How to get Steel in RimWorld

Steel is a material required to make various objects in RimWorld, so you must gather a lot of it to survive. Luckily, getting Steel is not hard, and there are quite a few methods that you can employ to get Steel in RimWorld. The following are some of the best methods players can employ to […]

Rimworld: Tips for New Players

A Kickstarter dream made manifest, Rimworld is a top-down strategy game that tasks players with managing a colony of people in varying environments in an effort to survive the seasons, enemies, and more. This sounds simple enough at first, but the game is a true challenge for even the most neurotic micromanager. Thus, here are […]

12 Best Games like RimWorld

RimWorld is an incredibly unique game that puts you in semi-control of a bunch of colonists stranded on a new world. Each colonist has their own needs, personalities, and quirks that need to be accommodated; otherwise, they’ll go mad, starve, or otherwise perish. But RimWorld isn’t without comparisons, as there are lots of games that […]

Best Rimworld Mods

Rimworld is a fun game on its own, but sometimes fun games need a little bit of extra content to improve them. This is where mods come in, and on this list, you will the best Rimworld mods.  The Best Rimworld Mods The following are what we consider some of the best Rimworld mods currently on the […]

How to Get Components in RimWorld

Components are a pretty crucial resource you will need as you progress in your RimWorld game! We’re taking a look at all of the methods you can engage in to obtain them throughout your playthrough. You need components for a variety of recipes that are more advanced. Things like electrical devices, guns, armor, coolers, and […]