How to get powder for casts in Dwarf Fortress

In Dwarf Fortress, dwarves sometimes break arms, legs, and other bones and need them set in a cast. For this, they’ll need plaster powder, which is interchangeably called plaster powder and gypsum plaster in-game. Here’s how to manufacture and provide hospitals with that powder. How to make gypsum plaster in Dwarf Fortress To make gypsum […]

All Dwarf Fortress quality symbols and what they mean

In Dwarf Fortress, every item has a quality associated with it depending on the skill and attributes of the crafter who constructed it. Unskilled craftsdwarves will make low-quality items, while legendary craftsdwarves will consistently produce masterwork items. This quality is shown by symbols surrounding an item’s name, which lets you know its high quality. Below […]

How to make clothes in Dwarf Fortress

In Dwarf Fortress, the game tracks each individual dwarves’ clothing, from socks and shirts to boots and hoods. Dwarves will arrive at your fortress fully clothed. Whether by wear and tear, or misadventure, their clothes will be ruined and broken over time. So here’s how you make clothes in Dwarf Fortress. Clothing basics There are […]

Farming for Dwarf Fortress beginners

If you’re returning to Dwarf Fortress after a long sabbatical or are curious about the long-standing game now that it’s had a massive facelift, farming is an element of gameplay that can be a little confusing for unfamiliar players. Below, we detail the easiest ways to farm in Dwarf Fortress so you can begin supplying […]