All potions and recipes in Roblox Wacky Wizards

So many potions.

Roblox Wacky Wizards is a a potion-making game that lets you create all kinds of magical concoctions. All potion recipes in Roblox Wacky Wizards have an effect on your character. With tons of different ingredients to mix and match, drinking the potions you create causes lots of different effects to your body. They can make you stronger against tough enemies like Mr. Rich, or transform your Avatar's proportions. With nearly 150 potions in the game, we have the complete list of free and premium potions below, along with all the recipes and descriptions.

All Free Potions in Roblox Wacky Wizards

Update Oct. 15

  • Zombie update with Undead ingredient and new potions!

All of the potions listed below are created from free ingredients that users collect in the game while playing. Many of these recipes are silly and made for laughs such as the Squirting potion, but there are some useful ones here that provide lots of damage to enemies like the Dynamite potion. Others also transform your Avatar's body dimensions or turn you into a new creature entirely! See our guide here on how to become a witch in Roblox Wacky Wizards.

1Speedy Giraffe HoofSpeed your character up
2Squirting Rotten SandwichUh oh! Poo Poo!
3Noodley Pool NoodleGive yourself noodle arms!
4Tiny FairyMake yourself smaller
5Flounder FishFlop like a fish!
6Floating BirdGet lighter!
7Explosive DynamiteBOOOOOOOOOM
8Zombie BrainBecome a zombie!
9Warty SpiderGet warts
10Camouflage ChameleonCamouflage to your surroundings
11Giant Giant's EarBecome huge
12Hot ChilliCatch on fire!
13Beany Benasmhmmm beannnnnsss
14Jandel Jandel's HeadBecome Jandel (Creator)
15Foryxe Foryxe's HeadBecome Foryxe (Creator)
16Cleetus Cleetus's HatBecome Flamingo
17Identity Theft YouClone yourself
18Unresolved Size Fairy + Giant's EarKeep getting smaller and bigger
19Enlarged Head Brain + Giant's EarGrow your head
20Tiny Head Brain + FairyShrink your head
21Tall PotionGiraffe Hoof + Giant's EarGet Taller
22Shrink Ray Chameleon + FairyShrink yourself to death
23Leg Day Giraffe Hoof + FairyGet tiny legs
24Wide LoadBeans + Giant's EarGEEET WIDEEE!
25IronPool Noodle + Giant's EarGet big arms!
26Long NeckGiraffe Hoof + Pool NoodleLong neck!
27Centipede Pool Noodle + SpiderBecome a centipede
28DiggingPool Noodle + BeansBecome a worm
29RocketDynamite + BirdPrepare for liftoff!
30BaldBrain + ChilliBurn off your accessories
31Fire WalkingBird + ChilliWalk on fire!
32Fire BreathingRotten Sandwich + ChilliBreath fire!
33SwimBird + FishSwim in the air!
34MermaidFairy + FishBecome a mermaid
35PuffedBeans + FishBecome a puffer fish
36OctoGiraffe Hoof + Spider + Fish Become an octopus
37Air JumperBird + Giraffe HoofDouble Jump
38BangBrain + Giant's Ear + DynamiteGrow... THEN BANG Your HEAD!
39TickingBrain + DynamiteHead explosion... ouch
40BouncyGiraffe Hoof + DynamiteExplode your feet
41FireworkPool Noodle + DynamiteTurn yourself into a firework
42Exploding SquirtsRotten Sandiwch + DynamitePOO THAT EXPLODES!
43PoppingBeans + DynamitePOP
44SpeckledSpider + ChameleonRainbow colored warts
45RagdollBrain + Rotten SandwichRAGDOLL πŸ™
46LimpPool Noodle + Rotten SandwichGo limp...
47Slowing HoofGiraffe Hoof + Rotten SandwichWalk slower
48Giant SquirtsGiant's Ear + Rotten SandwichHUGEEE POO POO
49Cloning FartsFairy + Rotten SandwichPoo mini-me versions of yourself
50BuirtsBeans + Rotten SandwichI don't feel so well
51InvisibleBrain + ChameleonTurn invisible
52InvisibleBrain + Chameleon + BrainSpoookkky no more head!
53LeggedGiraffe Hoof + SpiderGrow spider legs
