A large Lush Cave filled with waterfalls and pools.
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Best Minecraft 1.21 Lush Cave seeds for Java and Bedrock (July 2024)

So lush you'll forget you're underground!

Lush Caves are the perfect place for players who want to enjoy Minecraft's natural beauty but want something different from the usual Overworld biomes.

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I've scoured far and wide to find seeds containing a variety of different Lush Caves, from highly intricate multi-layer beauties to oversized Lush Caverns. Whatever you're looking for, you'll find a seed that fits you in our best Minecraft Lush Caves list!

Best Minecraft 1.21 Lush Cave Seeds (Bedrock and Java)

Lush Caves were officially added to Minecraft in the 1.18 Caves & Cliffs Update. Veteran players found a renewed sense of joy and wonder in these green caves, while casual players like me found a reason to go back underground. If you're feeling a little lackluster about Minecraft, one of these seeds may be just what you need to reinstill your love for the game!

Lush Mushroom Forest

A giant Lush Crater dropping into a Lush Cave in a Minecraft Dark Forest
Screenshots by Pro Game Guides

Seed: -5078329908201835343

The entrance to this Lush Cave is only about 50 blocks from Spawn, making it super easy to find and enter. Java players will find part of a mineshaft at the start of the cave. While Bedrock players do not have the same fortune, they luckily have a Woodland Mansion! The Lush Cave itself has a small ravine within it as well as a staircase leading down to Deepslate.

Key Locations and Coordinates
Lush Cave Entrance: 41, 14
Lush Ravine: 56, 19, -35
Lush Drop to Deepslate: 70, 24, -24

Bamboo Mountain Cavern

A Lush Cavern in the base of a Minecraft Bamboo Mountain
Screenshots by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 4762500151349936011

At the base of this bamboo mountain lies a giant cavern with sections of Lush Cave. The Lush Cave covers the front of the cavern and a few areas in the Deepslate areas. Additionally, a small patch of Deep Dark biome is hidden near the front of the cavern. Java players have a Jungle Temple near this cave to sweeten up the deal.

Key Locations and Coordinates
Lush Cave Entrance: 193, 254
Deep Dark biome: 60, -10, 258
Deepslate Lush: -19, 1, 325

Lush Hideaway

A Minecraft Lush Cave containing lots of smaller tunnels
Screenshots by Pro Game Guides

Seed: -1295803384901517031

This Lush Cave is small and cozy compared to many of the larger caves on our list. Its many tunnels are lit up by glow berries, making it the perfect Lush Cave to live in. The entrance is a small ravine, so you must build a safe way in and out. While the glow berries help prevent too many mobs from spawning, be wary as they won't stop Creepers from infiltrating the cave.

Key Locations and Coordinates
Lush Hideaway Ravine: -133, 240

Lush Gap

A Lush Cave beneath a hill
Screenshots by Pro Game Guides.

Seed: 582435391659821610

This Lush Cave is hidden beneath the underside of a hill. The start of the cave contains glow berries, moss, clay, and plenty of water covering a staircase-shaped cave. Heading down this staircase leads players to a small drop to the deepslate layer. The glow berries light up the top portion of the cave and make it safer for players to cross. Farm them and plant them in the rest of the cave as natural light sources.

Key Locations and Coordinates
Lush Cave Entrance: 400, -413
Drop to Deepslate: 357, -355

Slim Lush Ravine

A view of a Lush Cave ravine from underground
Screenshots by Pro Game Guides.

Seed: 709653162535491054

A dainty and narrow Lush Cave ravine is the best part of this seed. It contains all of the materials you want from a Lush Cave, plus tons of monsters to farm for experience. If you're not afraid of a fight, this is a good seed to go for.

Key Locations and Coordinates
Slim Lush Ravine Entrance: 97, -212

Lush Dripping Lakebed

A Lush Cave mixed with a Dripstone cave beneath two lakes
Screenshots by Pro Game Guides.

Seed: -5764292024892136063

There is something magical about Lush Caves with their Spore Flower particle effects, moss, cute axolotls, and tropical fish. Their mysticism is emphasized in this seed through the presence of two lakes spilling water into the cave. Those wanting to breed axolotls in hopes of getting a rare blue one will have a lot of good luck with this seed.

Key Locations and Coordinates
Cave Entrance: 204, -320
Dripstone Pillar: 197, 22, -284

Lush Alcove

A small Lush Cave in a Taiga hill.
Screenshots by Pro Game Guides.

Seed: 7567714737644180251

This small Lush Cave is at one end of the ravine you spawn in. It has clay, water, moss, and a few glow berries. If you want to expand the lush aspects of the cave, I recommend using bone meal on the moss blocks to spread it further through the ravine. Farming the glow berries will give you an easy source of food while being a convenient way to light up the ravine.

Key Locations and Coordinates
Lush Alcove: -45, -141

Undersea Adventure

A giant Lush Cave cavern with moss, water, and lava everywhere.
Screenshots by Pro Game Guides.

