Where to find your camera in MADiSON

You need a camera for pretty much all major aspects of gameplay in MADiSON. To get started with your instant photography horror journey, you need to find the camera. While MADiSON won’t tell you where to look, we will! Where is the instant camera in MADiSON? To find Luca’s instant camera while playing MADiSON, you’ll […]

MADiSON horror game – Ending Explained

You’ve either reached the end of MADiSON or you want a sneak peek at the ending. Either way, you’re probably a bit overwhelmed and confused by everything occurring in the game. That’s why we’ve broken down the ending and its meaning for you. We’ve also answered some questions that should dispel any lingering qualms you […]

How scary is the MADiSON horror game?

If you’re thinking of playing MADiSON, you may be wondering just how scary it is. The tricky part about that question is that “scary” has a different meaning to everyone. So, we’ve decided to cover commonly distressing aspects of horror and let you know whether or not they show up in MADiSON. We’ve also answered […]

How to get out of the sewer in MADiSON

There are a lot of labyrinthian rooms you’ll be thrown into while playing MADiSON. That’s why we made a comprehensive guide to help you know what to do when you descend the ladder and suddenly find yourself in a terrifying sewer. What do you need to do in the sewer in MADiSON? After going through […]