54MinionsFairy + SpiderHave spider minions!
55GhostlyBird + SpiderTurn into a ghost
56BananaBeans + Giant's Ear + Giraffe Hoof + FairyBECOME A GORILLA!
57Loong HeadBrains + BeansSTREEETCHEDDD HEAD!
58High-heelGiraffe Hoof + Giant's Ear + Giraffe HoofWear high heels!
59DopplegangerYou + ChameleonBecome your neighbours!
60HeadwardsYou + BrainTurn your head upside down!
61Upside DownYou + Brain + YouTurn yourself upside down!
62WizardJandel's Head + Foryxe's HeadBecome Oz the Wizard!
63HeatseekingDynamite + Bird + DynamiteDangerous flying
64SallyPool Noodle + Cleetus's HatBecome earthworm sally...
65NuclearDynamite + Giant's EarBe careful not to touch anything!
66LevitateBird + FairyLevitate!
67SkinnyGiraffe Hoof + Giant's Ear + FairyBe skinny!
68RollingYou + Pool NoodleROLLLLLINNNNGGG!
69BouncyGiraffe Hoof + Dynamite + BeansBOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE!
70CrumblyChameleon + BeansYou've eaten so many beans that you become them
71RobuxRobuxDrop a trail of Robux!
72EmpyreusRobux + BrainGet a Dominus Empyreus!
73LinkRobux + YouBecome the richest player on ROBLOX!
74Hat-growerRobux + Giant's EarGrow your accessories
75BuxlyRobux + ChameleonYou are so rich you have become the bux
76RobuxRobux + Giraffe HoofGet Korblox!
77SketchSketchBecome Sketch!
78JayingeeJayingeeBecome Jayingee!
79FlybuxRobux + BirdBecome a flying ROBUC!
80PoorRobux + Rotten SandwichHey, this ROBUX potion didn't work!
81SquareRobux + FishMR KRABS!
82Mr. RichCyclops EyePlease don't fire any cannons at me...
83GoldenRobux + FairyBecome a golden statue!
84PremiumsaladPremiumSaladBecome PremiumSalad!
85Invert Witches BrewInvert the world!
86VomitBeans + Witches BrewERGHERHEGUERHER
87BroomFairy + Witches BrewFly on a broomstick!
88PumpkinRobux + Witches BrewSUPER RARE PUMPKIN!
89DetacherBrain + Witches BrewCATCH YOUR head!
90CrowsBird + Witches BrewSummon your crow army...
91SmellingPool Noodle + Witches BrewGrow a witches nose...
92TruckGiant's Ear + Witches BrewGet a BIGG BUTT!
93WitchyYou + Witches BrewBecome Glinda the witch!
94TwitchyRotten Sandwich + Witches BrewTWITCH TWITCH TWITCH!
95Banging WartsDynamite + Witches BrewHave explosive warts!
96RattySpider + Witches BrewBECOME A RAT!
97Punchy PotionBoxing GlovesBig boxer
98Hot-Punch Chilli + Boxing GlovesPunch them on fire. WHO
99Gravity-punch potionBird + Boxing GlovesAnti gravity punching. DO
100BRAINS-punch potionBrain + Boxing GlovesZombifying punching. YOU
101KaboomDynamite + Boxing GlovesPack an explosive punch. TRUST
102BEANOCKBeans + Boxing GlovesPunch people into Beans
103KnockPunch Giant's Ear + Boxing GlovesPunch people away!
104Noodle ComboChameleon + Pool NoodleCombine for more noodle arms!
105SpaghettiChameleon + Fairy + Chameleon + Pool NoodleSpaghetti Arms!
106Firey-armsChameleon + Pool Noodle + ChilliFire Noodle Arms!
107Big-armsChameleon + Pool Noodle + Giant's EarBIG Noodle Arms!
108NeonChameleon + Pool Noodle + Witches BrewNEON NOODLE ARMS!
109BeanrmsChameleon + Pool Noodle + BeansBEAN NOODLE ARMS!
110BroomFairy + Witches Brew + DynamiteTroll potion, that explodes
111Fancy ZombieRobux + Chameleon + BrainA very fancy zombie πŸ™‚
112LankyJustinLANKY BOX πŸ™‚
113SpidermanYou + SpiderSLING WEBS!
114Flame-rollingYou + Pool Noodle + ChilliFLAMING ROLL!
115Letss-gooooChameleon + Pool Noodle + YouDA BABY ARMS!
116PoisoonnRotten Sandwich + Boxing GlovesPoison people with your punches
117HeadlessBird + BrainLose your head!
118Long Rat Spider + Witches Brew + Pool NoodleBecome a long rat
119OinkPet TagsGet a pet pig
120TrunkGiant's Ear + Pet Tags Get a pet elephant
121Creepy-CrawlySpider + Pet Tags Get a pet spider
