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Roblox [FREE ADMIN] Commands and Cheats List

I have the power!

The popular Roblox experience [FREE ADMIN] allows players to delve into their chaotic side and bear the all-mighty admin abilities that so many long for. Want to trap your friend in a glass case, or maybe stick them to a toilet full of exploding rainbow poop, I can show you how!

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All Commands and Cheats in [FREE ADMIN]

Every free command in [FREE ADMIN] can be found in the list below. Where it says <player>, you'll need to add the username of the player you want to effect; where it says <number> or <scale>, you'll need to enter an applicable number.

  • :ping <player>
  • :commands <player>
  • :morphs <player>
  • :donor <player>
  • :serverRanks <player>
  • :ranks <player>
  • :logs <player>
  • :chatLogs <player>
  • :info <player>
  • :credits <player>
  • :updates <player>
  • :settings <player>
  • !prefix <player>
  • :clear <player>
  • :radio <player>
  • :getSound <player>
  • :cmdbar <player>
  • :cmdbar2 <player>
  • :refresh <player>
  • :shirt <player> <number>
  • :pants <player> <number>
  • :hat <player> <number>
  • :clearHats <player>
  • :face <player> <number>
  • :invisible <player>
  • :visible <player>
  • :paint <player> <color>
  • :material <player> <material>
  • :reflectance <player> <number>
  • :transparency <player> <number>
  • :glass <player>
  • :neon <player>
  • :shine <player>
  • :ghost <player>
  • :gold <player>
  • :jump <player>
  • :sit <player>
  • :bigHead <player>
  • :smallHead <player>
  • :potatoHead <player>
  • :spin <player> <number>
  • :rainbowFart <player>
  • :warp <player>
  • :ice <player>
  • :thaw <player>
  • :freeze <player>
  • :jail <player>
  • :forceField <player>
  • :fire <player>
  • :smoke <player>
  • :sparkless <player>
  • :name <player> <text>
  • :hidename <player>
  • :showname <player>
  • :r15 <player>
  • :r6 <player>
  • :nightVision <player>

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  • :dwarf <player>
  • :giant <player>
  • :size <player> <scale>
  • :bodyTypeScale <player> <scale>
  • :depth <player> <scale>
  • :headSize <player> <scale>
  • :height <player> <scale>
  • :hipHeight <player> <scale>
  • :squash <player>
  • :proportion <player> <scale>
  • :width <player> <scale>
  • :fat <player>
  • :thin <player>
  • :char <player> <user id /username>
  • :morph <player> <morph>
  • :view <player>
  • :bundle <player> <number>
  • :dino <player>
  • :follow <user id /username>
  • :h <text>
  • hr <text>
  • ho <text>
  • hy <text>
  • hg <text>
  • hdg <text>
  • hb <text>
  • hdb <text>
  • hp <text>
  • hbk <text>
  • :fly <player> <speed>
  • :fly2 <player> <speed>
  • :noclip <player> <speed>
  • :noclip2 <player> <speed>
  • :clip <player>
  • :speed <player> <speed>
  • :jumpPower <player> <number>
  • :health <player> <number>
  • :heal <player>
  • :god <player>
  • :teleport <player> <individual>
  • :bring <player> <individual>
  • :to <player> <individual>
  • :apparate <player> <studs>
  • :talk <player> <text>
  • :bubbleChat <player>
  • :handTo <player>
  • :sword <player>
  • :gear <player> <number>
  • titler <player> <text>
  • titleo <player> <text>
  • titley <player> <text>
  • titleg <player> <text>
  • titledg <player> <text>
  • titleb <player> <text>
  • titledb <player> <text>
  • titlep <player> <text>
  • titlepk <player> <text>
  • titlebk <player> <text>
  • :fling <player>
  • :clone <player>
  • :clear
  • :m <text>
  • mr <text>
  • mo <text>
  • my <text>
  • mg <text>
  • mdg <text>
  • mb <text>
  • mdb <text>
  • mp <text>
  • mpk <text>
  • mbk <text>

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  • :serverMessage <text>
  • :serverHint <text>
  • :countdown <number>
  • :notice <player> <text>
  • :music <number>
  • :pitch <number>
  • :volume <number>
  • :team <player> <teamcolor
  • :time <number>
  • :disco
  • :vote <player> <answers> <question>
  • :rich <player>
  • :zombie <player>
  • :ninja <player>
  • :cop <player>
  • :golden <player>
  • :fart <player>
  • :alien <player>
  • :astronaut <player>
  • :nurse <player>
  • :doctor <player>
  • :cat <player>
  • :doge <player>
  • :bear <player>
  • :prisoner <player>
  • :muscler <player>
  • :king <player>
  • :pirate <player>
  • :snowman <player>
  • :santa <player>
  • :cowboy <player>
  • :skeleton <player>
  • :unicorn <player>
  • :monkey <player>
  • :tiger <player>
  • :killer <player>
  • :werewolf <player>
  • :vampire <player>
  • :robot <player>
  • :clown <player>
  • :slender <player>
  • :tank <player>
  • :swat <player>
  • :banana <player>
  • :princess <player>
  • :superhero <player>
  • :bunny <player>
  • :famous <player>
  • :famous2 <player>
  • :penguin <player>
  • :chicken <player>

What do commands do in [FREE ADMIN]?

Commands are, well, commands, that instruct the brain of the experience you're playing to complete certain tasks. As you're likely aware, each experience on Roblox is made using some sort of code, and this code is what makes the experience work. So, to put it simply, when you input a command into the chat bar in [FREE ADMIN], you're essentially adding a quick, one-time piece of code to the experience as a whole that will, in turn, cause a specific response.

Normally, commands and "cheats" can only be used by experience administrators, which means only the creators of Adopt Me! can use admin commands inside the Adopt Me! experience, only the creators of Blox Fruits can use admin commands inside the Blox Fruits experience, and so on and so on. In [FREE ADMIN], though, anyone can use commands, leading to hours of entertaining (albeit annoying) chaos!


That's it for this quick guide on how to use admin commands in [FREE ADMIN] and what they offer. If you'd like lists of any other controls, let me know in the comments below!

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Roblox [FREE ADMIN] Commands and Cheats List

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