Best Spells & Spell combos in Hogwarts Legacy

Your enemies will never know what hit'em...

Hogwarts Legacy gives you a plethora of spells and spell combos, right at your fingertips. Many of them are standard fare, but there are a number of spell combos that stand head and shoulders above the rest. Not only that, but often, the best spell combos tend to utilize some spells in common. If you're interested in utilizing your roster of magical spells to its utmost potential, stick around and read on, because we're talking about some serious damage. Here are the best spells and spell combos in Hogwarts Legacy.

Best Spells to always have equipped in Hogwarts Legacy

Before we dive into the combos themselves, you need to have a grasp on the absolute top-tier spells you should always have on one of your four action bars. These spells are game-changers and allow for some insane spellcasting combinations if used correctly and in the right order:

  • Accio - When Professor Hecat said simplicity is fundamental during her Defense Against the Dark Arts class, she really meant it. Accio, despite being one of the earliest spells you unlock, is also one of the strongest in the game. The spell is one of the best fight openers in the game due to its ability to pull several targets to you with its talent. It is also one of the best combo spells, and you'll see it mentioned below for that reason.
  • Glacius - In video games, freezing spells tend to have similar results under similar stimuli. The entire 'Shatter' concept, has been around the industry for ages now, and Glacius' use in the concept supports that. While primarily a crowd-control (CC) spell, it has many applications that often involve dealing some of the highest damage in the game.
  • Levioso - Likely the second-best combo starting spell in the game, doubled with the ability to mass crowd control and ignore shielding rules if the main target is affected by it. Levioso is extraordinarily powerful.
  • Incendio - Another early spell that makes this list, Incendio has extreme damage modifiers that you've more-than-likely already been abusing. It is that damage that makes it so potent, despite its short range.
  • Flipendo - At first glance, Flipendo seems like a mediocre CC spell that can be replaced with a spell more obviously useful. However, where Flipendo shines is two-fold. Firstly, it directly counters Trolls, some of the most deadly enemies in the game. Secondly, it is extremely strong in prolonging combos that should have ended already. As such, it is ideal in combos that you need to delay, for some reason or another.

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  • Decesndo - On its own, Decesndo's damage isn't all that amazing. While it is technically a CC ability, its primary focus is to deal damage via fall damage. However, enemies are either grounded already or immune to effects. Where it shines, and why it's on this list, is the combo potential this spell offers.
  • Repulso - Similar in scope to Decensdo, on its own, it doesn't deal that much. Pushing enemies and stopping casts are nice, but where it shines is in its ability to finish potent combos. More on that soon.
  • Diffindo - The most damaging spell in the game under the right spell combo circumstances.
  • Transformation - This spell is incredibly potent so long as you have the talent point for it. It is a very strong combo starter for this reason.
  • Wingardium Leviosa - This is an extremely niche spell, but it does have an extremely potent use if used toward the end of a particular spell combo.
  • Petrificus Totalus - You might be surprised to see this spell on the list, but don't be fooled. Its seemingly limited usage can be undermined in a surprisingly easy way, making this spell insanely strong.
  • Imperio - The only Unforgivable to make this list, it is here because of one particular combo in mind. The reason? Right below.

Strongest Spell Combos in Hogwarts Legacy

Now that you're familiar with the best spells in the game, it's time to talk about how to make good use of them. There are a ton of possible combos in Hogwarts Legacy, but the ones being mentioned here will allow you to deal the most damage, and provide the most control you can have in the game.

  • Imperio + Petrificus Totalus - When an enemy is hit by the Unforgivable Imperio, they are bent to your will regardless of prior allegiances. After your pawn has taken care of the rest of his allies, they will remain under your control under the curse ends. However, during this special time, you are able to invoke the damaging Petrificus Totalus on them, repeatedly, until they are dead. This is particularly potent against Trolls, who will take several of these before going down. Still, they are helpless during it.
  • Accio + Glacius + Incendio - When an enemy is frozen by Glacius, they take significantly more damage from the next spell that hits them. In this combo, Incendio will be the one shattering the Glacius effect, dealing massive damage and often taking down the target(s) in one shot. Cast Accio to pull your enemy close, cast Glacius to freeze your main target, then Incendio to shatter them into a million pieces.
  • Glacius + Diffindo - Similar to the above setup, the idea is to freeze the target with Glacius, then destroy them with Diffindo. This combo deals the most burst damage in the game, even making short work of downed trolls.

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  • Transformation + Winguardium Leviosa + Depulso - A strange and clunky combo, but potent nonetheless. Invoke Transformation on your target, then cast Winguardium Leviosa to pick them up. Guide them to the sky, then Depulso to either kill them outright or have the upcoming fall do the job itself.
  • Accio + Levioso + Depulso - This combo relies upon pure physics to do the job. Start casting Accio to pull your enemy to you. Then, invoke Levioso to control them mid-air. This gives you time to position so that your enemy is facing the nearest brick wall or steep cliff. Once lined up, cast Depulso. Game over.
  • Accio + Depulso + Decensdo - This combo relies upon the power of gravity to destroy your enemies. While it can be done at any time, it is ideal when you're an elevation advantage to the foe your first cast Accio upon. Upon doing so, cast Depulso and then Decensdo to deal massive damage or outright kill.
  • Transformation + Ancient Magic Throw - Though Ancient Magic Throw is technically not considered a spell, it works like one, therefore it can be used in combos. Cast Transformation on some poor fool channeling you, then throw him into oblivion or his own allies for huge damage. Bonus points if you have Transformation talented to turn the object they morph, into an explosive barrel.

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Best Spells & Spell combos in Hogwarts Legacy

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