Best Syndicates to join in Warframe (2023) – Syndicate Tier List

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The path of a Tenno in Warframe is not always a lonely one. Throughout your journey across the Origin System, you will encounter several groups of interest with ideals and objectives of their own—these groups are known as the Syndicates.

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There are two types of Syndicates in Warframe: Faction Syndicates and Neutral Syndicates. All Syndicates offer items like weapons, mods, blueprints, and cosmetics in exchange for Standing that you earn by playing missions. Furthermore, it is possible to join and help any Syndicate that you desire. However, with such a long list of Syndicates, it can be quite confusing to discern which ones are the most rewarding of your time. Therefore, I've come up with the following ranked list of all the Syndicates in Warframe.

Syndicates Tier List for Warframe

SCephalon Simaris, Nightwave
AEntrati, Solaris United, Ostron, Necraloid, The Quills
BArbiters of Hexis, Cephalon Suda, New Loka, Steel Meridian, Red Veil, The Perrin Sequence
CConclave, Vox Solaris, The Quills, Ventkids, The Holdfasts
DKahl's Garrison

All Syndicates in Warframe, ranked

As I mentioned prior, the two types of Syndicates are Faction, and Neutral. Faction Syndicates are the primary six groups who are either opposed, or allied to each other. These include the Arbiters of Hexis, Cephalon Suda, New Loka, Steel Meridian, Red Veil, and The Perrin Sequence. Pledging and raising Standing for one of the Faction Syndicates will decrease your Standing with another opposing Syndicate. The rest of the Syndicates in the game are Neutral, meaning they do not have any opposition or enemies, nor do they require the player to pledge for their cause.

It must be noted here that you may choose to pledge with any one of the six Faction Syndicates at any time. All Syndicates have good Offerings that may prove useful to players at different stages of the game. Therefore, check the Offerings before choosing to pledge with a Faction Syndicate. With that said, the following are all the Syndicates in Warframe, ranked.

S Tier


Nightwave is unlike most other Syndicates in Warframe. Hosted by Nora Night, Nightwave is a pirate radio station acting as a neutral Syndicate in-game, and can be accessed through the Orbiter. By earning Standing for Nightwave, you can get extremely valuable rewards like new Weapon and Warframe slots, cosmetic accessories, Orokin Catalysts and Arcanes. The rewards of Nightwave make it one of the best Syndicates in the game.

Cephalon Simaris

Cephalon Simaris a Cephalon being that can be found in the Sanctuary Enclave in any of the Relays. A Neutral Syndicate, Cephalon Simaris is one of the best Syndicates due to the vast assortment of Warframes, mods, and weapons you can acquire from their Offerings. However, the best part is that this Syndicate does not have ranks. Players can simply earn the maximum daily Standing and purchase the item they want.

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A Tier


The Entrati Syndicate is found in Deimos, and are introduced to the player after the completion of the Heart of Deimos quest. They are an Orokin family who reside in the Necralisk, and are embroiled in a constant state of conflict with each other. However, earn Standing for the Entrati, and you will gain access to new Predasite companions, Kitguns, and the necessary items required to get your first Necramech build going! Furthermore, with enough Standing, you can purchase the Helminth Segment from Son to activate the ability to replace Warframe abilities through the Helminth in your Orbiter.

Solaris United

Solaris United is a band of rebels based in Fortuna on Venus, and are introduced to players after the completion of the Vox Solaris quest. They are a Neutral Syndicate, and their workers feature hybrid Corpus-machine features. The aesthetics of the Solaris United itself warrants a high ranking, but this Syndicate has tons more to offer. You earn Standing by completing bounties from Eudico, and then spend the Standing to purchase MOA companions, a variety of Kit guns, mining gear, and other cosmetic accessories hailing from the Orb Vallis.


The Ostrons are tough mercenaries that reside in the safe shadows of the Tower of Unum in Cetus, near the Plains of Eidolon. They are available to the player even before the Faction Syndicates are introduced. The Ostrons are the people you need to visit if you wish to add a Zaw in your arsenal. Apart from devastating melee weapons, Ostron Standing can be exchanged to get cosmetics, Zaw Arcanes, and various mining materials for crafting.


Necraloid is a secretive Syndicate operating from within the Necralisk in Deimos. To access this Syndicate, you must first complete the Heart of Deimos quest, as well as The War Within quest. Once unlocked, the door to the Necraloid only opens for the Operator, and all interactions are handled by Loid. Increasing Standing with the Necraloid will give you access to a plethora of different Necramech parts blueprints, Necramech weapons blueprints, Necramech mods, as well as companion skins.