122LizardChameleon + Pet Tags Get a pet lizard
123SsssssssssssssssssssPool Noodle + Pet Tags Get a pet snake
124MagicalFairy + Pet Tags Get a pet unicorn
125New ZealandJandel's Head + Pet Tags Get a pet kiwi
126New ZealandForyxe's Head + Pet Tags Get a pet kiwi
127ArmedGiraffe Hoof + Spider + Pool NoodleGrow spider arms
128 Bee disguise Sleepy BeeBecome a bee
129HoneyHoneyGet covered in honey!
130Fire FartingBeans + Chilli
130OnettYou + HoneyBecome Onett!
131BuzzingBird + HoneyGrow bee wings
132RushhhGiraffe Hoof + HoneySUGARRR RUSH!!!
133HoneymeltChilli + HoneyMelt into honey
134Sweet-armsChameleon + Pool Noodle + HoneyHoney flavored Noodle Arms!
135Rainbow-bodyHoney + ChameleonTurn into a lovellly rainbow!
136Buzz Honey + Pet TagsGet a pet bee
137QueenlyHoney + RobuxBecome the queen bee
138Buzzy headHoney + BrainGet a bee for a head
139Fire-fartingBeans + Chilli
140Hot-noodlesEggcanoGet pretty hot Noodle Arms!
141Hot-noodlesChameleon + Pool Noodle + EggcanoGet pretty hot Noodle Arms!
142CloneboomYou + EggcanoPoor little clone!
143FlashEggcano + Giraffe HoofRun like THE FLASH AHHHHH
144Exploding-beeEggcano + HoneyBee that explodes!
145FireballEggcano + BirdBecome a fireball!
146Flaming-skinEggcano + ChilliMY SKINS ON FIRE
147SsssssssssssssssEggcano + DynamiteBecome a creeper!
148Hot-richEggcano + RobuxGet a dominus!
149SteamyEggcano + FishTurn into a cloud of steam πŸ™
150MeltyEggcano + Rotten SandwichTurn into lava πŸ™
151FirebeeEggcano + Honey + YouTurn into a fire bee from Bee Swarm Simulator!
152Cano Eggcano + Pool NoodleTurn into a small beancano!d
153BoxingEggcano + Boxing GlovesKickboxing!
154Sweet-armsChameleon + Pool Noodle + Eggcano + HoneyGet sticky arms!
155GlowingEggcano + ChameleonGLOW IN THE DARK
157Blood-suckingBird + Fairy + SpiderGrow bat wings!
158Potion-armsJandel's Head + Foryxe's Head + Chameleon + Pool NoodlePotion Arms!
159how did you find this?Jandel's head + Foryxe's head + Chameleon + Pool Noodle + Chameleon
160FumblebottomKadenBecome Kaden Fumblebottom
161JellyfishPool Noodle + FishJELLLLLY FISHHH
162Bouncy-bodyBrain + Rotten Sandwich + BirdBOUNCY BODY!
163SweetballWitches Brew + HoneyThrow a honey ball!
164Creepy HandsGiant's Ear + YouGrow creepy hands
165Bean-manKSI + BeansBecome the bean man!
166FrogFrogBecome a frog!
167Frog-legsFrog + Giraffe HoofGrow Frog Legs!
168 PrinceFrog + YouBecome a cursed prince!
169TadpoleFrog + FishBecome a tadpole!
170ThiccFrog + Giant's EarGrow big legs
171Banging-feetFrog + DynamiteExplode when you jump
172Grapple-tongueFrog + BrainUse your frogs tongue
173HibertnationFrog + Rotten SandwichGo to sleep
174InfiniteFrog + FairyInfinite double jump
175LilyjumpBird + Giraffe Hoof + FrogDouble jump and place a lily!
176EyesFrog + ChameleonGrow eyes that stair at people... creepy...
177Bounce-highFrog + BirdJump higher!
178Lilypad-jumpingBird + Giraffe Hoof + Fairy + Frog + FrogJump on a lilypad infinitely!
179Frog-boxingFrog + Boxing GlovesWart... Boxing... Gross...
180Wall-walkerGiraffe Hoof + Frog + SpiderWalk on walls
181EeelyFrog + Pool NoodleMorph into an eel
182BulletGunA simple gun πŸ™‚
183Dynamite slingerGun + Dynamite Sling dynamite!
184Giant-rayGun + Giant's EarShot people with a giant ray!
185FlamethrowerGun + Chilli BURNNNNNNN PEOPLE!
186Bee-cannonGun + HoneyFire bees!!!
187Shrink rayGun + FairyMake people smaller!
188BeangunGun + BeansFIRE BEANS πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
189WatergunGun + FishSquirtttt
190Poopy-gunGun + Rotten SandwichFIRE POOP
191Pig launcherGun + Pet TagsFire gurt
192Poison hairGun + SpiderFire gurt
193BuxshootGun + RobuxFire Robux
