A Lava Lake in the middle of a Deep Dark biome.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Best Minecraft Deep Dark Seeds for Bedrock & Java (2024)

Explore the Depths.

The Deep Dark is an underground biome that was officially added in Minecraft's 1.19 The Wild Update. This biome generates below Y-Level 0 and is the only place where the Ancient City can appear.

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But the Deep Dark is more than just the Ancient City—it’s a place where Sculk, Sculk blocks, and the fearsome Warden will spawn. I’ve scoured over Minecraft seeds and found some of the most interesting and best Deep Dark Seeds for the Bedrock and Java editions.

Best Minecraft Java Deep Dark Seeds

If you're looking for the Deep Dark, these seeds have you covered.

Deep Dark Hideaway

A hidden patch of Deep Dark next to a water and lava pool
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: -3757046195784139679

This large patch of Deep Dark biome is hidden beneath a layer of Deepslate in this cave. Players will see the pool divided in half between water and lava before they ever see the Deep Dark. When it is spotted, it will serve as a great source of Sculk and experience for every player. It continues beyond the visible patch in the image above.

Key Locations and Coordinates
Taiga Village: -200, 214
Cave Entrance: -146, 68, 225
Deep Dark: -96, -35, 335

Deep Dark Lava Lake

A Lava Lake in the middle of a Deep Dark biome.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: -1622031984839494409

A large lake of lava rests in the center of this Deep Dark cave. The lava lights up the cavern, making this a safe refuge for all who enter the cave. If you continue heading deeper into the Deep Dark, you'll be able to find two Ancient Cities. The treasures you grab from each one will keep you living in luxury for years.

Key Locations and Coordinates
Deep Dark Lava Lake: 58, -46, -73
Ancient City 1: 584, -44, 152
Ancient City 2: 872, -44, 120

Deep Dark Pillar

Cavern pillars made up of deepslate and Sculk.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 5306984186232461335

As you travel deeper into this cavern, you'll find pillars made up of Deepslate and Sculk. There are lava falls and pools in this area, amping up the danger levels. While you explore, be careful not to trigger the Warden! It'll be difficult to escape from him this deep within the earth.

Key Locations and Coordinates
Cave Entrance: -66, 96, 154
Deep Dark Pillars: 0, -31, 197

Fall into the Dark

A waterfall leading into the Deep Dark.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: -5010823211385404403

This seed contains a large amount of Deep Dark biome expanding over a mineshaft and multiple Ancient Cities. The cave entrance I've provided leads you pretty quickly to the mineshaft and a small portion of the Deep Dark. You'll find more of the biome as you explore the area, so take your time and enjoy the sights.

Key Locations and Coordinates
Cave Entrance: 41, 99, -35
Mineshaft: 43, 18, -40
Deep Dark Drop: 54, -7, -35

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Deep Dark Cities

An Ancient City covered in Sculk.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: -4625687770322997491

Ancient Cities are the only structures that can only be generated in the Deep Dark. This means that where there is an Ancient City, there is tons and tons of the Deep Dark! This seed has eight total cities near Spawn. That means lots of Sculk, Sculk sensors, and opportunities to see the Warden right from the start of the world.

Key Locations and Coordinates
Ancient City 1: 232, -44, 56
Ancient City 2: 520, -43, 24
Ancient City 3: 488, -45, -232
Ancient City 4: 136, -45, -216
Ancient City 5: -168, -44, 56
Ancient City 6: -520, -45, 56
Ancient City 7: -280, -43, 520
Ancient City 8: -1,048, -44, 120

Lush Dark Mines

A Deep Dark niome with a lava fall and a Lush Cave in the background.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 8846189759466569930

The first glimpse of this Lush Cave only shows beautiful plants, numerous waterfalls, and a mineshaft full of treasures. However, venturing into the area beyond those will bring you into the Deep Dark! The first area of the biome is safe, but the second is littered with Sculk Sensors that threaten to bring about the Warden. Beyond that dangerous area is more of the Lush Cave and a large segment of a mineshaft just waiting to be explored.

Key Locations and Coordinates
Cave Entrance: -141, 85, -367
Entrance to Deep Dark within Cave: -82, -12, -313
Area with Sculk Sensors: -40, -26, -303
Lush Mineshaft: -41, 8, -216

Hidden Sculk Chamber

A cave made up of the Skulk.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 1558642196686183997

The Deep Dark biome in this cave is more hidden than the others on this list, but so long as you know where to go it can easily be found. Initially, it appears to only be a chamber's worth of Sculk. However, exploring the walls reveals a small hole that, when looked through, promises more Sculk on the other side. Breaking through this wall exposes a long, narrower tunnel with segments of Deep Dark built into it. By adding themed lanterns and decorations, it can be built into a gorgeous, underground Sculk black market.

Key Locations and Coordinates
Ravine Entrance: -201, 77, -47
Hole to Sculk Chamber: -132, -28, -55
Sculk Chamber: -93, -44, -49
Sculk Alley: -128, -44, 40

Into the Sculk

A ravine that transitions into a Deep Dark biome.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 760093253505135540

Gazing into this ravine reveals the beginning of a Deep Dark biome in its depths. The many waterfalls in the area can be used to safely make your way towards it. Once the Sculk has been harvested, there are other sections of Deep Dark nearby that can be discovered and mined in the same way.

