All Rimworld Xenotypes and Xenohumans

Here are all Xenohumans explained in detail.

Xenotypes, also called Xenohumans, are a selection of species or races added through the Biotech DLC for Rimworld. With the DLC installed, players can encounter various races, such as Pigskin or Vampire pawns roaming around in their games. Each Xenotype features unique bonuses and weaknesses that help spice up each playthrough. Xenotypes can be highly varied in skills, weaknesses, and strengths, it's essential to learn all Xenotypes or Xenohumans in Rimworld.

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All Xenohuman races and Xenotypes in Rimworld

There are over 11 Xenohumans players can both encounter and choose as their starting Xenotype or race. One of these Xenotypes or Xenohumans is called the Baseliner, which is just the standard Xenotype present in the game before the DLC. The other ten Xenotypes or Xenohumans stray far from the Baseliner Xenotype and are unique in every aspect. Here are all ten unique Xenotypes and Xenohumans and their strength and weaknesses below.

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All Pigskin Xenohuman and Xenotype Strengths and Weaknesses in Rimworld

Pigskins are a race of pig people that carry the traits of their animal cousins in a humanoid form. In short, they can eat anything in the game without getting skill because of their digestive system and a strong stomach. Pigskins also excel with explosive weapons and close-range weapons. Here's the complete list of Weaknesses and Strengths Pigskins have in Rimworld:

All Rimworld Pigskin Xenohuman Weaknesses Genes

  • Poor Cooking Skills
  • Nearsighted
  • Trotter hands (reduces their ability to use objects).

All Rimworld Pigskin Xenohuman Strength Genes

  • Strong Stomach
  • Strong Immunity
  • Reduced Pain
  • Robust Digestion

All Rimworld Pigskin Xenohuman Appearance Genes

  • Hulk or Fat bodies
  • Pig Voice
  • Pig Ears
  • Pig Noise
  • Trotter Hands
Image via Ludeon Studios

All Dirtmole Xenohuman and Xenotype Strengths and Weaknesses in Rimworld

Dirtmoles are a unique race of Xenohumans that prefer to live in Caves or underground. Because of this, the Dirtmole Xenotype has lost its vision over the years and suffers from short-sightedness. Dirtmoles make up for their near-blind weakness by being able to see very well in the dark due to having Dark Vision. Dirtmoles also make excellent miners and excel at all Mining tasks. So if you want a race that can help you mine steel or components, Dirtmoles would make a great choice. Here's the full list of Strengths and Weaknesses genes for Dirtmole Xenohumans in Rimworld:

All Rimworld Dirtmole Xenohuman Weakness Genes

  • Nearsighted
  • Intense UV sensitivity
  • Slow Runner

All Rimworld Dirtmole Xenohuman Strength Genes

  • Great Mining
  • Fast Wound Healing
  • Dark Vision

All Rimworld Dirmole Xenohuman Appearance Genes

  • Light Gray Skin
  • Gray eyes

All Genie Xenohuman and Xenotype Strengths and Weaknesses in Rimworld

Genies are a race of Xenohumans created long ago to hold engineering positions in the Space Navy. Over the years, Genies have become excellent Engineers, Crafters, and strong Intellects, making them ideal for most Research, Construction, and Crafting tasks. However, being excellent crafters and intelligent pawns comes at the cost of taking more damage and being prone to injury. Here is the complete list of Strengths and Weaknesses genes of Genie Xenohuman in Rimworld:

All Rimworld Genie Xenohuman Weakness Genes

  • Poor Plants Skill
  • Poor Animal Skill
  • Awful Social Skills
  • Delicate
  • Extra Pain

All Rimworld Genie Xenohuman Strength Genes

  • Great Intellectual
  • Great Crafting
  • Great Construction Skills
  • Dead Calm

All Rimworld Genie Xenohuman Appearance Genes

  • No Hair
  • Beardless
  • Thin Body
  • Elongated Fingers

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All Yttakin Xenohuman and Xenotype Strengths and Weaknesses in Rimworld