194Cow disguiseCow HatDisguise yourself as a cow
195Alien-armsChameleon + Pool Noodle + Alien Parasite
196Martian monkeyJandel's Head + Alien ParasiteBecome a Martian Monkey
197ParasiteRotten Sandwich + Alien ParasiteAHHH A PARASITE IS ON YOUR FACE
198VaporDynamite + Alien ParasiteGet vaporized
199AlienheadGiant's Ear + Alien ParasiteGrow a big aliens head
200EyeyyyyFrog + Alien ParasiteGrow ALIEN EYES
201LegsGiraffe Hoof + Alien ParasiteAlien Legs
202NeonChameleon + Alien ParasiteBecome a bright green alien
203Zero-gravityBird + Alien ParasiteLOSE ALL GRAVITY
204DNA-scrambleGun + Alien ParasiteDNA scrambler gun
205Alien-cloneYou + Alien ParasiteBecome who you touch
206Alien-eruptionEggcano + Pool Noodle + Eggcano Slime eruption
207Alien-babyFairy + Alien ParasiteBABABY REDACTED
208AlienAlien ParasiteAlien Parasite
209NexureNexure's HeadBecome Nexure!
210NomerNomer's HeadBecome Nomer!
211Void StarVoid StarBecome StarWars!
212Long-beePool noodle + Sleepy BeeBecome a LOONG BEE
213GillsAxolotlGrow Axolotl Gills
214AxolotlAxolotl + YouAXOLOTL
215Flying-beanBeans + BirdBecome a flying bean
217MarioflyMariofly5's MaskBecome Mariofly5!
218DiscomanDisco ballBecome the man of disco
219FIRE MUH LASERDisco ball + Alien ParasiteFire lasers
220Techno-vikingDisco Ball + Giants EarBecome the Techno Viking
221Confetti-cannonDisco Ball + GunFire the confetti cannon
222Neon-bodyDisco Ball + ChameleonBecome the neon party animal!
223Disco-headDisco Ball + BrainGrow a disco head!
224Disco-bodyDisco Ball + Brain + YouBecome the disco
225ConfettiplosionDisco Ball + DynamiteExplode into confetti
226TailDisco Ball + Witches BrewTail
227AfroDisco Ball + RobuxGet that bling bling afro
228RainfroDisco Ball + Robux + ChameleonGet that bling bling rainbow afro
229Pet FrogPet Tag + FrogPet frog
230Disco-grenadeDisco Ball + ChiliDisco Grenade
231SpeakerDisco Ball + FairyDisco Grenade
232SlinkyDisco Ball + Pool NoodleBecome the human slinky
233Pumpkin-head2021 PumpkinProtects you from ender!
234Headless horseGiraffe Hoof + 2021 PumpkinBecome the headless horse
235JackbombDynamite + 2021 PumpkinDrop a jack-o-bomb
236SanBeans + 2021 PumpkinBecome the Sans
237SkellySpider + 2021 PumpkinBecome the skeleton
238DavePoll Noodle + 2021 PumpkinBecome Dave Skellington
239BroomedWitches Brew + 2021 PumpkinFly on a broom as a witch!
240PumoodleChameleon + Pool Noodle + 2021 PumpkinGet pumpkin noodle arms!
241Skull-arms2021 Pumpkin + Spider + Pool Noodle + ChameleonGet skeleton noodle arms!
242Pump-legsGiant's Ear + 2021 PumpkinGrow pumpkin legs!
243Handed-headBrain + 2021 PumpkinGrab your own head!
244YoukinYou + 2021 PumpkinBecome a giant pumpkin!
245Pump-glovesBoxing Gloves + 2021 PumpkinPumpkin Gloves!
246Sweet-shotGun + 2021 PumpkinFire candy!
247Candy-poopRotten Sandwich + 2021 PumpkinPoop candy!
248Skeleton-spineUndeadGrow a skeleton spine!
249RIPUndead + Rotten SandwichPlaced in a grave
250Skeleton-armsUndead + FairyGet skeleton arms!
251FrankensteinUndead + YouBecome Frankenstein!
252Giant-cyclopsUndead + Giant's EarBecome a Cyclops!
253Bone-glovesUndead + Boxing GlovesBone Gloves!
254SkullUndead + BrainGrow a skeleton head
255Zombie-fishUndead + FishBecome a zombie fish!
256Mr-explosionUndead + DynamiteMr-explosion potion
257Skeleton-wingsUndead + BirdGrow skeleton wings!
258Skeleton-legsUndead + Giraffe HoofGrow skeleton legs!
259Demon-girlUndead + SpiderRun around possesed!
260Pet-pumpkin2021 Pumpkin + Pet TagsGet a pet pumpkin!
261Bone-bowUndead + GunGet a bone bow!
262Fire-spineUndead + ChiliGet a fiery skeleton spine!
263ManubloxManuBecome Manublox!
264Zom-beeUndead + HoneyBecome a ZOM-BEE