Key Locations and Coordinates
Cavern Entrance: 43, 92, 101
Deep Dark biome: 87, -12, 133
Extra Sculk: 36, -46, 22
Mineshaft: 86, -30, 10

Best Minecraft Bedrock Deep Dark Seeds

These seeds will help you take on the Deep Dark no matter what device you play on.

Into the Dark

A Deepslate cave filled with pillars and the Deep Dark biome
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: -5851468947534633249

Players will have the opportunity to visit a Plains Village before entering this giant cave. After dropping into the cavern, continue heading deeper to find the Deep Dark biome hidden within it. It contains plenty of Sculk, Sculk Sensors, Sculk Catalysts, and Sculk Shriekers to farm. If you ever need more Sculk, simply take out enemies in the vicinity to create more.

Key Locations and Coordinates
Plains Village: -365, -245
Cave Entrance: -352, 65, -292
Deep Dark: -450, -34, -381

Snowy Sculk

Two large caverns next to an Ice Spikes biome
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: -191420025894492941

The Deep Dark in this seed provides a refuge from the winter storms outside. It lies deep within a Dripstone Cavern. Players seeking shelter from the cold will be delighted to find this biome. After the first patch of Deep Dark, a second can be found a short walk down the same path.

Key Locations and Coordinates
Cave Entrance: -239, 37
Deep Dark: -247, -15, 0
Deep Dark 2: -184, -25, 49

Sculk Tunnels

Slim Deepslate tunnels with Sculk in the walls.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 1130984923727245875

The lowest depths of this cave are made up of slender Sculk tunnels. Thankfully, there aren't a lot of Sculk Sensors so you can mine as much Sculk as you'd like safely. Be careful as there are several pools of lava in the area. Mine too deep and you'll find yourself and your Sculk going up in flames.

Key Locations and Coordinates
Cave Entrance: -59, 74, 127
Sculk Tunnels: 23, -48, 105

Sensor Farm

An area of the Deep Dark containing multiple Sculk Sensors.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: -2142327832784325603

If you need Sculk Sensors, this Deep Dark seed has plenty for you! This area contains nearly a dozen Sculk Sensors, plus a few Sculk Catalysts and a Sculk Shrieker. Exploring the other Deep Dark areas nearby will help you gather even more of these materials. It's a great place to practice building with these special Deep Dark resources.

Key Locations and Coordinates
Cave Entrance: -50, 69, 195
Sculk Sensor Farm: -18, -41, 131

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The Deepest Dark

A section of Deep Dark biome in a large cave.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: -3395879361660869717

In this cave, you'll need to travel far in to find the Deep Dark. Once you find it, explore it to your heart's content! There is a Taiga Village near the entrance to the cave that helps you gear up before adventuring in. Players who are especially lucky will find one of the two Ancient Cities in the Deep Dark area.

Key Locations and Coordinates
Taiga Village: -258, 351
Cave Entrance: -279, 322
Deep Dark biome: -447, -15, 553

Deep Dark Patches

A patch of Deep Dark biome next to a large waterfall.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: -783347976737441161

This Deep Dark biome is split into patches and scattered throughout a giant cavern. It serves as the perfect excuse for going on a subterranean adventure. Tally up how many segments of the Deep Dark you can find while gathering all of the cave's precious minerals. You could even turn it into a Sculk-gathering competition with your friends.

Key Locations and Coordinates
Ruined Portal: 1, 237
Cave Entrance: 16, 178
Deep Dark Wall: -150, -43, 291
Deep Dark Patch 2: -103, -34, 255
Ancient City: -265, -42, 56

Small Deep Dark, Big Dripstone

The Deep Dark inside of a Dripstone Cave.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 7773911887072322643

If you want to experience the Deep Dark in a controlled environment, this is a good seed to get started with! The majority of the cave is Dripstone with a small segment containing Sculk. This segment can be used to study the Sculk, gain experience, or play around with it in a safe space. Whatever your motivations are, you'll at least be safe from the Warden.

Key Locations and Coordinates
Cave Entrance: -216, 99, 430
Deep Dark: -219, -18, 420
Snowy Village: -394, 214

Lush Cave Entrance

A Lush Cave drop that leads you into a Deep Dark biome.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 9207928387380354376

Spawn is set in a Birch Forest near a Stony Shore, facing a Jagged Peaks mountain. The mountain itself is gorgeous and has a Birch Forest crater. What makes this even more special is the cave entrance located at the top of the mountain! The cave drops you first into a beautiful Lush Cave, then into a regular cave before finally letting you down into a Deep Dark biome.

Key Locations and Coordinates
Cave Leading to Deep Dark: 58, 130, 646
Trail Ruins: 200, 712
Ancient City: 440, -44, 888
Ruined Portal: 232, 744

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Best Minecraft Deep Dark Seeds for Bedrock & Java (2024)

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