World of Warcraft dungeon guide – Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr

Second verse, same as the first.

A classic Vanilla dungeon is getting a rework in preparation for the Dragonflight expansion for World of Warcraft. Uldaman has now been appended with the "Legacy of Tyr" addition. The dungeon has been reworked for level 60 players and drops iLvl 250 gear, which hits that sweet spot to gear up before jumping into 61-70 content. This dungeon guide will cover each encounter and loot, so you'll be plenty prepared.

WoW Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr Encounters

The Lost Dwarves

The Lost Dwarves encounter should be familiar to longtime Blizzard fans. The trio has found their way to Azeroth and is searching for trinkets aplenty. This fight begins with all three dwarves attacking simultaneously. The dwarves have an energy meter, where upon reaching 100 energy, they activate their ultimate, the Longboat raid.

This floating artillery hits players with Searing Cannonfire and increases the rate of fire for each dwarf aboard. When a dwarf reaches 10% health remaining, they will retreat to the longboat for the rest of the battle. Get all three to the 10% for victory.

The Lost Dwarves Loot

  • Stout Shield - iLvl 250 Shield
  • Old Seafarer's Headpiece - iLvl 250 Plate Helm
  • Fierce Boreal Armguards - iLvl 250 Mail Wrist
  • Lost Hero's Waist Wrap - iLvl 250 Cloth Waist
  • Treads of the Swift - iLvl 250 Leather Feet
  • Homeland Raid Horn - iLvl 250 Trinket

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Bromach is the Chieftan of the Stonevault Troggs and, as such, can command his minions to attack players throughout the encounter. He will occasionally summon a Quaking Totem, damaging all players as long as it is alive. It needs to die as soon as possible. Otherwise, keep an eye out for Thundering Slam, as it will greatly damage everyone caught in it.

Bromach Loot

  • Unearthed Trogglodicer - iLvl 250 1H Dagger
  • Bromach's Disentombed Locket - iLvl 250 Neck
  • Excavated Earthen Wristslabs - iLvl 250 Plate Wrist
  • Rock Shovelers - iLvl 250 Mail Hands
  • Troggskin Waistband - iLvl 250 Leather Waist
  • Miner's Sturdy Trousers - iLvl 250 Cloth Legs

Sentinel Talondras

The Sentinel Talondras fight is a race against the clock as a mechanic involves an Ancient Dynamo. If this device reaches 100 power before becoming stunned, Talondras will receive the Titanic Empowerment buff, which increases their damage by 50% for 20 seconds.

Sentinel Talondras Loot

  • Sentinel's Battle Lance - iLvl 250 Polearm
  • Shoulders of the Animated Stone - iLvl 250 Leather Shoulder
  • Ancient Crosswrapped Sandals - iLvl 250 Cloth Feet
  • Eternal Sentry's Ring - iLvl 250 Ring
  • Inexorable Resonator - iLvl 250 Trinket

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This fight is another race against the clock as Emberon will activate Vault Keepers to ignite players. This will also power up Emberon, who when he reaches 100 energy, blasts the center of the room with Purging Flames and makes himself invulnerable with Sacred Barrier. Purging Flames will continue until all Vault Keepers are laid low.

Emberon Loot

  • Bouldersplitter - iLvl 250 1H Mace
  • Vault Piercer - iLvl 250 Gun
  • Animated Shackles - iLvl 250 Cloth Wrist
  • Keeper's Iron Grips - iLvl 250 Plate Hands
  • Gatekeeper's Girdle - iLvl 250 Mail Waist
  • Annora's Punctured Leggings - iLvl 250 Leather Legs

Chrono-Lord Deios

The Chrono-Lord makes use of time to damage players and reduces their Haste. The boss will drain players' time through Eternity Zones. This can be restored by stepping into Temporal Zones. Keep an eye on your positioning to stay out of the Eternity Zones and burn Deios down.

Chrono-Lord Deios Loot

  • Titan Training Matrix II - Crafting Reagent
  • Infinite Dragonspire - iLvl 250 2H Staff
  • Vision of Foreshadowed Ends - iLvl 250 Leather Helm
  • Pauldrons of Immutable Truth - iLvl 250 Plate Shoulder
  • Fatebound Chainmail - iLvl 250 Mail Chest
  • Crazed Traveler's Legwraps - iLvl 250 Cloth Legs
  • Time-Breaching Talon - iLvl 250 Trinket

With a team of relatively geared level 60 characters, Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr should be a quick run, with most bosses being burned down quickly enough that mechanics don't really come into play. That being said, it's a great way to gear up alts in preparation for adventuring through the Dragonlands.

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World of Warcraft dungeon guide – Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr

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