Seed: -5725788997960297992

Dig beneath the island you spawn on to reach this Lush Cave. Keep in mind that you'll have to dig through part of the ocean before reaching this cave. While it's a dangerous way of spelunking, the cave itself is more than worth the risk! The Lush Cave fills a giant cavern with moss, glow berries, waterfalls, and even lava falls.

Key Locations and Coordinates
Underwater Lush Cave: -9, 18

Lush Lake Cave

A Lush Cave next to a lake in a Dark Forest.
Screenshots by Pro Game Guides.

Seed: 713085873196302176

This Lush Cave is slightly hidden and looks much smaller than it truly is. Water from the lake pours into the cave, creating a waterfall that is home to multicolored Axolotls. Travel to the right in the cave to find a gap leading to a much larger portion of Lush Cave. This larger cave expands in multiple directions with more moss, glow berries, and even mineshafts to be found. It will drop you down to deepslate, so come prepared with food, tools, and wood.

Key Locations and Coordinates
Lush Cave Entrance: -77, 63, -113
Axolotl Waterfall: -80, 43, -119
Gap to Larger Lush Cave: -92, 14, -157

BadLush Cave

A Lush Cave with a mineshaft beneath a Badlands biome.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 6036087052092371237

This Lush Cave is hidden beneath the Badlands biome this world starts in. The entrance is only a short walk away, with Java players having a mineshaft right at the start. If you follow the waterfall to the bottom of the cave, you'll be able to find several diamonds and a Deep Dark biome! Having these two rarer cave biomes right next to Spawn is a treat for all Minecraft players.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Lush Cave Entrance: 38, 13Lush Cave Entrance: 38, 13
Deep Dark biome: 50, -44, -75Deep Dark biome: 50, -44, -75
Mineshaft: 62, -10, -51Desert Temple: 360, -184

Many Lush Caves

A Lush Cave going beneath a lake with some of its moss at the bottom of the lake.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: -5972141971089752713

Several Lush Caves can be found across this large Taiga biome. Some of them drop down to deepslate, while others remain relatively shallow. Java players have a shipwreck to explore if they get tired of searching for caves. In contrast, Bedrock players will have some Cold Ocean ruins.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Lush Cave beneath Lake: -120, -78Lush Cave beneath Lake: -120, -78
Lush Cave Pit: 11, -24Lush Cave Pit: 11, -24
Shipwreck: 132, 18Small Cold Ocean Ruin: -232, 8

Lush Waterfalls

A large Lush Cave filled with waterfalls and pools.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 5494226668347250144

If water is your thing, you'll love this Lush Cave! It is filled with both waterfalls and pools of water, plus hundreds of blocks of clay and moss. I recommend clearing it out and lighting it up with glow moss and lanterns to create a whimsical home base. Since it drops down to deepslate, you're sure to find a lot of diamonds while doing so!

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Lush Cave entrance: 72, 192Lush Cave entrance: 72, 192

Taiga Lush Crater

A crater in a Taiga biome that has turned into a Lush Cave.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: -6050001627388282786

This Lush Cave comes in the form of a small crater in the midst of a Taiga biome. The small waterfall allows Axolotls to spawn, making it a great place to gather them and moss blocks. There is a second Lush Cave a hundred blocks away that gives you the opportunity to gather more blocks if the crater isn't enough. The Taiga biome's blocks would go great with those of the Lush Cave when crafting a quaint cottage in the area.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Lush Crater: 70, 81Lush Crater: 70, 81
Second Lush Cave Entrance: 39, 63, 173Second Lush Cave Entrance: 39, 63, 173


A large Lush Cave in a Bamboo Jungle that has the appearance of a staircase.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 7351978043231109544

The Lush Cave in this seed is filled with all of the resources you could ever need. There are lots of smaller rooms, so each room contains clay, dripleaf plants, glow berries, and moss in spades. The close quarters make ores on the walls and ceiling easier to gather as well. As a bonus, venturing deeper into the cave will lead you to a mineshaft.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Lush Cave Entrance: 220, 99, -74Lush Cave Entrance: 220, 99, -74
Mineshaft: 340, 29, -21Ancient City: 456, -44, 184

Lush Fall

A tall Lush Ravine that goes deep underground.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: pixie

If Lush is what you want, Lush is what you'll get in this seed. Upon spawning into the world, you'll find yourself beneath the tall walls of a Lush Ravine. Java players will spawn on a tree outside of this, but that just makes it easier to gather wood and hop on in. All players will be able to find amethyst geodes a short walk from the entrance of the cave.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Lush Ravine: SpawnLush Ravine: Spawn
Amethyst Geode: 209, -20, -53Hallway to Circular Lush Room: 119, 15, -72
Second Amethyst Geode: 59, 2, -85Amethyst Geode: 133, 21, -84

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Best Minecraft 1.21 Lush Cave seeds for Java and Bedrock (July 2024)

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