Best Builds in Monster Train

Monster Train is a roguelite tower defense deck-building game with you on the side of Evil against forces of Good. The story is simple yet exciting—Heaven has occupied and froze Hell. As a faithful servant of the underworld, you have the task of liberating it. To do that, you’ll get help from the strongest demon […]

Combos in Monster Train and How They Work

In a roguelike deck builder like Monster Train, which is filled to the brim with impactful and varying choices, the roster of cards and their effects in one’s deck is integral to a run’s success. However, while some card effects are powerful on their own, a major key to success is comboing card effects together. […]

Best Clans in Monster Train, ranked

Monster Train is a roguelike deck-building game with tower defense elements. Your task is to liberate Hell from the clutches of Heaven, and the only way to do it is by training. On that unholy path, you’ll get help from six infernal clans. Each group of these unholy servants has different Monster Train champions, minions, […]

Beginner’s Guide to Monster Train

Playing Monster Train is a lot of fun, but getting truly established as a serious player can be very intimidating. That’s why it’s good to follow these tips in order to maximize your success and reduce wasted time. 5 best tips for playing Monster Train Be pickier with what trials you take, as you don’t […]

Monster Train: All Exiled Champions, ranked

Monster Train’s gameplay revolves around infernal champions, which are the main ingredient of your decks. Your choice of hero will dictate what kind of minions, spells, and artifacts you will use. In Monster Train, your demonic army is divided into six clans. Each clan has two champions: base and exiled. Base champions are the ones […]