The Quills

Apart from the Ostrons, The Quills are another Syndicate operating from Cetus, and are worshipers of Unum. They have a cordial relationship with the Ostrons, and are knowledgeable about the ways of the Tenno. They can be accessed after completing the Saya's Vigil quest, and The War Within. In exchange for Standing, they offer various Operator cosmetics, Mote Amps, and Operator mods.

B Tier

Arbiters of Hexis

Arbiters of Hexis is a Faction Syndicate who are allied with Cephalon Suda, and are opposed to the Red Veil and The Perrin Sequence. They reject the notion of the Tenno's sole purpose as a warrior, considering them to be having a limitless potential. Like all Faction Syndicates, they offer a variety of Warframe Augment mods, various cosmetics, and weapons like the Telos Boltor, and Telos Akbolto.

Cephalon Suda

Cephalon Suda is a Cephalon construct that vehemently against destruction, and is only interested in the quest for knowledge. She represents a Faction Syndicate, and as a result is opposed to Red Veil, and New Loka. Raising Standing with Cephalon Suda will unlock access to Warframe Augment mods, and weapons like the Synoid Gammacor, Synoid Heliocor, and Synoid Simulor.

New Loka

The New Loka are firm believers of a pure earth, and reveres the human form. As a Faction Syndicate, they are opposed to the Steel Meridian and Cephalon Suda. Increasing Standing for New Loka will allow you to purchase weapons like the Sancti Tigris, Sancti Magistar, Sancti Castanas, as well as several WArframe Augment mods for many support-type Warframes.

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Steel Meridian

Perhaps the noblest Syndicate of them all, the Steel Meridian is a Syndicate formed by ex-grineer forces. They aim to defy their Grineer leaders by liberating and defending the colonies of the downtrodden humans. Increasing Standing unlocks access to Steel Meridian's favored Warframes' Augment mods, and weapons like the Vaykor Hek, Vaykor Marelok, and Vaykor Sydon.

Red Veil

The Red Veil is a Faction Syndicate comprising some of the last surviving humans left in the Origin System. As a result of the widespread corruption and death, they are fueled by hatred and believe in the complete purging of the system by any means necessary. Raising Standing with this group of aggresive assassings will give you access to Red Veil's favored Warframe Augment mods, cosmetics, and weapons like the Rakta Ballistica, Rakta Cernos, and Rakta Dark Dagger.

The Perrin Sequence

The Perrin Sequence is the final Faction Syndicate in this list. Led by a former Corpus member, The Perrin Sequence is a group of powerful merchants who believe in solving conflict through trade, instead of violence. They are opposed to the Steel Meridian and the Arbiters of Hexis. Increasing Standing with The Perrin Sequence will grant players access to an assortment of Warframe Augment mods, as well as weapons like the Secura Penta, Secura Cestra, and Secura Lecta.

C Tier


The Ventkids is possibly the most Neutral and fun-loving Syndicate in the entire Origin System. They are obsessed with their K-Drives, and simply get-by by stealing from the Corpus in the Orb Vallis. Completing the Vox Solaris quest will introduce this Syndicate to players. Standing for the Ventkids is earned by participating in K-Drive races in the Orb Vallis, and by pulling off tricks while on the K-Drive. The Ventkids offerings include Operator cosmetics, K-Drive parts and blueprints, and K-Drive mods.

The Holdfasts

The Holdfasts are a Neutral Syndicate operating from the Chrysalith in the Zariman Ten Zero. They can be accessed after completing the Angels of the Zariman quest. This Syndicate comprises the four survivors aboard the Zariman Ten Zero. To earn Standing for The Holdfasts, players must collect Voidplumes from Zariman Ten Zero missions. In exchange for Standing, players can purchase various decorative items for their Dormizone. Apart from that, you can also exchange Lua Thrax Plasms to purchase blueprints for Voruna, as well as the Perigale weapon.


The Conclave, along with the Ostrons, is one of the first Syndicates that players can access. It is led by Teshin, who manages the Conclave PVP system in Warframe. Standing for the Conclave is earned by participating in Conclave battles. Standing can be exchanged for a plethora of various Warframe mods. However, you can only use the mods you purchase from the Conclave in Conclave PVP matches.

D Tier

Kahl's Garrison

Kahl's Garrison is a resistance movement that is led by Kahl-175, and is supported by the Tenno and Daughter. To gain access to this Synidcate, you must first complete the Veilbreaker quest. After the quest's completion, you can find Kahl's Garrison in the Drifter's Camp. By earning and exchanging Standing, you can get new customizations for Kahl. Furthermore, you can also purchase blueprints for Styanax, as well as Archon Mods from Kahl's companion Chipper.

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Best Syndicates to join in Warframe (2023) – Syndicate Tier List

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