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Lost Lands 6 Walkthrough, part 4

A thrilling conclusion.

There are lots of point-and-click puzzler game series out there, but I like Lost Lands more than most. Below you’ll find the final section (part 4) of my Lost Lands 6 walkthrough of the main story, including all puzzle solutions.

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What I like about these games is the depth of the RPG-style story and Mistakes of the Past takes things a step further. Not only does it reintroduce old favorite characters but there’s also time travel as well as alternate worlds. 

Lost Lands 6 Mistakes of the Past - Walkthrough Part 4

In part 4 of my Lost Lands 6 Mistakes of the Past walkthrough, we pick up the story just as Susan has snuck into Maaronguard in disguise, trying to find the hexagon. This guide will go right to the end of the story, but if you’re looking for solutions to earlier parts of the game instead reference my Lost Lands 6 Walkthrough hub page.

The central square, garden, and kitchen

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Standing in Maaraonguard’s central square, you’ll find the Morphing Object in a window (a1) and the Collectible on the castle wall (a2). Select the guards (a3) and the side door’s gates (a4) will open. Before you head through, select the fountain (a5) and note the pattern on the carving (three leaves on the left of a branch). 

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Once in the garden, select the mat by the door (b1), pick up the Key, and drag it to the lock to enter the kitchen. There are no collectibles here. 

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Take the Morphing Object from the table (c1) and the Collectible from the side of the workbench (c2). Click the cook’s apron and hat (c3) to dress like a cook, take the Recipe Book (c4), then take the Jug from the stove (c5) and light it in the close-up with your firekeeper. Move into the hall (c6).

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The Collectible is on the wall (d1), while the Morphing Object is on the left chandelier (d2). Select the back of the room and get a close-up inside the triangle (d3) to start a chip-moving puzzle. See below for the locations to drag the red chip too. Once complete, this gives you access to the throne room. Head in. 

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Click anywhere for a cut scene, after which you’ll find the Collectible under the table (e1) and that the Morphing Object is the right banner (e2). Click the throne (e3) for a close-up and use the sword to pry loose and take the green Crystal. You can also click the end of the table (e4) and click the pot ticket twice to add it to the rope. 

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The recipe ingredients

Click the lectern (d4) to find today’s menu (mushroom soup) and the Piece of Paper with Code. You can now open the recipe book (main courses) to find the nine ingredients you need for the soup. Select the machine (d5) next and add the crystal to start a sequence-matching puzzle. The solution is different each time so you’re just going to need to pay attention! Once complete, take the Top Part of the Fountain

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Back in the kitchen, use the code on the paper (2388) to open the cupboard (c7). Take the Pot, Basket, and Handle from inside. Open the recipe book in your inventory and then click the box of food. You can add salt, carrots, onions, garlic, rosemary, and potatoes from here, leaving you buffalo milk, white mushrooms, and water to find. 

Go to the central square, get a close-up of the buffalo (a6), and use the jug to get Buffalo Milk. Select the top of the fountain (a7) next and add the top part. You then need to click the feathers so they’re in the exact right positions (bottom down, middle central, top up). Once done correctly, the water will flow and you can use the pot at the bottom (a5) to get a Pot with Water.

Now move to the garden, click on the grass (b2), and add the basket. You can’t go wrong here, so just keep clicking until you have all seven. Now return to the kitchen, and add the pot with water (c8) to the boiling pot, which will swing over the fire. Select the recipe book in your inventory and add the mushrooms and milk, plus the poison powder, to get the Recipe Ingredients

Preparing the meal

Select the door (c8), add the handle, and then open the door. Select the ingredients item in your inventory and click the open door to start an object-finding puzzle. Once you’ve made the poisoned soup, put it on the fixed trolley to get the Tea Trolley

Go to the throne room, select the left end of the table (e5), and add the trolley. Now follow the lit areas to add each item to the table in order, pouring some wine to finish. Once complete, click the rope at the other end of the table (e4) to summon Maaron to dinner.  

After the cut scene, select Maaron (e5) for a close-up and take the Hand. Head out to the hall, use the hand to open the door (d6), and head up to Maaron’s bedroom. 