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Premium Potions in Roblox Wacky Wizards

The premium potions in Roblox Wacky Wizards contain at least one premium ingredient in each recipe. These premium ingredients cost Robux to obtain, so you will have to pay real money to create the potions in the list below. Once paid for, these ingredients are yours to keep. Premium potions are recognizable in the potions book by the yellow highlighted texted.

P1FrozenFrozen EggBecome frozen!
P2GodZeus's BeardHarness the power of zeus!
P3RotationHat of GearsRotate your body
P4LeafyMagic SeedBecome one with nature
P560'sMagic Seed + FairyGrow flowers wherever you go!
P6AcceleratingZeus's Beard + Giraffe HoofGetting faster and faster...
P7Air WalkBird + Frozen EggWHERES MY SUPERSUIT!
P8BoomboxHat of Gears + Zeus's BeardPlay music!
P9BushyMagic Seed + ChameleonTurn into a hidden bush!
P10DizzyHat of Gears + BrainSpin your head!
P11FuseHat of Gears + Dynamiteyou don't have much time
P12Hard asMasgic Seed + Chameleon + Hat of GearsTURN INTO ROCK!
P13HeaddleHat of Gears + Giraffe Hoof + BrainLet your friends sit on your head!
P14Human FlightZeus's Beard + BirdFLY LIKEEE A BIRD
P15IceFrozen Egg + ChameleonBecome ice
P16InfectiousZeus's Beard + Rotten SandwichInfect players around you with warts
P17JetpackHat of Gears + BirdCreate a jetpack
P18SaddleHat of Gears + Giraffe HoofLet your friends sit on your back!
P19ShroomMagic Seed + Rotten SandwichGrow mushrooms wherever you go!
P20StatueChameleon + Zeus's BeardTurn players white
P21SlipGiraffe Hoof + Frozen EggSLLIPPPPERRRY!
P22StumpedMagic Seed + Giraffe HoofGrow tree legs!
P23SusHat of Gears + Beansverrrrrry susss
P24UnluckyZeus's Beard + DynamiteThat's unfortunate
P25WaterwalkingFish + Frozen EggWALK ON WATER
P26Rock BenderMagic Seed + Zeus's BeardBend rocks to your will!
P27TeleportationZeus's Beard + FairyTeleport wherever your heart desires!
P28MeteoriteZeus's Beard + BeansFire bean meteorites!
P29Flying PooHat of Gears + Bird + Rotten SandwichCreate a jetpack from poop
P30Clone ArmyYou + Magic SeedClone yourself
P31CavemanYou + Frozen EggBecome a prehistoric caveman
P32Size ControllerFairy + Giant's Ear + Zeus's BeardControl Your Size
P33Golden TreeRobux + Magic SeedGrow a golden tree!
P34Bux WalkRobux + Frozen EggWalk on ROBUX!
P35ThrobuxRobux + Hat of GearsMAKE IT RAIN ROBUX!
P36GoldifyRobux + Fairy + Chameleon + Zeus's BeardTurn players golden!
P37DeathMagic Seed + Witches BrewGrow a dead tree!
P38FloatingHat of Gears + Witches BrewWould you look at that, a floating hat!
P39VehicleWheelTurn into a car!
P40MonsterGiant's Ear + WheelTurn into a monster truck!
P41LimoPool Noodle + WheelTurn into a limo!
P42Teeny WheelFairy + WheelTurn into a tiny car!
P43Let's GooBeans + WheelLet's goooo!
P44Take OffBird + WheelTake off like a plane... kind of...
P45KachowZeus's Beard + WheelKA-CHOW
P46Burning CarChilli + WheelBURNING
P47AntSpider + WheelBecome an ANT MOBILE!
P48RichRobux + WheelDrive this rich mans car!
P49ExplodespellZeus's Beard + Witches BrewCast an explosion!
P50Frozen-hit potionFrozen Egg + Boxing GlovesHit them cold!
P51Shocking-hit potionZeus's Beard + Boxing GlovesHit them with electricity!
P52Icy-armChameleon + Noodle + Frozen EggFire Noodle Arms!
P53FrozenFrozen Egg + Magic SeedBecome a Frozen Tree!
P54Freeze-burnFrozen Egg + ChilliFreeze to death!
P55Spinny legsGiraffe Hoof + Fairy + Hat of GearsSpin your legs!
P56Melting Frozen Egg + Witches BrewMelt into the abyss!
P57Sus-PunchHat of Gears + Beans + Boxing GlovesPunch people sus
P58Oink-MountMountRide a Pig
P59Happy FeetFrozen Egg + Pet TagsGet a pet penguin
P60Penguin MountMount + Frozen EggRide a penguin
