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Wild Hearts – Weapon Tier List

Speed and versatility are the name of this game.

Bringing a strong weapon to every fight is as important as knowing monster weaknesses in Wild Hearts. Each weapon in the game focuses on a particular style of combat, be it fast, slow, or ranged. While each weapon is certainly effective in its own way, the weapons in the game can be organized into a tier list, as some weapons outclass their brethren. With that in mind, below you can find all of the weapons in Wild Hearts ranked from strongest to weakest.

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Weapon Tier List for Wild Hearts

S TierKarakuri Staff, Bow
A TierKarakuri Katana, Nodachi
B TierClaw Blades, Bladed Wagasa
C TierMaul, Hand Cannon

All weapons in Wild Hearts, ranked

S Tier

Karakuri Staff

With the ability to swap between four different forms, the Karakuri Staff is the ultimate weapon of versatility. These four forms pretty much make the Staff four different weapons that adapt to any situation thrown at them. The four forms are as follows:

  • Long Staff - solid speed, medium range attacks.
  • War Pike - long range stabbing and swinging attacks.
  • Twin Fang - close range, rapid acrobatic attacks.
  • Giant Shuriken - slow attacks, but able to be thrown for ranged attacks.


Not only is the Bow very fun to use due to it being the longest-range weapon, but its combat is also very satisfying. The Bow swaps between two arrows, the Haya arrows that deal passing damage and the Otaya arrows that cause any Haya arrows in the monster to violently explode for massive damage. This makes Bow gameplay combo-based, and the damage payoff is immense once you get the hang of it.

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A Tier

Karakuri Katana

Being pretty fast, dealing great damage, and being very easy to handle all make this weapon a great starting weapon to learn the game with. It specializes in both rapid close-range strikes as well as medium-range sweeping attacks, making it easy to use as well as pretty versatile.


The Nodachi is Wild Hearts' take on the classic greatsword, being a massive, slow blade that deals huge damage with each strike but that limits mobility. While the sword does slow down combat, its attacks have great range and hitboxes, giving a lot of leeway when swinging as you're bound to hit some part of the monster for massive damage.

B Tier

Claw Blades

If you're a fan of aerial combat and constant movement, then the Claw Blades are absolutely the weapon for you. Though the weapon's attacks are incredibly close range, making it sometimes hard to land hits, it makes up for this disadvantage through the ropes it pierces monsters with. This rope allows you to grapple either to or around monsters, making dodging and engaging much quicker and easier.

Bladed Wagasa

If this tier list was ranking weapons based on potential, then the Bladed Wagasa would probably be S Tier. This weapon's combat revolves around parrying and counterattacking, but as with other games, the parry timing can be quite precise. Furthermore, parrying causes the weapon to deal more damage, rewarding great timing and fluidity. However, this makes it perhaps the hardest weapon to use in the game.

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C Tier


Though it has incredible damage output when landing hits, landing said hits can be quite hard with the Maul. It is slow and short ranged, and though it does have gap closing moves and the ability to extend itself, there is a solid chance you'll get hit while performing them due to the slow speed. Regardless, if you master your timing, this can still be one of the hardest hitting weapons in the game.

Hand Cannon

While the Hand Cannon has massive damage potential at long range, it has some heavy drawbacks working against it. First off, it can run out of ammunition, and to get more you need to stand inside a Ki Base during the fight. Second, the Hand Cannon can overheat, which causes it to lock down and be unable to fire for a time. Without a group to protect you from the monster you're fighting, soon you'll be a sitting duck. That being said, in group settings the Hand Cannon is an absolute powerhouse when allowed to sit back and fire away.

On a final note, no weapon on this list is unusable. As stated just before with the Hand Cannon and group combat, each weapon has the potential to shine in certain situations. Particular weapons will be better against certain monsters, making all of the weapons on this list viable in one situation or another. In short, don't disregard a weapon you wish to try based on its Tier ranking. Instead, try to find its niche and exploit it to its fullest.

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Wild Hearts – Weapon Tier List

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