Finding the hexagon

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The Collectible is behind the bed (f1), while the Morphing Object (f2) is by the bed. Select the bed (f3), click the pillows several times to move them, and then take the Tin Punch Cards from inside the book. 

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Smash the picture (f4) with the hammer, take the Hang Glider Picture, and note the Xs marked on the frame behind. Select the base of the drawers (f5), and copy the Xs pattern you’ve just seen (above, the order doesn’t matter), which gives you access to the tower roof (f6).

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While still in Maaron's bedroom, click the dresser (f7) and then open the drawer to take the Central Part of the Pattern and a Screw Hook. Move up to the roof. Grab the Collectible (g1) and Morphing Object (g2), then add the screw hook to the gap in the boards (g3) and take the Moon Ice from the compartment there. 

Escaping the tower

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Add the moon ice and the tin punch cards to the Eye of the Skywatcher (g4), then click the Eye of the Skywatcher to start a light puzzle. You need to move each disc into place (starting with the largest) so you can see stars through all of the holes (see image above). Once complete, you’ll get a diary update. 

Move back to Maaron’s bedroom, click the chest (f8) for a close-up, then click the puzzle to use this new knowledge to open it and get the Time Hexagon and Harness Straps for the Hang Glider.   

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Head back to the roof and select the hang glider (g5). Add the hang glider picture, and then the harness, to make your escape. When you land, enter the tomb (h1), add the central part of the pattern to the end of the sarcophagus, and take Helma’s Poison. Finally, add the ashes to the hexagon and move back to the present day. 

Maaron’s house

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Both the Collectible (i1) and Morphing Object (i2) are on the upstairs landing. Select Maaron (i3) for a close-up and take his Medallion. Select the desk (i4) next and note the symbol for a recovery spell (it looks like a hangman gibbet). 

Click the book again to close it, add the medallion, and then click the book again to open it once more. You’ll find you need particular feathers and a magic staff made from a young tree of life. 

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Select the young tree (i5) and cut it down with the sword of justice to get a Young Tree Trunk. Now select the frame at the top of the stairs (i6) to start a movement puzzle. You need to move the eight pieces around the edge onto the right spots on the central mechanism. See the solution above and match the following:

  • 1 to a
  • 3 to c
  • 4 to f
  • 8 to h
  • 2 to e
  • 5 to d
  • 7 to g
  • 6 to b. 

Make sure to add the 6 to the b slot last. It may take a while, but the green crystal will move around the circle and complete the puzzle. Once complete, the door (i6) will open to reveal a missing objects puzzle

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The final object-matching puzzle

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Grab the Ladder (k1), select it in your inventory, and click the chest (k2) to place the ladder. Get a Medalion Part from the table (k3) and the other from the bookshelf (k4). Add them to the book on the lectern (k5). Click the book to open it and take a Feather, then again to close it and take the Book. Finally, take the Key from under where the book was. 

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Select the chest (k2) and use the key to start a labyrinth puzzle. Move the circle left and right until the ball drops out of the puzzle (you can’t fail), collecting the Potion and Drawing. Add the drawing to the table (k3) and click the items on the table until you collect another Feather. Add the book to the bookshelf (k4) and then rearrange the books (see above). Take the final Feather.

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Click the lectern once more (k5), add the feathers in the correct places (see above), add the potion, and you’ll get the Feathers.

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Select the tree trunk in your inventory, use the sword once more to prune it, and then add the feathers to get the Magic Staff. Use the staff on Maaron, which brings nine lights onto the screen. Draw the hangman symbol (above) and Maron will be revived. After the conversation with Maaron, give him the sword of justice and the potion to trigger another cut scene. 

The final scene

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Take the last Collectible from the roof (l1) and the last Morphing Object from the tree root (l2). Take the Ladle from the tree trunk (l3)  and use it in the crypt (l4) to get a Ladle With Water. Use the firekeeper to light the candles (l5), then use the ladle to water the flowers (l6), revealing the dedication on the grave. Congratulations! You’ve completed the main story of Lost Lands 6, Mistakes of the Past!

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Lost Lands 6 Walkthrough, part 4

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