P61Giraffe MountMount + Giraffe HoofRide a giraffe
P62Sssssss MountMount + Pool NoodleGet eaten by a snake
P63Lizard MountMount + ChameleonRide a lizard
P64Spooky MountMount + Spider Ride a spider
P65Giant MountMount + Giant's EarRide an elephant
P66Unicorn MountMount + FairyRide a unicorn
P67New Zealand MountMount + Jandel's HeadRide a kiwi
P68New Zealand MountMount + Foryxe's HeadRide a kiwi
P69BeedZeus's Beard + HoneySpawn Bee's where you click
P70Bee mountHoney + MountGet a bee mount
P71Fire-statueChameleon + Zeus's Beard + EggcanoTurn players golden!
P72CauldronMr. CauldronBecoming a working cauldron!
P73CannonMr. Cauldron + DynamiteBecome a cannon and fire players out!
P75EruptingEggcano + Hat of GearsSummon a volcano!
P76Beany Mr. Cauldron + BeansBecome a can of beans and let players eat!
P77PressingMr. Cauldron + EggcanoDon't let anyone touch!
P78LandmineMr. Cauldron + Giraffe HoofDrop a landmine
P79Honey-walkHoney + Frozen EggWalk on water with honey!
P80Lava-walkEggcano + Frozen EggWalk on water with lava!
P81BlastoffMr. Cauldron + BirdBecome a rideable rocketship
P82Cooker Mr. Cauldron + ChilliCook people!
P83Hot-air balloonMr. Cauldron + Giant's EarHot Air Balloon!
P84BouncyMr. Cauldron + Pool NoodlePlace a trampoline!
P85FuserMr. Cauldron + ChameleonFuse into players around you!
P86StickybombHat of Gears + Dynamite + HoneyThrow a sticky bomb!
P87Car-seatMr. Cauldron + WheelBecome a car with seats for others!!
P88Iced-skinEggcano + Chilli + Frozen EggHave frozen skin!
P89Fuser Mr. Cauldron + FairyEVERYBODY DANCE NOW!
P90Lilypad-morphMagic Seed + FrogMorph into a lilypad
P91Control-jumpZeus's Beard + FrogControl your jump height
P92UniHat of Gears + FrogRide a unicycle
P93Airstrike potionAirStrikeCall in an airstrike
P94Shrink-beam potionAirStrike + FairyHit people and shrink them to death
P95Freeze-gun potionGun + Frozen EggFREEZE PEOPLE!
P96Bee-swarm potionAirStrike + HoneyBee Swarm!
P97Big-gun potionAirStrike + Giant’s EarGet a very big gun!
P98Gun-fire potionAirStrike + GunFire guns… what?
P99Freeze storm potionAirStrike + Frozen EggCreate a storm that freezes players
P100Throw nukes potionAirStrike + DynamiteThrow nukes
P101Fire napalm potionAirStrike + ChilliFire Napalm
P102IED potionAirStrike + BeansSpawn a bean can IED
P103UFO potionAlien Parasite + WheelFly an UFO!
P104Laser-strike potionAlien Parasite + AirStrikeORBITAL STRIKE!
P105Sus-gun potionHat of Gears + Beans + GunSUS GUN πŸ™‚
P106Abduction potionAlien Parasite + Wheel + AirStrikeAbduct people in PVP
P107Superman potionSuperhero CapeBecome the Superman
P108Spider-dude potionSuperhero Cape + SpiderBecome Spider-Dude
P109Green-dude potionSuperhero Cape + Giant's EarBecome the big green dude who's mad
P110Invisible potionSuperhero Cape + ChameleonBecome invisible...whenever you want!
P111Portal potionSuperhero Cape + GunThink in portals
P112Aquaman potionSuperhero Cape + FishBecome part of the sea!!!
P113Werewolf potionSuperhero Cape + Witches BrewHOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWL
P114Purple-dude potionSuperhero Cape + Zeus's BeardPurple Dude
P115Human-torch potionSuperhero Cape + ChiliThe HUMAN TORCH
P116Purple-car potionSuperhero Cape + WheelYou could live with your failure
P117Sabre potionSuperhero Cape + Boxing GlovesVOOOOSH
P118Flash potionSuperhero Cape + Giraffe HoofSUPER SPEEDY
P119Frog-mount potionMount + FrogRide a Frog
P120Fart-villain potionSuperhero Cape + Rotten SandwichBecome the villain of fart
P121Manbat potionSuperhero Cape + RobuxBe the man bat... wait the batman?
P122Ivy potionSuperhero Cape + Magic SeedThe poison ivy
P123Sus-o-weenHat of Gears + Beans + 2021 PumpkinBecome Sus of Ween!

