Hidden Journal Locations in Sea of Thieves | Shores of Gold Tall Tale

The Shores of Gold Tall Tale has 10 Journals to find! Use this guide to easily locate them all.

For the Shores of Gold Tall Tale, you have the option of pursuing one of the commendations in the Pirate Log that requires you to find all the Hidden Journals. This Commendation is not required to complete the story. However, this is the most immersive sequence of Journals in the game. It gives an incredible backstory to Briggsy, who we had to defeat in the second Tall Tale, The Cursed Rogue.

Sea of Thieves | Fate of the Morningstar Tall Tale | Hidden Journal Locations

Before we begin: If you were actually looking to solve some part of the main questline, you can find the links to those sections below!

We also have a few other important things to note about finding these Journals. The first and most important thing to mention is that you can only obtain while the Shores of Gold Tall Tale is active. If you find them while it's not active, it will not count towards the Commendation awarded for finding them. Secondly, you do not need to find these in order. Although the only way to find them without a guide is by using clues from the previous book, you can plan a faster route to collect them if you use this guide instead.

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One final thing to note about the Hidden Journals for the Shores of Gold Tall Tale: There are ten. This is the only Tall Tale with more than five Journals to find. Luckily, they are all on the same island. This guide will have two separate parts. The first part will explain how to find the Journals that are on the outside of the island. The second part will explain where to find the Journals along the path to the Gold Hoarder's Lair.

We have listed them in the order in which they were meant to be found below.

The Island Journals

Journal #1

The Journal on the island near Briggsy's Sloop.

The first Journal is located in Briggsy's Sloop. Shown in the image above is a path for you to access the doorway. Once you're inside the doorway, you can look across the room to see the Journal lying in the corner.

Journal #2

The Journal on the island near the white flag.

You can find this journal on the ramp that forms a walkway around the center of the island. If you look from Briggsy's Sloop, you can see a waterfall not too far away. Walk to the right of this waterfall to enter the path around the island. You will see a white, tattered flag hanging from a post that's lodged between two rocks about halfway through this path. The Journal is propped up a few steps away from the flag.

Journal #3

The Journal on the island in the Compass Room.

The third Journal is located in the Compass Room. If you followed the path from Journal #2, it would eventually take you to the makeshift bridge that leads to the peninsula with the Compass Room. From the entrance of the room, turn to the right. You will see the Journal lying in some crates next to the door.

Journal #4

The Journal on the island near the rubble.

This Journal is disguised by the rubble around it, so it can be easily missed. If you face the large Ancient Statues in the middle of the island from the northern bay, you will see paths. You want to take the path that is farthest to the right. It will eventually lead you to some stone steps, which lead up to this monument. In the center of the monument are steps going down. The Journal is located amongst the rubble on the right side.

Journal #5

The Journal on the island on the statue's arm.

This is the most difficult Journal to get to in this Tall Tale. It's best to try to get this Journal while you're trying to shoot yourself onto the large Ancient Statue in the middle of the map. A couple of statues down, you can find this Journal resting on the left hand. Firing onto this exact statue is very unlikely, but there is a trick to get to it. If you manage to land on the laps of one of the statues on the left side, it's possible to sword lunge onto the statue next to it. Get as high as you can on the statue's arm, look directly across the gap to the other statue's arm, and sword lunge. If you did it right, you will land on the next statue!

The Lair Journals

Journal #6

the Journal in the lair pathway near the ledge.

This Journal can be found immediately after you pass the door opened by placing the Gold Hoarder's Medallion. As soon as you walk through the entryway, look on the left side of the ledge before you. You will see a couple of crates on the ground. The Journal is lying in one of these crates.

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Journal #7

The Journal in the lair pathway near the pillar.

This Journal is in the first large room you enter. When you walk in, you will see some glowing mushrooms on the right side. It takes some finagling, but you can work your way around this side to some rubble behind the pool of water. Light your lantern to see more easily. The Journal is tucked away amongst the rubble that blocks your path to the other side.

Journal #8

The Journal in the lair pathway near the spike trap.

After the previous Journal, you'll find that the only way forward is to go back and take the path to the left of the room's entrance. Down that path, you will need to narrowly dodge the spike walls that burst out. Those traps are followed by an extended, narrow platform that you need to tread across carefully. Finally, you'll reach an area with spikes swinging on either side of wooden pikes sticking out of the ground. You'll find the Journal just before these traps in a crate.

Journal #9

The Journal in the lair pathway in the rubble.

Similar to Journal #7, you'll find this Journal hidden by the rubble around it. After you have progressed a bit more through the dungeon, you will come to a room that looks innocent as you enter it. However, if you move too quickly across the floor, you will get spiked by the wooden stakes that suddenly burst up from it. Tread carefully across this room to the brazier and jump onto it, then proceed to the wooden platform with the rubble. Look in the rubble to find Journal #9.

Journal #10

The Journal in the Vault Pathway on the Wooden Platform.

The Final Journal is relatively easy to access. Not much further down the lair's pathway, you will see skeletons hanging in cages above you. Just beneath these cages is a wooden frame next to a platform on the right. On this platform, you'll find some crates, and inside one of them is the last Journal!

What's Next

When you have found all the Journals, you'll unlock the Stain of Greed Commendation! This is one of the six Commendations you must achieve to truly complete the Shores of Gold Tall Tale and obtain the Legendary Commendation. There are several Commendations awarded along the way as you complete the main part of this Tall Tale for the first time. Our guide covers all possibilities for what islands may hold the Tall Tale's items, so feel free to go back to the start and use it again!

Have you found all the Hidden Journals for the Fate of the Morningstar Tall Tale? Use our guide to find them on your adventure!

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