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It's all mine!

It's All Gobbledegook is a main story quest in Hogwarts Legacy which is unlocked after you complete the mission Fire and Vice. In your pursuit to find out Ranrok's insidious plans, you follow the advice of Lodgok to go into the goblin mine located south of Hogwarts known as The Mine's Eye. As beautiful as the mine may be, it hides an insidious plan being hatched by Ranrok and his Loyalists, and it is up to you to uncover the mystery. The following is a comprehensive guide on how to complete the It's All Gobbledegook quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to complete The Mine's Eye goblin mine in Hogwarts Legacy

After completing the Fire and Vice quest, you will receive an owl from Lodgok who asks you to meet him near The Mine's Eye mine, and asks you to bring someone who can read Gobbledegook. Fortunately, Amit recently informed you of his interest in the goblin tongue, and you therefore ask him to join you on this endeavor, which he eagerly accepts. Once you speak with Amit, head over to The Mine's Eye entrance where Lodgok will be waiting for you. Consider fast traveling to the Keenbridge Floo Flame point to get there quickly.

Entering the mine

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After you speak with Lodgok, you learn that your task is to gather schematics from the goblin mine to reveal Ranrok's plan. The first door to the entrance of the mine is an eye door, and they work exactly like the Eye Chests do. To open them, go invisible by using the Disillusionment spell.

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Once inside the mine, head straight until you find a room with an elevator in front of you, and a small boiler to your left. Hit the boiler with any flame spell, like Incendio or Confringo, and the elevator will come up. Enter the elevator, then interact with it to go down.

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When you reach the bottom, exit the elevator and turn right toward the small white goblin statue. Keep going straight until you come in front of the floating platform. Hit the platform with Accio to pull it toward you, jump on, and then hit Accio on the hook on the other side to pull yourself across.

Small Boiler Room

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You will now reach the first section of this mission with enemies. After you defeat the goblins, you will be facing an eye door. You will also notice a hook on the wall, and a metal grill to the far left corner of the room. As usual, cloak yourself using the Disillusionment spell, then go over to the door to open it.

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The door opens, revealing a small boiler mechanism to your right, and a tunnel going straight forward. In this room, there is a chest you can access through the metal grill you saw in the previous room. Activate the boiler using a flame spell, and then go back and hit the hook on the wall with Accio. Doing so will open the grill gate, and you can enter through it to open the chest and get a random Unidentified Legendary gear. Then, carry through the tunnel.

Room with a pot

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You will now come into a room with a large cooking pot in the middle. In this area, you will find a total of three schematics for Amit to translate and decipher. The first schematic will be on the table next to the pot, and another will be on the upper floor. There will also be a few enemy goblins in the upper floor, so be sure to clear them out.

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After doing so, carry on through the kitchen area next to the pot, and go through the tunnel. You will enter another small opening where you will find the third schematic right next to the tunnel leading into the large boiler room.

Large Boiler Room

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Going through the tunnel will lead you to a large combat area with multiple enemies. You will also find the fourth schematic in this room which is kept in front of the open eye door in the right-hand side of the room.

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After defeating the enemies and collecting the schematic, use a flame spell on the boiler in the room. Then, use Accio to pull the lever to the right of the boiler. Doing so will lift the metal gate to the water tunnel in the corner, allowing you to go through to the next area.

Exiting the mine

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Going through the water tunnel, you will enter the final room which will have multiple enemies, an eye door, and an elevator shaft. After defeating the enemies, use Disillusionment to go invisible and open the door. Inside the room, you will find the final piece of evidence which indicates Ranrok's plans. You will also find a Collection Chest in the room, and a boiler mechanism. Hit the boiler with a flame spell, then go outside and hit Accio on the lever to activate the elevator.

Once the elevator reaches the top, exit it, and head towards the quest mark to circle back to the entrance of the mine. After exiting the mine and exhausting your dialogue with Amit, and subsequently Lodgok, you will have completed the It's All Gobbledegook quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

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How to get all Collection Chests in The Mine's Eye in Hogwarts Legacy

There are a total of seven Collection Chests you can find and unlock in The Mine's Eye mine during the It's All Gobbledegook quest. The following is how you can get all the Collection Chests in It's All Gobbledegook in Hogwarts Legacy.

Collection Chest #1

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The first chest can be found in the first boiler room where you encounter the first batch of enemies. Activate the boiler mechanism behind the eye door, and pull the lever with Accio to release the water tunnel gate and access the chest.

Collection Chest #2

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The second Collection Chest can be found in the upper floor of the room with the pot, and can be found next to the schematic evidence you find here.

Collection Chest #3, #4

Two Collection Chests can be found in the large boiler room. In this room, you will find a staircase leading up to a balcony. Head up there, and you will see a narrow tunnel with a metal grill. Remove it using Depulso, then crawl through to enter a space where you will find two Collection Chests.

Collection Chest #5, #6

Two more Collection Chests can be found in the final room with the elevator shaft. As you enter the room, turn right to find a tunnel. Enter it and head straight until you come across a chest in the dead-end. The other Collection Chest is found inside the room that is guarded by the eye door.

Collection Chest #7

The final Collection Chest in this mission requires you to be able to unlock level two locks. Once you take the elevator up to exit the mine, you will come across a split in the road with a small staircase going up toward the left. Go up the stairs, and you will find the door you must unlock with Alohomora. Inside the room you will find a Collection Chest.

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It’s All Gobbledegook Quest Walkthrough – Hogwarts Legacy

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