small bandit camp is another camp to the southeast. Again, you'll need to fight a few bandits, and you'll find the chest in a tent.

This is how to collect all the chests in the Hogwarts Valley region of the World Map. There are plenty more chests scattered around, so keep your eyes peeled and use your map to help you keep track of them all.

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All Hogwarts Valley Collection Chests in Hogwarts Legacy

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