Yttakins are a race of Xenohumans with strong resistance to cold weather and amazing animal skills. Yttakins also share a psychic bond with animals and can summon wild animals to aid them in battle. This race of Xenohumans also excels at melee combat and can take less damage. Here's the full list of Yttakin strengths, weaknesses, and appearance genes in Rimworld:

All Yttakin Xenohuman Weakness Genes

  • Aggressive
  • Sleepy
  • Slow Wound Healing
  • Awful Mining Skills

All Yttakin Xenohuman Strength Genes

  • Strong Melee Damage
  • Robust
  • Naked Speed
  • Great Animal Skill
  • Psychically dull
  • Animal Warcall ability

All Yttakin Xenohuman Appearance Genes

  • Hulk Body
  • Roar Voice
  • Furskin
  • No Hair
  • Furry Tail
  • Unisex Beards
Image via Ludeon Studios

All Highmate Xenohuman and Xenotype Strengths and Weaknesses in Rimworld

Highmates are essentially Rimworld's Xenohuman Social experts. Because of this, Highmates are naturally beautiful and excel in all Social Skills, actions, and work orders. However, Highmates are terrible at combat, mining, and nearly anything other than Crafting and Intelligence skills. Here is the full list of a Highmate Xenohuman Weaknesses and Strength genes:

All Highmate Xenohuman Weakness Genes

  • Delicate
  • Violence Disabled
  • Heat Weakness
  • Awful Mining Skill
  • Awful Plants Skill
  • Psy-sensitive
  • Psychic bonding (pawns who are bonded will be extremely unhappy when separated).

All Highmate Xenohuman Strength Genes

  • Kind Instinct
  • Beautiful
  • Sanguine
  • Great Social Skills
  • Psychic bonding (pawns who are bonded will always be happy).

All Highmate Xenohuman Appearance Genes

  • Purple, Blue, or Sheer White Skin
  • Thin or Standard Body
  • Long Hair
  • Snow white or Grayless hair

All Sanguophage Xenohuman and Xenotype Strengths and Weaknesses in Rimworld

Sanguophages are powerful vampire Xenohumans that can excel in combat because of their damage and healing special abilities. However, due to being pretty much vampires, Sanguophages are hyper-Intelligent and feature strong melee combat and social skills. On the negative side, Sanguophages must consume blood and death rest to regenerate their death bar. Here's the full list of genes for these vampires that hide among Baseliners in Rimworld:

All Sanguophage Xenohuman Weakness Genes

  • Aggressive
  • Tinderskin (fire weakness)
  • Pyrophobia
  • Mild UV sensitivity
  • Dependant on consuming Hemogen
  • Need to Deathrest to regenerate
  • Psy-sensitive

All Sanguophage Xenohuman Strength Genes

  • Can spread genes to other pawns
  • Ageless
  • Piercing Spine Ability
  • Can jump great distances
  • Pretty
  • Dark Vision
  • Scarless
  • Low Sleep
  • Fast Runner
  • Robust
  • Non-senescent
  • Perfect Immunity
  • Superfast Wound Healing
  • Strong Melee Skills
  • Strong Social Skills
  • Strong Intellectual Skills

All Sanguophage Xenohuman Apperance Genes

Sanguophages don't feature notable appearance genes as they resemble normal Baseliner pawns. Because of this, they are extremely hard to pinpoint unless you look at their Bio tab in the game or have a quest that spawns them.

Image via Ludeon Studios

All Impid Xenohuman and Xenotype Strengths and Weaknesses in Rimworld

Impids are a race of desert-dwelling humanoids that resemble devils or demons due to their unique appearance. They are also naturally resistant to heat and fire, making them excellent warriors with fire weapons. However, Impids are extremely weak in close-range combat but up for it by being excellent long-range fighters. Impids can also run fast across open terrain, earning them the nickname dustrunners. Here's the complete list of all Strengths, Weaknesses, and Appearance genes for Impids:

All Rimworld Impid Xenohuman Weaknesses Genes

  • Weak Immunity
  • Poor Plants Skill
  • Poor Animal Skill
  • Weak Melee Damage
  • Slow Wound Healing
  • Cold Weakness
  • Pessimist (Lower mood than other Xenohumans).