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    1. Updated, thank you!

  2. theres alot more and it could be the LIMITED pumpkin

  3. so i have the pumkin but i dont have ingredient premium
    233 pumpkin head (only pumpkin ), 234 headless horse(giraffe hoof + pumpkin) , 235 jackbomb (pumpkin + dynamite) , 236 sans potion(halloween + beans) , 238 Dave potion(pumpkin + pool) , 239 bromed(witch soda +pumpkin ), 242 pump-legs(ear + pumpkin), 243 handed head(brain + pumpkin) , 244 youkin(you + pumpkin), 245 pump gloves(pumpkin + gloves), 246 sweet shot(gun + pumpkin) , 247 candy poop(sandwich+ pumpkin)
    hopes this helps πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you very much! The list has been updated! : )

  4. The pumpkin potions I know so far are (pumpkin,noodle)(pumpkin,dynamite)(pumpkin,giant ear)(pumpkin,you)(pumpkin,gun)(pumpkin,brain)(pumpkin,beans)(pumpkin,boxing gloves)

  5. These are sooo coool

  6. Very, very, very impressive that you knew it! It came out only 50 minutes ago! It tipically takes days before somebody gets all the new ones

  7. This helps me alot!!

  8. There is new ingredients axolotl in water
    And glasses in the cactus

  9. Number 74 is the hat grower potion, you make it with Robux + giants ear

  10. here are 15 new potion recipes with the new gun update!
    194:Cow disguise potion (Cow Hat) (Disguise yourself as a cow)
    195:Alien-arms potion (Chameleon+Pool Noodle+Alien Parasite) (Grow Alien Arms)
    196:??? (???+???) (???)
    197:Parasite potion (Rotten Sandwich+Alien Parasite) (AHHHH A PARASITE IS ON YOUR FACE)
    198:Vapor Potion (Dynamite+Alien Parasite) (Get vaporized)
    199:Alienhead potion (Giant’s Ear+Alien Parasite) (Grow a big aliens head)
    200:Eyeyyyy (Frog+Alien Parasite) (Grow ALIEN EYES)
    201:Legs potion (Giraffe Hoof+Alien Parasite) (Alien Legs)
    202:Neon potion (Chameleon+Alien Parasite) (BECOME A BRIGHT GREEN ALIEN)
    203:Zero-gravity (Bird+Alien Parasite) (LOSE ALL GRAVITY)
    204:Dna-scramble potion (Gun+Alien Parasite) (DNA scrambler gun)
    205:??? (???+???) (???)
    206:??? (???+???+???) (???)
    207:Alien-baby potion (Fairy+Alien Parasite) (BABABY REDACTED)
    208:Alien (Alien Parasite) (Alien Parasite)

