How to put wheels on cars in Teardown

Of all the challenges that players face in Teardown, one of the oddest ones is simply destroying or driving cars into nearby waterways. Thing is, to be able to take these cars for a swim in the first place, they need to have wheels. Unfortunately, players cannot put wheels onto cars, but they can do […]

How to get into the vault in Teardown

In Teardown, players can use all sorts of methods to break and destroy nearly everything. Unfortunately, one of the indestructible items in the game is a vault door. Players can come across this vault On Hollowrock Island during The BlueTide Computers mission. Related: How to detonate the big bomb in Teardown Finding an entrance into […]

How to spawn things in Teardown

It used to be that spawning was not possible while playing Teardown. Thanks to the 0.9.5 Version released in March 2022, players can now spawn vehicles and other essential game assets. It’s really as simple as a few clicks, too. How does spawning work in Teardown? Spawning in Teardown is done by navigating to the […]

How to unlock everything in Teardown

The most fun and exciting aspect of Teardown is playing the Sandbox mode, as you can spawn in and do everything you wish. The only problem is that the game does not allow you to play with most items inside the Sandbox mode until you unlock them through the campaign mode. In such a scenario, […]

How to play custom maps in Teardown

After a point, it gets boring to play and repeat the same maps in Teardown. In such a situation, you can bring variety to your gameplay experience by installing custom maps in Teardown. To set up and play custom maps in Teardown, you will need to download and install the maps from any third-party Teardown […]