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TFT Fates Set 4 Champions and Traits

A sneak peek into the new TFT set Fates dropped on August 26th, 2020. Information was given about some of the new champions coming in the update as well as a look into the game’s new mechanic. This information is just a taste of what’s to come in the new set but offers enough info […]

TFT 10.15 Patch Notes – Buffs, Nerfs, & Changes!

The Teamfight Tactics 10.15 patch is buffing and nerfing a fair amount of heroes in this update. Galactic Armory will be reworked, Neekoverse is removed, and the new Plunder Planet galaxy is being added. Patch Rundown Official 10.15 Patch Notes Here’s a look at the official TFT 10.15 Patch notes: SYSTEMS Galaxies New Galaxy: Plunder […]