Best Characters in The DioField Chronicle – Character Tier List

The DioField Chronicle is a strategy role-playing game that truly aims to test its players’ abilities. With very limited resources and no EXP share mechanic, you’re forced to deploy only your best teams on every mission. To help you plan better, below are the best characters to use in The DioField Chronicle. Andrias There’s no […]

Best Leader & Adjutant combinations in The DioField Chronicle

Both leader and adjutant play an important role in every setup. For example, a particular leader’s role can be to keep their adjutant safe so the latter can use deadly skills when an enemy is nearby. There’s a right combination for various strategies in The DioField Chronicle, and we’ll introduce you to a couple of […]

Best Abilities to unlock for each character first in The DioField Chronicle

The DioField Chronicle is a role-playing strategy game with many challenging maps and a very limited number of resources to use and grow your units with. One of these precious resources is the ability point (AP), which characters receive by leveling up. AP is used to unlock many passive abilities unique to each unit. But abilities cost a lot […]

How to cancel enemy skills in The DioField Chronicles

Enemies in The DioField Chronicles always pose some threat because of one thing: skills. Enemy skills have a large target area and deal considerable damage, especially on higher difficulties. Your units are often too slow to avoid most of them. You sometimes can’t escape if multiple enemies trigger their skills simultaneously. The good news is […]