Roblox Islands Value List – Price Guide for Selling & Buying Items!

Understanding the economy.

Islands is an expansively detailed Roblox experience that takes inspiration from various non-Roblox games, including Minecraft, Animal Crossing, and more, to bring players a unique sandbox-style adventure full of never-ending fun. In Islands, players can farm, mine, and discover various resources and use them to build their dream island paradise, an insanely efficient assembly-line factory, or even an adorable animal-sanctuary farm. The choice is completely up to you! Players can also rack up their in-game money by selling resources, ingredients, and items to other Islands players who are willing to pay top price.

This buying-and-selling process is exceptionally popular in Islands and almost serves as an in-game stock market. Though with prices that are constantly fluctuating and medians that so often fall to hearsay, it can easily become confusing, overwhelming, and all-around difficult to maneuver through. Luckily, we've compiled the FAQ below to hopefully help answer some of your questions surrounding the many Islands value lists, price guides, and more that exist across the internet and within the Roblox community.

What is a value list/price guide?

Similar to Nookazon, the popular buying-and-selling website used by Animal Crossing fans worldwide, Islands players have Islands Price Guide, a website created by popular Islands YouTuber DV Plays that's updated and run solely by users. This website allows players to track, update, and adjust their own personal prices for any Islands item or material in existence and directly connect with those looking to buy or sell them.

How does a value list/price guide work?

Each time that a player uploads an item to the Islands Price Guide website to sell, they can choose whatever selling price that they see fit. Those looking to buy an item can search said item by name and then select the name of the item from the list of results to see all of the users who have a price listed for that item. This way, players can see which users have consistently fair prices and which ones are seemingly only selling to make an overpriced but quick buck.

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For example, the Barbecue Blueprint was originally listed by a user for $2,000,000 on Jan. 8, 2022. Throughout the rest of January and into February, this price remained consistent between $2,000,000 and $50,000,000, fluctuating lower and higher. Then, at the end of February, one user decided to list this blueprint for $450,000,000. Since then, the price for this blueprint has ranged anywhere from $400,000,000 to $500,000,000.

The user who raised that price drastically high may not have done it intentionally, but they completely altered how future sellers will list that item. The best way to use the Islands Price Guide is to find a seller that you like, trust, and find to be consistent, then regularly check back with their listings.

Should I use a value list/price guides?

The answer to this question is really up to you, but in our opinion, and even in the opinion of DV Plays himself—no, you shouldn't rely on or use someone else's value list/price guide to decide what to buy or sell. These guides are consistently filled with inflation or have items way undervalued to the point that they become irrelevant. Because guides like this are constantly changing (sometimes every hour), it becomes impossible to truly track which listings are correct and which ones aren't.

Instead, it's best to pay attention to those selling around you and consider what you would feel comfortable paying for the item that you're selling or trying to buy. Because Islands doesn't have a set economy, the price that people are willing to pay for items, materials, etc. is always changing. You can use a price guide for just that—a guide—but it's probably best to make your own price judgements when it comes to listing your products or buying from others to ensure that you're not scamming people or getting scammed.

What should I do if I don't use a price guide/value list?

As mentioned above, price guides should be looked at as a base guideline rather than a set of rules to follow; it's best to set your own costs based on what you feel comfortable with. Often, players will overpay because of convenience, or if the item is hard to find or troublesome to make on their own. In these instances, everyone's prices will be different—some will overcharge insanely, while other will aim to make a profit while remaining more reasonable in their listings. The best way to stay in the know about Islands values is to consider your own justifications for buying and selling, while also scanning through a price guide/value and seeing the prices at which other people are buying and selling.

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I want to use a price guide, which one should I follow?

The price guide that's most heavily used and updated in the Islands community is the one mentioned above from DV Plays, the Islands Price Guide. Though this guide isn't necessarily used or set by DV himself, he was the one who created it and made it into what it is today. This price guide allows the top sellers in the Islands community to have a place where they can create a listing for over 1,000 items and interact with other community members who are interested in purchasing them.

Previously, DV Plays made YouTube videos following each Islands update where he would detail his personal price guide. Now, however, DV Plays has fully stepped away from making anymore price guides due to receiving hate and instead sends questioning fans to his Discord or the price guide website if they're looking for a resource.

What is Roblox Islands?

Islands is a sandbox-style, farming experience similar to Minecraft that allows players to interact with friends, fight enemies, overcome bosses, explore various worlds, and collect all kinds of unique furniture, recipes, animals, and more. You can meet tons of eccentric NPCs and live out whatever MMO-RPG adventure you see fit. With the ability to build your own island from the ground up, the play possibilities in Islands are endless!

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Roblox Islands Value List – Price Guide for Selling & Buying Items!
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