Minecraft 1.20 Pillager Outpost Seeds – Best Outpost Seeds for Bedrock & Java! (December 2023)

While Pillager Outposts can be hard to find, they are useful for Minecraft players who want to gather lots of XP, create a raid farm, or even just find rare treasures. After exploring many seeds, we’ve compiled this list of favorites containing guaranteed Pillager Outposts in version 1.20. Some of the outposts are surrounded by […]

15 Cute and Creative Valorant Crosshairs

Since the launch of the Valorant 5.04 update, crosshairs have been getting more and more creative due to the availability of several customization features. We have made a list of cute and bubbly Valorant crosshairs that will make your day. Cute and Wholesome Crosshair Codes in Valorant Funny Face Valorant Crosshair Code Crossheart Valorant Crosshair […]

Best Minecraft Mushroom Island Seeds (December 2023)

Mushroom Islands are rare but high in demand since hostile mobs cannot spawn on Mycelium blocks and the Mooshrooms wandering the islands can be used as an unlimited food source. We’ve searched far and wide to find the best Mushroom Island seeds, with this list containing the biggest, prettiest, and most resource-heavy Mushroom Islands we […]

Minecraft 1.20 Woodland Mansion Seeds (December 2023)

Woodland Mansions are one of the rarest structures in Minecraft, so it’s no surprise that 1.20 seeds containing them are high in demand. Woodland Mansions are scarce because they can only be found in Dark or Roofed Forests, potentially leaving their valuable loot thousands of blocks away from your Spawn. I’ve scoured through my fair […]