Best AV to HDMI Adapters

The advent of HDMI has standardized the world of video signals so much that most newer televisions don’t even come with any other types of ports. While this certainly leads to a cleaner panel, it leaves behind any pre-HDMI devices. Complicating matters further, analog video formats such as composite, component, and S-video all use different […]

Best Bluetooth Mouse for Gaming

PC gaming on the go is more viable than it ever has been. Graphics cards continue to get more and more efficient, which means they can go in perpetually thinner and lighter machines. Unfortunately, as laptops continue to shed pounds they also shed ports, and at a certain level of thinness even the smallest 2.4Ghz […]

Best OLED Gaming Monitors

OLED monitors are still a bit of a niche category in the larger monitor market. Most companies still lean toward IPS or VA panels due to their availability and price, but a few have started to dip into the OLED space. One concern that many potential customers and manufacturers had was that of screen burn-in, […]

Best 4K HDMI Cables

As universally convenient as HDMI is, especially compared to the minefield of old analog connectors, it still has its quirks and difficulties. Despite virtually all type A HDMI connectors looking identical, the specific generation of HDMI within is what dictates what that specific cable is capable of. For 4K you’re going to want to mostly […]

Best Gaming Gloves

The idea of gaming gloves might sound a bit excessive at first glance, but there are actually several reasons that you might be in the market for a pair. For starters, those with sweaty hands will likely appreciate something to wick away moisture and provide more stable contact with controllers and mice that doesn’t leave […]