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Break In 2 is one of the best story-based games on the Roblox platform. Indicative of its name, it is the second chapter in the Break-In series and continues the mysterious storyline from part 1. While the experience is fun and engaging, there are no bragging rights for players who finish the game except for the badges. So, if you are a player who wants to unlock each badge in the game and does not know how to do it, read the below guide until the end.

All Badges in Break-In 2 - Roblox Guide

A total of 18 Badges are available to collect in Roblox Break In 2. You can find in-depth details on each one below.

Family Bonding

For Family Bonding, you must help another player while you are playing the opposite role of them. For example, if you are an adult, you must help out a child or vice versa. The best way to get this badge is to roleplay as an adult and help any child-type player get inside the Kitchen by lifting the kitchen door.

Expert Investigators

For this one, purchase a Bloxy Cola from the Shop inside the Secret Evil Base. Reach the first floor of the base and climb the sky blue-colored ladder to reach the top floor. Consume the cola and jump across the broken bridge to arrive at the other side. Enter the only door in front, and you will find Inspector Bradley sleeping with a board in front of his desk. Arrange the events on the board from the Break In Chapter 1 to get the Expert Investigator badge. You can find these events from the Settings/tutorial menu.

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Delivery's Here

For the mentioned badge, you must collect all four items on a track near the burning car outside the evil base. Follow the path, and gather every food item, like pizza boxes and coke cans, on the course without slipping. Return with this stuff to the hotel to unlock the badge.

Operation: Dog Rescue

In this, we need to rescue the dog named Twado. Firstly, train on the treadmill in the upper gym to increase your speed rating to level 4. Head to the main board near the staircase and search through all the posters until you find the Twado feeding instructions. Guess his favorite food from the manual and buy it from the Shop. Get outside the Evil Base and go near the kennel. Feed him his favorite food, and he will start following you. Now, move out of the area by correctly jumping and avoiding the drops on the floor. Once you and Twado reach the base, you will earn the badge and recruit Twado to your team.

Uncle Pete's Return

The Uncle Pete's Return Badge is next on the list. For this, you need to find his key. Enter the Kitchen on the ground floor, and look for Uncle Pete's in the drawers. Once you find the key, go to the first floor and free Pete from his prison bar. For reference, the key is white and large.

Tool Time

To get the Tool Time badge, purchase the most expensive tool from the Vending Machine. See the main poster near the Vending Machine and find the most valuable weapon in it. Keep spending in the machine until you get the gun from the instructions.

Wake Up, Bradley

Complete all three sets of quests offered by Uncle Pete. During the final task, you will get a rat. Take this rat to Detective Bradley and recruit him to your team.

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The Dream Time

For the Dream Time badge, you must recruit three NPC characters in your team before wave 3. If you have followed the guide till now, you would have already recruited Detective Bradley, Twado, and Uncle Pete in your group, automatically unlocking the badge.

Spring Cleaning

Defeat every enemy in the Fighting Area on the first floor to obtain the Spring Cleaning badge.

So Strong 

Reach level 5 to unlock the So Strong badge. Train using weights in the gym area to train your Strong stat. Keep repeating this till you reach the final level.

So Speedy

Like the So Strong option, you must take your speed level to 5 to get the So Speedy badge.

Our Base Now

Defeat all three waves of enemies in the Secret Evil Base. You will automatically unlock this badge while finishing the storyline.

Discolored Pizza

To get this badge, you need to obtain the Discolored Pizza. Head to the basement of the Evil Secret Bae and use the Yellow/Brown Vending Machine filled with soda bottles. You can find the particular Vending Machine inside the first door to the right in the basement hallway. Empty the machine using 200 Cash and get the golden key inside it. Use the key to open a locked room in the same area and get the Discolored Pizza.

The Golden Apple

The Golden Apple is the most challenging badge to acquire in Break In 2. After defeating the first wave in the Evil Secret Base, go out of the building and return to the spawn location. There, you will find a wooden log with a broken part. Hit this part of the log with a weapon and move forward to find another similar wood trunk. Break the weak part of that log as well and move forward. Do this until you break 5 to 6 wood in a row. At the end, you will find a small bush with a Golden Apple hanging on it. Grab it to get the item and the badge. Remember, you need to have an e

Pizza Party Badge

To obtain the Pizza Party badge, you must defeat the Pizza Boss. After entering the Kitchen, open the only door in the Kitchen using your strength. You require at least a level 4 strength rating to open the door. 

Defeat the boss inside the door to get the Pizza Party badge. You can easily take down the boss with the help of three to five party members.

Defeat Scary Mary

You will take down Scary Mary as part of the main storyline. Once you eliminate her, you will get the given badge.

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You Win

Get to the end of the game by not dying and staying alive throughout the campaign.

Color Coordinated

For this, you have to solve the Security Room Puzzle. Head to the basement and enter the first door to the left to find the Security Room. Rearrange the Colors on the monitor by correctly adjusting the panels to match the target color. You must have a good understanding of colors to finish the puzzle. For example, if you need yellow, make one monitor red and the other green to obtain yellow. For the middle monitors, click on the camera button to reveal their target colors and start adjusting.

Once you solve all the target colors on the screen, you will open the small red container with the medkit. Take the item to get the Color Coordinated badge.

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How to get all 18 badges in Break In 2 – Roblox

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