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Take on the mighty Kemono.

Wild Hearts is EA and Koei Techmo's monster-hunting title. It features co-op, fast-paced action, powerful ancient weapons called Karakuri, and of course, monsters. These are called Kemono, which may leave you wondering how many Kemono are in Wild Hearts.

How many Kemono are there in Wild Hearts?

EA has announced that Wild Hearts will launch with over 20 Kemono to face. More are planned to release post-launch in free DLC content. This gives hunters a variety of monsters to face. Fortunately, we know some of the Kemono coming in Wild Hearts, which we have listed below.

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All Kemono monsters in Wild Hearts – Kemono List


Image via EA

Amaterasu is a winged Kemono and is typically revered as a kami of the Heavens. This Kemono can absorb celestial thread to increase its power and rage. However, it is vulnerable to attack during this time, so strike swiftly with a Harpoon Karakuri to slow it down.

Cobalt Lavaback

Image via EA

Despite the boiling magma it produces, the Cobalt Lavaback prefers to make its home in icy regions. This melts the ice and creates burning hot springs. It shares the Lavaback's cleverness and will burrow underground only to pop out and attack.


Image via EA

The Deathstalker, or Rasetsu, is a cold-hearted monster capable of summoning ice and using its quick speed and massive strength to defeat even other Kemono. It hunts both in a pack and solo, but you will need to fight it smartly if you wish to survive. Target its ice armor to reveal weak spots and strike true.


Image via EA

The Dreadclaw is a deadly beast, similar to a Cockerel, but with a deadly screech. Its shrill squall is capable of destroying farmhouses, but it also fights with a relentless onslaught. Stay evasive and strike after dodging this Kemono's attacks.


Image via EA

So great is the Earthbreaker's strength that it has been known to tear mountains apart and swallow them whole. Its lumbering gait may leave you thinking it is slow and clumsy, but don't let that fool you. You will need to identify the weak points in its armor, specifically when angered, as these are your chance to inflict real damage.


Image via EA

This Kemono is as deadly as it is beautiful. Don't let the Emberplume's volcanic flames deceive you, as its flames can purge evil and hunters alike. This Kemono is considered a harbinger of destruction, so go into battle carefully and well-prepared.


Image via EA

The Fumebeak is a dark bird that uses a toxic miasma to weaken its prey. Despite this, it is not immune to its own toxins, as it occasionally suffers convulsions upon ingesting it. Poison-resistant armor is a must when battling this Kemono, and a Repeater Crossbow wouldn't hurt either.


Image via EA

The Goldshard, or Koganebari, uses its protective spines both for defense and offense. As it can fire these as projectiles, you will need to fight this creature evasively. The Goldshard will fire all its quills with enough patients, leaving it exposed and protected. This is your opportunity to attack, but be mindful that the spines grow back faster when this Kemono is angered.

Golden Tempest

Image via EA

Within the Golden Sea lives the Golden Tempest, or Aragane. This massive Kemono uses the Golden Sea's shifting sands and the wind's power to distract and strike its prey. It can move slowly, lulling opponents into a false sense of security before striking with lightning speed. This makes the Celestial Cannon a good weapon against the Golden Tempest.


Image via EA

The Gritdog is one of the most intelligent Kemono, as made evident by the Karakuri-like structures around its den. It can control complex magnetic fields to manipulate ironsand into the different shapes or pull hunters toward it.

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Image via EA

Despite its resemblance to the Kingtusk, the Icetusk is a much different Kemono. It has adapted to cold environments, even using ice and frost to fight its prey. As its territory expands, so too do the cold temperatures. It is capable of using its powerful tusks or deadly ice breath in battle, so be careful when facing it.


Image via EA

This slow-moving Kemono is a force to be reckoned with, especially since it tends to stray near human settlements. The Kingtusk, or Yama'ugachi, has multiple eyes, though most are kept shut until some prey enters its territory. Its massive teeth can break almost anything, and little can survive a rampaging charge from this Kemono. The Bulwark Karakuri will be handy in defeating the Kingtusk.


Image via EA

While all Kemono should be feared and respected, the Lavaback, or Jigokuzaru, stands out due to its unpleasantness and cunning. This Kemono can send molten rock flying through the air and can swipe at hunters with its long arms. Hunters will need strong evasion skills and patience to defeat this deadly Kemono.


Image via EA

A relative of the Goldshard, the Onyxshard shares its ability to fire rock-hard spines. However, it differs in that it can also summon earth from the ground to attack its prey. To survive and defeat this Kemono, you must keep one on the mighty beast and one eye on the ground beneath your feet, as both can impale you with rock.


Image via EA

While similar to the Fumebeak, this Kemono is vastly different due to its diet and how it was nurtured. The Pearlbeak trades the Fumebeak's toxins for dazzling beams of light. Looking directly at this light will make you vulnerable, so block the light with a Bulwark and launch a counterattack.


Image via EA

The Ragetail, or Hanayadoshi, is a ravenous Kemono with no distinction in its prey. Anything smaller than it risks being eaten by this deadly creature's one-track mind. When angered, the Ragetail's tail will grow in size and strength, making it a deadly weapon. Sneaking behind the beast and removing this tail is crucial to defeating it and staying alive.


Image via EA

The Ripclaw is a female version of the Dreadclaw and is equally as deadly. It prefers colder climates to lay its eggs, some of which are filled with sleep-inducing smoke. Those who fall prey to this tactic quickly find themselves a light snack for the Ripclaw.


Image via EA

The Sapscourge, or Kohakunushi, may appear docile and calm, but it is a deadly creature with a unique defense mechanism. It secretes a pollen-like sap that can leave hunters unconscious, so avoiding this is vital. Its tail is a weakness, making it the perfect place to focus your attacks while avoiding the Sapscourge's pollen.


Image via EA

This flying Kemono secretes a liquid that hardens into rock, creating stony pillars that mark its territory. Few hunters hear the Spineglider, or Tsunobashiri, coming when it swoops down for the kill. Look for footholds in the stony pillars to prevent the Spineglider from having a place to land and bring it crashing down. Once you have dropped this Kemono, strike its tail to take advantage of a vulnerable spot.


Image via EA

The Sporetail is physically similar to the Ragetail but vastly different at the same time. A Sporetail lives in its territory with its Sporetail pups and will defend this territory together. Don't neglect the pups, as they become incredibly dangerous when the Sporetail becomes enraged.


Image via EA

This Kemono is a venomous cousin to the Spineglider. It shares the ability to create rock from liquid secretions but can also inflict poison on its prey. You can use the same strategy you would use against a Spineglider, but you must be mindful of the Venomglider's poisonous attacks.

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All Kemono in Wild Hearts

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