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Jedi Survivor All Map Upgrades and How To Get Them

Secret upgrades that make finding stuff easier!

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is packed full of content in places you'd least expect. Sometimes you'll find stims upgrades or even boosts to your health and force bar. But one of the rarest sets of upgrades you can find is related to the map. These are so rare and so well-hidden that you can play through the entire game and not even get a single one of them.

Luckily for you, I know exactly where to get all five and how to get them. So, strap in, dear reader, so I can enlighten you with new knowledge, whether you're starting fresh or on New Game Plus.

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All map upgrade locations in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

As mentioned, there are five total map upgrades hidden around the various planets in Jedi Survivor. Some are better hidden and require more effort than others, but they are well worth it when you can look at your map and find every chest in the game with ease.

Chest Map Upgrade

This map upgrade allows you to see every chest in the game on your map. To get it, you'll need to adventure into the depths of the Phon'Qi Caverns on Koboh. Be warned, though—getting through these caverns is a trial itself, requiring you to have access to most of the story-related abilities. Even if you get inside, three lightsaber-wielding mercenaries, a savage rancor, and a whole bunch of other badness await you there. If you manage to best everything the cave has to offer, especially if you did it on Jedi Grandmaster as I did, then you'll be rewarded with this upgrade, the most useful one of them all.

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Seed Map Upgrade

Unlike the other upgrades on this list, this one is actually pretty easy to obtain, though it does require a bit of story progress to do so. The upgrade is located on Kuboh, on top of the cantina in Rambler's Reach. There is a terminal there that you need to activate to get the upgrade. Doing so will allow you to see all undiscovered Seed Pods on Kuboh.

However, it is covered in vines and thus inaccessible until you fill the entire garden with plants you find during your adventures. The catch here is that you'll need to have recruited Pili, the gardener. Suppose you haven't done this yet, not to worry. It is hard to miss due to this process being done during the Pilgrim's Sanctuary main story located on Jedha.

Upgrades Map Upgrade

This upgrade will allow you to locate all undiscovered upgrades, such as Stims, once obtained. However, this one will require a bit of effort, and I recommend doing it throughout your normal play sessions rather than just focusing on it. The upgrade is located in the Alignment Control Center on Kuboh. This location is heavily story-related, but you can find it early if you're exploring. Even so, the story will eventually bring you here as well.

Once inside, you'll find a set of terminals that are either red or green. In order to unlock this upgrade, you need to complete all Chambers of Mediation on Kuboh. This is why I highly recommend not focusing hard on this one, as some chambers will require story-related force powers to get to or complete. Once all chambers have been completed, the terminals will all be green, and you can obtain the upgrade with ease.

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Databanks Map Upgrade

Much like the Map Upgrade, the Databanks Upgrade requires significant story progress to obtain. This one is found on Nova Garon, the imperial base where Cal chases Bode to. In order to get this, explore Nova Garon until you reach the story beat, where you end up in the base commander's office. After the cutscene, instead of leaving the office immediately, search for a terminal near the windows close by. Upon clicking on this terminal, you'll get the upgrade, which allows you to see all items you can scan for on your map.

Treasures Map Upgrade

This upgrade allows you to find any missing Priorite Shards or Jedha Scrolls you haven't found. To get this one, you'll need to complete the main story until you gain access to the Wayfinder's Tomb on Jedha. Complete the main three Desert Ruins on the planet, and access will be yours. Once all three ruins have been completed, head inside and interact with the terminal. Treasures will hide from you no longer.

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Jedi Survivor All Map Upgrades and How To Get Them

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