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10 Best Weapons in Like a Dragon Gaiden

Almost anything can be a weapon... but is it effective?

Not only are fighting styles important to battling in Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name, but you can acquire some pretty useful weapons to wield as well.

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Almost anything can become a weapon in Like a Dragon, but some of them are more effective than others, so here's a look at which ones you should be picking up every chance you can get.

Top Weapons you can get in Like a Dragon Gaiden

When you pick up a weapon during battle, it will pop up on the left side of your screen, revealing what the item is and a number. This number represents just how effective this will be as a weapon. The higher the number, the more durable and powerful the weapon will be. Here are some of the best ones I've come across.


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Who knew a Signboard could become a weapon? Although it has a lower number, it can still be quite effective. Yes, it's slow, but it packs a powerful punch, and I took down three guys with one Finishing Blow move with it. With your Yakuza fighting style active, you have a dragon-like strength, so you should put the Signboard to use when you do.

Wooden Katana

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While it might not be a shiny steel Katana, the Wooden Katana still makes an effective weapon in battle. It has the reach and durability to smack some enemies while avoiding any incoming blows. Plus, it can be pretty helpful in blocking attacks as well.


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The knife is one weapon I have noticed a significant difference in when utilized in battle, and that is because it deals bleeding damage. Enemies that take bleeding damage will lose HP over time for a few seconds, which can be very helpful in taking out groups a lot faster. The only downside to the knife is its reach since it will require a closer ranger to strike.

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Traffic Cone

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The Traffic Cone is yet another unexpected weapon, but trust me, it's effective. Knocking your enemies around with one of these will send them falling backward away from you and deal some decent damage to them in the process. Plus, give them a throw and knock enemies down from a distance. It's almost impossible to miss with the size of them.

Traffic Wand

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Another great weapon choice is the Traffic Wand. This glowing red stick may not be an obvious choice, but it is durable and can still knock some sense into your enemies. I think it earns some bonus points as well just for looking like a mini lightsaber.

Police Baton

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What better weapon to use as an undercover agent than a Police Baton? These sticks are meant to hit things, so put them to good use and smack some bad guys. It won't break as easily as other weapons and will keep enemies at bay with its extendable reach.

Iron Pipe

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When I imagine a street fight with goons, a rusty Iron Pipe is definitely a weapon that comes to mind. This long rod is a must when it is available, with a long reach and stunning blows that will faze your enemies and leave them vulnerable to Finishing Blows.

Metal Bat

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The Metal Bat is just one more dignified step up from the Iron Pipe, but honestly, it works about the same way. Its long reach lets you knock enemies around effortlessly, and it's not likely to break very easily. Just like the pipe, this weapon can stun enemies with its powerful strike.

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The Dagger works similarly to the Knife but is even better due to its slightly longer reach. Just like the knife, it can leave a bleeding effect on enemies you slash, making them lose HP for a few seconds over time. Keep striking them as much as possible, and their health will be drained in no time.

Fire Extinguisher

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The Fire Extinguisher is by far the greatest weapon I have come across yet. Not only does it do some hefty damage, but you can spray people, pushing them back away from you and fazing them for a few seconds. It's not only effective on large groups of enemies but extremely entertaining.

These are just a few of the best weapons we've come across so far in Like a Dragon Gaiden, but there are plenty of other items you can utilize as weapons. Look for items with higher numbers, and you'll know that they will be effective in taking out your enemies. What are some of your favorites?

How to get weapons in Like a Dragon Gaiden

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In Like a Dragon Gaiden, weapons can only be used during a battle. They will often appear once the battle is initiated and can be carried by the enemy you are facing. To get a weapon, look around the fight area for anything nearby. If the item can be used as a weapon, a prompt saying Pick Up will pop up over it.

Weapons can be beneficial during battle, dealing extra damage, but won't last long. Check out our list below of the best weapons you'll want to use.

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10 Best Weapons in Like a Dragon Gaiden

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