All Rimworld Impid Xenohuman Strength Genes

  • Fire Resistant
  • Fire Spew Ability
  • Heat Super-tolerant
  • Very Fast Runner

All Rimworld Impid Xenohuman Appearance Genes

  • Orange Hair
  • Deep Red Skin
  • Orange Skin
  • Plae Yellow Skin
  • Bearless
  • Mini-horns
  • Sandy Blond Hair

All Neanderthal Xenohuman and Xenotype Strengths and Weaknesses in Rimworld

Neanderthals are a race of Xenohumans that are pretty much just super strong cavemen that are hyper-aggressive and excel in melee combat. The race is primarily tribal and has poor intellectual, Social, and Shooting skills. Here's the complete list of Strengths and Weaknesses genes Neanderthals have in Rimworld:

All Rimworld Neanderthal Xenohuman Weaknesses Genes

  • Aggressive
  • Slow Learner
  • Slow Runner
  • Poor Social Skills
  • Poor Intellectual Skill
  • Poor Shooting Skill

All Rimworld Neanderthal Xenohuman Strength Genes

  • Cold tolerant
  • Heat tolerant
  • Strong Immunity
  • Strong Melee Damage
  • Robust

All Rimworld Neanderthal Xenohuman Apperance Genes

  • Standard, Hulk, or Fat Body 
  • Heavy Jaw
  • Heavy Brow
Image via Ludeon Studios

All Hussar Xenohuman and Xenotype Strengths and Weaknesses in Rimworld

Hussars are a race of genetically engineered super soldiers that long for battle. Because of this, their starting skills tend to feature high shooting and melee with minor other skills like construction, etc. Being soldiers naturally, Hussars can also survive in either hot or cold environments. Hussars are naturally resistant to damage and will not slow down in a firefight if they take damage. However, being genetically engineered super soldiers makes them dependent on Military drugs and have a dependence on Go-Juice. Here's the full list of all gene types Hussars have in Rimworld:

All Rimworld Hussar Xenohuman Weaknesses Genes

  • Hyper aggressive
  • Awful Plants Skill
  • Awful Animals Skill
  • Awful Social Skills
  • Awful Artistic Skills
  • Go-juice dependency
  • Psychically Deaf (Can't wield Psych powers)

All Rimworld Hussar Xenohuman Strength Genes

  • Great Shooting
  • Great Melee
  • Psychically Deaf
  • Unstoppable
  • Superfast Wound healing
  • Reduced Pain
  • Heat tolerant
  • Cold tolerant
  • Partial antitoxic lungs

All Rimworld Hussar Xenohuman Appearance Genes

  • Short hair
  • Hulk or Standard Bodies
  • Red Eyes

All Waster Xenohuman and Xenotype Strengths and Weaknesses in Rimworld

Wasters are a Xenohuman race of aggressive, Toxic wasteland dwellers. Wasters are immune to toxic pollution and nearly all diseases in the game. However, Wasters depend on drugs such as wakeup and psychite but can consume as much as they want with no negative effects. Here's the complete list of genes Wasters have in Rimworld:

All Rimworld Waster Xenohuman and Xentype Weaknesses Genes

  • Aggressive
  • Ugly
  • Poor Cooking Skills
  • Awful Animal Skills
  • Poor Artistic Skills
  • Psychite Dependency

All Rimworld Waster Xenohuman and Xentype Strength Genes

  • Super Immunity
  • Pollution Stimulus
  • Total Antitoxic Lungs

All Rimworld Waster Xenohuman and Xentype Appearance Genes

  • Slate gray skin
  • Gray Hair
  • Gaunt Head
  • Any body type

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All Rimworld Xenotypes and Xenohumans

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