Is Bayonetta 1 getting a physical release?

The first Bayonetta started it all, and PlatinumGames’ series has taken off since its initial release in 2014. Since then, fans have received a sequel in Bayonetta 2, and Bayonetta 3 now has an official release date. But some other news for the Bayonetta series may have fans wondering if Bayonetta is getting a physical […]

Who is Madama Butterfly in Bayonetta?

Bayonetta is an action-packed, wild ride full of witches, demons, angels, and other chaos. The titular Bayonetta is a powerful Umbra Witch who faces off against these threats to mankind, but she has a little help from Madama Butterfly. This may leave you wondering who Madama Butterfly is in Bayonetta. Madama Butterfly is a powerful […]

Bayonetta – All LP Locations Guide

Bayonetta is an action game in the vein of Devil May Cry, but thanks to the incredible talent at PlatinumGames (the same team responsible for Babylon’s Fall), broke the mold. Within the first and second games, there were Angelic Hymns Gold LPs that were said to contain the crystallized voices of angels. Finding their fragments […]