6 Underappreciated games that are worth playing

Many games don’t receive the attention they deserve when they are released. A variety of factors contribute to this, but finding an underrated gem is usually a cool experience. Below are a few games you may have missed but should check out.  Best underrated games to play today Sleeping Dogs (2012) Players enter a beautifully […]

7 best LEGO games made by TT Games

There are a lot of LEGO games that go above and beyond, and TT Games has done a great job since they’ve had exclusivity. TT Games is currently working on another LEGO game, but LEGO is not planning on extending their exclusivity contract with the studio. Let’s look at TT Games’ best LEGO games since […]

Best Mods for World of Warships

World of Warships is iconic for its depiction of naval battles between equally iconic and historically important ships. But, no matter how good the core game may be, there are always tweaks and improvements that players can make. These could be done for the quality of life or to give a player an edge in […]

Best Ships in World of Warships

World of Warships allows players from across the globe to relive historic naval battles and play the “What if?” game of who would win between legendary ships. While players may have some personal favorites and will gravitate towards them, there are several ships that stand out. The ships below stand out in their class and […]