Diablo Immortal Final Boss guide – How to beat Skarn

You'll be skarned for life.

Diablo Immortal is a free-to-play action role-playing game most easily described as Diablo for phones (although you can also play it on PC). If we're talking strictly about gameplay experience, you'll have a lot of fun. There are a lot of quests, areas to explore, and bosses to fight. The most difficult one is, of course, Skarn, Lord of Damnation. If you don't know how to beat Skarn, check out our guide below.

How to defeat Skarn in Diablo Immortal

Skarn is a final boss, but that doesn't mean it's the end of your adventure. There is still a lot to do, and Diablo Immortal endgame content is very challenging. But before that, you have to free the world from the threat of Skarn. That can be a tall order if you're not ready, so make sure to be at least level 55 before going at the Lord of Damnation. You'll also need to do several things:

  1. Destroy Pit of Anguish in the campaign's dungeon.
  2. Get angels to help you open the door to Skarn's lair.
  3. Ensure you are strong enough and well equipped for a final boss battle.

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How to fight Skarn and avoid his attacks

If you think you're ready, head to Realm of Damnation. There you'll finally face Skarn and his dangerous arsenal of attacks. To take him down, you'll first need to know his attacks so that you can plan your counter-attacks.

Energy beam

  • Diablo games have no lasers, but this is the closest thing to that. Skarn can project a heat beam that will go after you. This ability has devastating damage, so when he activates it, start running around in circles until the beam stops.

Minion summoning

  • Skarn will summon Slagspitters from time to time. It's imperative to destroy them quickly, as they can be dangerous. When they fall, concentrate again on the big guy.

Deceiving Visions

  • At a later stage of the battle, Skar will summon versions of hero classes and disappear. These Adventurers from Hell will make your life miserable, as they'll use all those dangerous skills you and your allies have. Only after you eliminate them will Skarn return.

All-direction projectiles

After you destroy his visions, Lord of Damnation will start firing projectiles in all directions. You'll notice that they always go in the same direction, so try to get between them to avoid damage.

Skarns, lots of Skarns!

  • He'll pull one last trick when you think the fight is over. Skarn will clone himself, so you're now stuck with four copies with that laser attack. What you need to do is to hit the clone that's glowing red. That's where Skarn is hiding, but that's not all. Skarn can switch bodies, so he's not always in the exact clone. It's essential to hit the glowing clone, no matter which image it is.

Diablo Immortal's final boss Skarn, will cycle all these skills and spells during battle, so be prepared to endure them multiple times. That's easier said than done, so don't get disappointed if you die a couple of times (or more).

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Best hero builds for Diablo Immortal Final Boss battle

When you find legendary items in Diablo Immortal, you'll wear them until you find the better one. That's because the most important stat in this game is ORDR. Therefore, the best gear is the one with the best rating. Hence, the best equipment is what you're wearing right now. So, focus on abilities as that can make a difference in this fight. What you need are damage and healing skills.

Best Barbarian abilities for beating Skarn

  • Lacerate—Every third hit will heal you.
  • Wrath of Berserker—Enter a berserk rage to increase attack and movement speed.

Best Demon Hunter abilities for the final boss battle

  • Rain of Vengeance—Volley of arrows that deals area-of-effect damage.
  • Sentry—Turret that fires at nearby enemies.

Best Crusader abilities for killing Skarn

  • Conjuration of Light—Gives damage immunity to you and your allies.
  • Draw and Quarter—Increases movement speed (among other bonuses)

Best Wizard abilities for the final boss battle

  • Ice Armor—Create a barrier of ice around the hero to absorb damage. When the barrier expires, it will shatter for damage and inflict Chill.
  • Ice Crystal—Create an Ice Crystal that damages all nearby enemies and inflicts Chill.

Best Necromancer abilities for defeating Skarn

  • Bone Armor—Shield of bones that absorbs damage.
  • Wraith Form—Invulnerability and increased movement speed

Best Monk abilities for the final boss battle

  • Inner Sanctuary—Place a circle of protection that reduces all damage taken by you and your allies.
  • Shield of Zen—Protects you or an ally with a shield absorbing damage.

To summarize, the best way to beat the final boss in Diablo Immortal is to come with the best-rated items and to use health potions and Heath Globes wisely. After this, you'll be ready for endgame adventures and Paragon skill trees.

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Diablo Immortal Final Boss guide – How to beat Skarn

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