    1. Hey, thank you so much!

    2. i just gotta figure out 196, 205 and 206

      1. All potions added now. πŸ™‚

  11. love the potions

  12. There are 11 new potion recipes with the new gun update!
    182:Bullet potion (Gun)
    183:Dynamite slinger (Gun+Dynamite)
    184:Giant-ray (Gun+Giant’s Ear)
    185:Flamethrower (Chilli+Gun)
    186:Bee-cannon (Bee+Gun)
    187:Shrink Ray(Not the other one) (Fairy+Gun)
    188:Beangun (Bean+Gun)
    189:Watergun (Fish+Gun)
    190:Poopy-gun (Rotten Sandwich+Gun)
    191:Pig launcher (Pet-tags+Gun)
    192:Poison hair (Spider+Gun)
    193:Buxshoot (Robux+Gun)

    1. Added, thank you!

    2. Edit: 12 potions, not 11

  13. 138 is Buzzing Head, not Queen bee. 140 is Hot Noodles, and 139 is Fire-Farting. Hot Noodles is repeated in the article twice for some reason-

    1. Thanks for these corrections! Hot noodles name is repeated on our in-game potions book for 140 and 141.

  14. Potion 154 is NOT sticky arms. I tested it and got the sweet-arms potion (Potion 134). I checked the book in-game and saw that said that Potion 154 had 4 ingredients. You only mentioned 3 for it and they were the wrong ingredients.

    1. Thank you, just fixed the recipe and name! πŸ™‚

    2. You got 3 ingredients right but you missed out one 1 single ingredient. Potion 154 is actually: Chameleon, Pool Noodle, EGGCANO and then Honey. Not Chameleon Pool Noodle and Honey. Your welcome for helping you fix this mistake.

  15. 175-Bird, Giraffe Hoof, and Frog -Lilyjump potion
    178-Bird, Giraffe Hoof, and 2x Frog -Lilypad-Jumping potion
    180-Giraffe Hoof, Bird, and Spider -Wall walker potion πŸ™‚

  16. 172 is frog and brain, not sure how we missed that but its called grapple tongue potion

  17. potion 172 is Grapple tongue potion and ingredients are frog and brain

  18. I found out 172 potion, It’s brain and frog and it’s called ,,Grapple-tongue potion” πŸ˜‰

  19. 175 – bird + hoof + frog
    180 – hoof + frog + spider

    1. Thank you!

  20. I found some more non premium potions

    P172: Grapple-tongue potion = Frog + Brain
    P175: Lily-jump potion = Bird + Giraffe Hoof + Frog
    P178: Lilypard-jumping potion = Bird + Giraffe Hoof + Fairy + Frog + Frog
    P180: Wall walker potion = Giraffe Hoof + Frog + Spider

    Hope this helps πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you so much!

  21. Zeus beard + frog = control jump height

    1. Thank you!

  22. jandels head + foryxes head + chameleon + pool noodle + chameleon
    is potion 159 and is the how did u find this potion

    1. Thank you!

      1. 172 Grapple-Tongue Frog + Brain Use your frogs tongue

        1. Thank you!

        2. all i did was simply start at fairy and than go to brain and got it

  23. you + giants ear is number 164 and is the creepy hands

  24. Potion 161 is actually false, since the recipe is actually the one for potion 159, which is the ”how did u find this?” potion and gives you rainbow potion arms.

    1. The actual recipe for 161 is just a pool noodle and a fish btw

  25. Non-premium potions:
    P166: Frog potion = Frog
    P167: Frog-legs potion = Frog + Giraffe Hoof
    P169: Tadpole potion = Frog + Fish
    P170: Thicc potion = Frog + Giant Ear
    P171: Banging-feet potion = Frog + Dynamite
    P173: Hibernation potion = Frog + Rotten Sandwich
    P174: Infinite potion = Frog + Fairy
    P176: Eyes potion = Frog + Chameleon
    P177: Bounce-high potion = Frog + Bird
    P179: Frog-boxing potion = Frog + Boxing Gloves
    P181: Eeely potion = Frog + Pool Noodle

    Premium potions:

    P90: Lilypad-morph potion = Frog + Magic Seed
    P91: Control-jump potion = Frog + Zeus’ Beard
    P92: Uni potion = Frog + Hat of Gears

    1. Thank you!

    2. I found another non premium potion

      P168: Prince potion: Become a cursed prince! To make it you need to put the frog and yourself

      1. Added, thank you!

  26. Potion 164 is called creepy hands potion and the ingredients are urself and giants ear

    1. Added, thank you!

  27. The jelly fish is now fish and pool noodle and the potion after potion arms is the old potion recipe for jellyfish it’s called how did u even find this

  28. 86 is Hat of Gears+Dynamite+Honey, Stickybomb Potion


  30. you forgot P88

    1. Added now!