Best Minecraft 1.20 Desert Seeds for Bedrock and Java (December 2023)

The generation of Deserts in Minecraft varies greatly—from producing large arid wonders to small oases and even to fully inhabited Desert countries. In our best Minecraft Desert seeds list, we provide some of the perfect Desert seeds you can find. Whether you want a resourceful spawn, beautiful terrain, or an unholy amount of structures, you’ll […]

Best Primary Weapons in Warframe

There are 295 Primary Weapons in Warframe (counting Conclave variants) that are each divided into one of four categories. Rifles, Shotguns, Snipers, and Bows all have different uses and are important to note when equipping them with mods. Top Warframe Primary Weapons The best weapons will make the most of these mods to deliver high […]

Best Radiant items in TFT Set 10

TFT Set 10 has a lot of radiant items, and each of them performs differently. I’m going to tell you which are the best and which are the champions you should use them on. TFT Radiant item tier list The items I have included in this are based on my opinion and on the publicly […]